Fat Transfer

Fat Transfer


Get your skin glow and healthy volume back in old age via Fat transfer treatment. It is an ideal alternative to non-surgical procedures like cheek augmentation and chin augmentation.

Need the best solution for sunken face? It is available in the form of fat transfer in face treatment. When people get older then their mid face and chin area start drooping and lose its required volume. Sunken cheeks and mid-face make the whole face empty and unattractive. When people lose the required fat of the skin then they look older even when they are in their forties. In order to regain the youthful appearance, people need to plan fat transfer in face treatment in Pakistan.

What is meant by Fat Transfer treatment?

In this method, surgeon removes the excess fat from different parts of the body such as thigh, abdomen and other areas. This fat is then processed and injected into the face and chin area just to provide you a very healthier and younger look. Good thing about fat transfer technique is that it doesn’t only restore the volume of skin but it also enhances the glow and beauty of your face. Fat transfer is also the best alternative to the derma fillers and implants for chin augmentation. Instead of planning a surgery for chin, surgeon recommends people to plan a fat transfer in face treatment.

What happens during the fat transfer procedure?

Fat Transfer Procedure


These days, expert surgeons use autologus method of fat transfer. In this method, they use fat of patient for restoring the face volume. In this method, surgeon follows three important steps:

  1. In first step, he carefully removes the fat from the donor sites, which are normally being selected by patient. The common donor sites are abdomen, buttocks, hips, “saddle bags,” thighs, or even jowls.  Liposuction surgery is employed for removing the fat from these areas without any kind of damage.
  2. Once required amount of fat is collected from the select area then second step is started. The fat is spun at a high speed in a centrifuge for separating the fat cells from the liquid. Damage fat cells are separated. Only undamaged and whole fat cells are used for the fat transfer in fat treatment in Islamabad and Lahore cosmetic clinic.
  3. In third step, fat is injected into the face with the help of a separate hypodermic syringe. Doctor injects fat carefully into the fat. His purpose is to correct imperfection of face and to create a very eye-catching facial contour.

Benefits of Fat Transfer Treatment

  • Here are some benefits that you can grab from fat transfer treatment at RCS Hair Transplant Skin Laser & Cosmetic Surgery Centre
  • Restoration of Face Volume
  • Get glowing face
  • Get Youthful Facial contour
  • Less Invasive face treatment
  • Hide facial scars
  • Treatment involves neither scar nor pain
  • No downtime
  • No need to stay in hospital  because it is a walk-in walk-out kind of procedure
  • No pain due to use of local anesthesia

What about Result of Face Transfer Treatment?

Good thing about this procedure is that you can see the results immediately. You can see fresher, healthier, and younger-looking skin just after the treatment.


It is not a surgery, so you can get back to your normal activities very next day of treatment. Some times you notice bruising that settles within some days. Doctor advises you to apply camouflage cream for recovering fast. As far as donor sites are concerned, their recovery will need some time usually one or two week. The downtime of face transfer in face treatment in Pakistan is minimal in comparison with invasive kind of facelift treatments.

Is Fat transfer Treatment Painful?

Reality is that this face treatment is quite painless in comparison to other fat transfer treatment. During breast fat transfer method, women feel more pain as heavy amount of fat has to be transferred. In face treatment, a little amount of fat is transferred; so pain is minimal.

How much time is required for treatment?

If you go for a fat transfer treatment in face treatment in Lahore and Islamabad clinic then you don’t need to stay in the hospital. This procedure only takes 90 minutes. Complete results of procedure can be attained with a few hours.

How long does the result of Fat transfer last?

Keep in mind that different procedure reacts differently to the fat transfer treatment. The result of this treatment usually lasts for many years. It is good to get answer of this question during consultation session from an expert cosmetic surgeon.

Risks and Complications of Fat Transfer Treatment

Fat Transfer Procedure

The risks and complications of fat transfer in face treatment in Pakistan are uncommon and rare. The possible complications or side effects are soreness and bruising. Another rare risk associated with this procedure is dissatisfaction of the patient. Sometimes, patient doesn’t feel happy from the results of procedure but it happens when he chooses inexpert surgeon for this treatment. It is good to find the best cosmetic clinic for this purpose. You can get this treatment from RCS Hair Transplant Skin Laser & Cosmetic Surgery Centre. At this center, you can find expert surgeon and doctor who know how to perform this surgery in a perfect way.

Fat transfer for face treatment in Islamabad and Lahore clinic is gaining popularity. People give it a due preference over surgical facelift because they don’t need to go through a painful surgery process. They are able to obtain younger and healthier face and chin without any kind of scarring and pain, if they opt for this surgery. There are many people who don’t like to plan a surgery because they are afraid of incision and scarring. They don’t want that other people know about their treatment. So, it is fat transfer for face treatment in Pakistan that allows them to restore face and chin volume and to say goodbye to sunken and droopy appearance. The cost of this treatment is lower as compared with a surgery. People are able to grab benefit from this treatment for many years.

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