Privacy Policy

Data Collection:

This website has been designed under the latest security features and keeping your information secure is our utmost responsibility. When you’re scheduling your appointment online with us, we demand your basic information and medical history.

We aim to provide authentic information to our users through this website. This website may save cookies for your browser for personalization purposes. All cookies are safe and secure and cannot leak out your data anyway.

If your browser has not gained and saved cookies from our website, it means some features may not be working properly or don’t exist. Sometimes, through advertising technology, ads/offers can be shown to you by monitoring your recent activities on our website.

When you visit this website, IP addresses and other data may be collected. Such data is helpful for us in attaining personal valuable information to serve you exceptionally since you are our valuable customers. This is helpful for us in designing future strategies by keeping in view a particular community.

 How Is Data Processed?

Your personal information is utilized in the following ways:

To send you promotional offers which you can unsubscribe any time

To help you out with your inquiries and complaints.

To provide a better experience of navigating websites.

To provide pre-treatment details you may ask for

To send the latest offers that may attract you.

Your data may be kept for a specific period. After that, it is removed permanently.

Registration of Updates:

When you get registered on our website, we often send you the latest offers on treatments which you can avail yourself of. However, if you don’t want such notifications, you can unsubscribe them anytime.

Email Newsletter:

When you provide us your details, email is also included thus you can subscribe to our email newsletter.


We may demand users to fill up a survey we provide that helps us to upgrade the quality of services we are providing.

Secure Features:

When comments are published on our website, they can be seen by anyone. If you want to hide your comments, our concerned department is there to help you out.

Referral Services:

After getting satisfactory services from us, if you referred someone from your circle, we will provide good extra care.


Feedbacks help us to grow and improve more. You can rate our services by giving us feedback.

Data from Social Media:

We collect your data from our social media pages where you post any queries.

Where data is Shared

Except for your credit card information, we share all your data with a reliable organization to provide you with high-quality services.

Please note we never sell your data to third parties.

Updating Your Personal Information

If you want some amendments to your information stored in our system, you can ask for an update anytime.


You can always quit if our ads pop out on your screen. While sharing any kind of information you can confirm if any third party is involved.

Unsubscribing Update:

The Unsubscribe option is always available for you if you don’t want to receive any further updates from our end.

Security Tool:

We have achieved all new and modern security protocols and techniques such as SSL for data security. Keeping your personal information safe is our priority.

Your Rights:

Asking for your data whenever you want is your right and we are always available for you to provide whenever you demand. However, there are costs associated with some data if asked for a second time.

Legal Rights:

You have the authority to attain all local rules and regulations and law awards you.


One of our policies includes non-access to the website if the account seems to be fake or if the user’s age is below 13. Such users may contact their guardians for access.

Third-Party website

Many times we provide extra links on our website for users if they want additional information. Such links should not be considered as a partnership or allowance.

It should be noted here that visits to such websites must be taken at your own risk. We will not take any responsibility for any kind of loss or damage due to those websites.

For further queries, please feel free to contact us anytime.

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