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How many sessions of P-shot injections do I need

P-shot injections in Islamabad treat erectile dysfunction, increase the girth of the penis, enhance penile functions and improve an individual’s performance in bed. In short, this is a non-surgical procedure that restores sexual functions, adds satisfaction and enables a person to enjoy his private moments and strengthen his relationship with his partner.  

Sexual health is as important as physical health. The ability of a man to satisfy his partner develops the basis of their relations, strengthens their bonds, allows them to have normal intercourse and also makes a man confident and self-assured. If a man is unable to maintain an erection sufficient for satisfactory sexual performance or if he is not happy with the size, he may suffer.

Understanding This Treatment:

Penile implant in Islamabad is a surgical procedure to address erectile dysfunction. Considering its surgical nature, many patients think of avoiding it. For people who avoid surgical interventions, we offer P-shot injections, a non-surgical approach to meet their ends. 

Basically, this is a medical procedure in which a professional injects platelet-rich plasma into the penis. It is an effective, affordable and suitable approach, especially for people who seek minimally invasive techniques to restore their sexual health and treat erectile dysfunctions and size-related concerns.

Enjoy Your Moments: Core Benefits

  • First of all, it is a minimally invasive method and does not involve cuts and incisions
  • Improve blood flow to the penis and enhance its functioning
  • Eliminates inability to maintain the erection required for satisfactory intercourse
  • Increases the girth and enhances the size
  • Adds to the joy and makes an individual satisfy his partner
  • Boosts the confidence and self-esteem of an individual

What Improvements Will I Get?

This treatment offers several benefits. This treatment will

  • Increase blood flow to the penis
  • Add to the firmness and quality of your erections
  • Increase the girth and size of the penis
  • Enhance satisfaction and make intercourse satisfactory
  • Make a person enjoy intimacy and his sexual life
  • Increases sensitivity and the element of pleasure

How Many Sessions Of P-Shot Injections Do I Need?

This is a medical procedure that entails injecting PRP into the penis of an individual to deal with numerous sexual issues. Everyone’s requirements and needs are different, and they cannot receive the same number of sessions of P-shot injections. So, the number of sessions varies from person to person, mainly because of their specific objectives and requirements. 

A surgeon determines this based on his analysis of a patient’s condition. Some people get benefits with just a single session. Normally, surgeons recommend more than one shot. Some people get two shots spaced one month apart, and some require more. Therefore, there is a definitive answer to this query. A person must visit his doctor to learn more about this technique and his specific needs. At RCS, our experts take care of every consideration that could affect its results, discuss your concerns, issues and objectives and design their strategies accordingly. Also, they keep it confidential.

The Bottom Line:

A person’s sexual health defines his level of happiness, satisfaction and efficiency. If he is not able to satisfy his partner in bed, he may not live a happy life and succumb to depression and anxiety. P-shot injections in Islamabad increase the girth and size of the penis. This treatment also increases blood flow to the penis. It treats erectile dysfunction and allows a man to maintain an erection required for a satisfactory erection. Normally, the requirements and objectives of every person are not the same. Given that, the scope of this procedure also varies from individual to individual. Visit RCS to learn about your specific treatment requirements.

Schedule your appointment at Royal Cosmetic Surgery Islamabad to address your sexual problems, treat erectile dysfunction, deal with concerns related to size, increase size and girth, improve your position in bed and satisfy your partner during intimacy. We treat all your intimacy-related issues and bring about your desired results by providing personalized treatments.


How many sessions of P-shot injections do I need

There is no specific regulation regarding it. You can receive another shot if the results of the first shot diminish. Furthermore, your doctor will decide your criteria based on your specific requirements and conditions. 
The cost of P-shot in Islamabad ranges from 25,000 PKR to 30,000 PKR. The cost may fluctuate because of the specific needs of a patient, additional treatments, the clinic’s location and the expertise of a surgeon.
People dealing with erectile dysfunction or unsatisfied with their performance in bed and seeking a minimally invasive yet effective procedure are good candidates for P-shot treatment in Islamabad. 

P-Shot Treatment For Men in Islamabad


Men of all ages can experience erectile dysfunction, though it often affects older men more frequently. Men with erectile dysfunction frequently experience shame, and the illness can significantly impact their relationships and self-esteem.

The royal cosmetic clinic offers several treatments, and one of them is P-Shot Treatment For Men in Islamabad. There will be no need to get big and complicated surgeries if you are getting it noninvasively. Our experts are providing satisfying services and noticeable results.

In this blog post, you will learn everything about the p-shot treatment, including its working, benefits, result, effectiveness, and many more. So, take a moment and read the following details.

What Is The P-Shot Treatment?

The P-Shot is a ground-breaking procedure that uses your blood’s natural growth hormones to rejuvenate and enhance erectile function. For men who are losing function through aging, hypertension, diabetes, Peyronie’s disease, or after surgery, the P-Shot can provide long-lasting benefits in sexual performance. Additionally, it guarantees an overall improvement in penile length and girth.

P-shot therapy is a minimally invasive outpatient procedure. To maintain your composure throughout the procedure, you can decide to skip a day of work or other commitments. In addition, you can leave the facility after your treatment is finished and return to your normal routine.

How Does It Work?

Your platelets, which contain growth factor-containing proteins, are concentrated in plasma after a small volume of your blood is processed in a centrifuge. The penile tissue is then injected with this platelet-rich plasma. Stronger erections, greater feeling and pleasure, and improved circulation are the end results, along with enhanced penile smooth muscle and an increase in new blood vessels and blood flow. In addition, some men’s penis’s girth and length have improved.

What To Expect In Results?

The effects of P-shot therapy typically endure between 12 and 18 months. You can then schedule a follow-up session to maintain the beneficial effects.

When the p-shot results are shown depends on a number of variables. The most important ones are your general health and the elements affecting your sexual health. Generally speaking, the Priapus Shot’s effects become apparent between a few days to a few months after the procedure.

Particularly, those who suffer from mild to moderate erectile dysfunction typically experience improvement within a few days. Also, it is necessary to choose the best practitioner who can perform your treatment perfectly, and you will get satisfying results.

Who Chooses P-Shot Treatment?

According to the royal clinic’s experts, it can be recommended that those male candidates who have several conditions. Some common conditions are mentioned below

  • Erection problems.
  • Untimely ejaculation.
  • Peyronie’s illness
  • A sclerosis lichen.
  • Insufficient penis width and length.
  • Reduced orgasmic activity and reduced sexual function.

The Amazing Benefits:

Generally, there are a lot of benefits for those male candidates who choose P-Shot Treatment For Men in Islamabad. Some major and common benefits are listed below

  • Stronger erections (patients say they “last longer” and occasionally say they can endure all night).
  • Penis enlargement, with up to 20% reported increases.
  • Improved internal circulation, which results in a healthier penis.
  • Increased feeling and enjoyment.
  • The penis is being straightened.
  • Enhanced effectiveness of other therapies.

Is It Effective Or Safe?

The Priapus shot is quite effective, especially for people with Peyronie’s disease and erectile dysfunction. The general estimate for the treatment of Peyronie’s disease is between 70 and 80%, despite the fact that estimates of how many men can benefit from this treatment for ED differ.

The treatment is safe until you choose an experienced and expert practitioner who performs it accurately. Otherwise, if the unprofessional practitioner performs it, you may experience complications, side effects, and many other issues.

All Summed Up!

The Priapus Shot sometimes referred to as the P-Shot, is a fully non-invasive, painless operation. It entails injecting platelet-rich plasma (PRP) into your penis after drawing it from your blood. By introducing your own cells and tissues into your penile tissues, you can ostensibly improve your erections and encourage tissue growth. You can contact us or visit our clinic anytime for more information about this treatment.

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