Asian culture places a lot of significance on mustaches. As they are frequently linked to virility, masculinity, and status. Characters with strong personalities in movies are frequently shown having mustaches as a sign of authority and status. However, there are more valid reasons for having facial hair than only those related to style and culture. For example, men with beards may be less likely to develop skin cancer because beards shield them from dangerous UV radiation. We advise you to come to us for a mustache hair transplant in Islamabad-Pakistan surgery if your mustache has bald patches or you have hair loss on the upper lip.

Ideal Candidate:

Potential candidates for facial hair transplants include:

  • Who have scars on their faces from burns, accidents, or injuries
  • Some males may experience facial hair loss due to facial surgery, cleft lip scars, or acne.
  • Men who were born with poor hair density
  • In order to create a more manly appearance, transgender patients who have had Female to Male (FTM) operations may additionally have hair transplant surgery.

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Causes of loss of beard hair:

  1. Genetics: The most frequent factor causing beards and mustaches is genetics. Baldness is a family-oriented phenomenon. You will get it if one of your family members is suffering from it.
  2. Hormones: Male hormones, particularly testosterone, may be one of the primary offenders in thinned out and uneven beards and mustaches. There is a possibility that decreased hormonal impact due to a lack of blood flow in the aforementioned locations, influences the growth of the beard and mustache.
  3. Basic lifestyle changes: Your general wellbeing is compatible with the condition of your beard. Stress, inadequate nourishment, and your diet may cause a shortage of biotin and niacin.
  4. Alopecia areata: An autoimmune disorder that results in patchy hair loss including the beard and mustache, hair loss can occur anywhere on the body.

The Procedure of Moustache Hair Transplant:

  • When performing hair transplants, we employ the same FUE procedure.
  • The donor area is the rear area of the scalp from where the grafts are removed.
  • Following this, harvesting of grafts is done.
  • Implanting of those grafts onto the bald patches in the beard or mustache.
  • Covering off all the patches and treating in one session if the donor site’s high supply of hair.
  • Consequently, beard or mustache transplanting typically produces quite pleasing results.
  • Trimming of transplanted hair or shaving
  • They will grow naturally like normal facial hair.

Post-operative Care:

  • The success of the transplantation is highly dependent on post-operative care.
  • During the initial days, the patient shouldn’t apply undue pressure on the implants.
  • Exposure to strong sunlight is not advised after transplanting.

Possible Complications:

  • The patient should be advised that there may be post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (darkening) in the implantation zone, particularly in patients with dark skin, and that depigmentation therapy will be required for a satisfactory cosmetic result.
  • Another issue that may occur is incorrect placement of the FUs in the direction or angle after implantation, resulting in unaesthetic growth that may require removal if there are too many.

Cost of Moustache Hair Transplant:

Costs may differ significantly from clinic to clinic and are based on:

  • The number of grafts needed and the clinic’s reputation.
  • Except for a few clinics, most patients are charged by the graft instead of the session.
  • The cost of a Moustache Hair Transplant in Islamabad, Pakistan typically varies based on the reputation from PKR 30,000 to PKR 80,000
  • The price-per-graft concept is beneficial. Because the vast majority of situations can be accomplished in a single session. But with a variety of graft numbers.
  • Many Clinics for mustache and beard hair transplants provide less expensive transplants. However, it is imperative to evaluate the legitimacy of these clinics.

In Short:

This is a very delicate and important procedure but you first need an accurate diagnosis. There is a need to make an accurate medical diagnosis. Your surgeon will make correct pre and post-operative judgments. Always follow his advice regarding the procedure.

Why Choose Us?

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  • The best hair transplant specialists are us.
  • We have a surgeon who is board-certified.
  • Our costs are reasonable.
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