Non-surgical breast lift in Islamabad Pakistan.

Aging, pregnancy, or certain other factors may cause sagginess of the breasts. Cosmetic surgeons use mastopexy to do the lifting of breasts. This surgical procedure treats the excess skin and may treat excess tissues. This procedure will give you less sagginess and you will get more contoured breasts. Improvement of shape is the biggest advantage of this procedure. There are various methods for lifting breasts but, according to a survey, the most popular method these days is the Non-surgical breast lift in Islamabad Pakistan.

Females do not usually prefer to go under anesthesia and do any procedure, hence those methods are becoming important and popular which do not involve the use of cuts or incisions. The results of these methods are abrupt and immediate with minimal downtime.  You can resume your daily actions the same day as well.  These methods are safer and also pose fewer risks than mastopexy.

Is it Possible to do Breast Lifts Non-Surgically?

With the advancement in technology, it has now become possible to do any kind of procedure. When it comes to breast lift operations, most patients come in hoping to have their drooping breasts transformed into perkier, more rounded breasts, which is impossible to do with non-surgical techniques alone.

This is not to say that these various skin tightening methods cannot provide some enlargement, but in general, most patients seeking a breast lift will require a surgical operation to attain the desired results.

About The Procedure:

Now it is possible to do a Non-surgical breast lift in Islamabad-Pakistan which will tighten and lift your breasts.  This is one of the most advanced techniques which is in use if you do not want to do it surgically. Along with reshaping, it will also do the reshaping of your breasts. Only a few weeks to completely transform your breasts. Following are the major advantages of the procedure:

  • The tone of the skin
  • Skin firmness
  • Contouring of breasts

Best Method of Non-Surgical Breast Lift:

Although there are various methods that are in use, the best procedure is laser treatment. Dr. Abida Sardar uses the best laser technology at Royal Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Islamabad to give your breasts a perfect lift. Her procedures hardly take an hour time. She uses a dual action laser which gives subtle effects to the area with minimal or no side effects.

Laser Treatment:

If you want to get perfect breasts without going through the process of surgery then this is one of the best methods that are in use. Dr. Abida Sardar utilizes a laser for skin tightening and will give you the required results without going on the operation table bed. Increased collagen production can improve skin elasticity in the chest area, but any “lifting” effects would be transient and minimal at most. Repeated treatments are also required to notice any visible results.

The ligaments in your breast tissue aren’t created the same way as those in your face, so you might not receive the same tightening benefits in your breasts as you would in your facial skin.

Alternative methods to Non-Surgical Breast Lift:

Following are some of the alternative methods for the non-surgical lifting of breasts.

Chest exercise:

There are certain specific chest exercises that can give your breasts a specific shape. Although breasts are devoid of muscles still you can undergo certain exercises which will shape the pectoral muscles of the body. This will in turn give a specific shape to your breasts. These exercises will only tone your breasts and they are in no way an alternative to other specific options for lifting.


This procedure will stimulate the production of collagen in your breasts.  There is a tightening of protein fibers by radio waves. Radio waves are implied in the deeper layers of the skin by a special device. This will see the results immediately. This will enhance the contouring of your breasts. But you have to go through the procedure over and over again.

Dermal Fillers:

This is an injectable treatment that gives shape to a sagging breast. The lost volume is due to the process of aging. Face and cheeks procedures must use for fillers, but nowadays they are being used for the process of lifting breasts non-invasively.

Vampire breast lift:

This type of procedure utilizes platelet-rich plasma (PRP) which uses plasma from your own blood. The results are exactly like a push-up bra. This procedure will increase the blood circulation in the area and hence will give the look of a lifted breast. The treatment is not intended for pregnant females and breastfeeding women.

Botox Injections:

This is also used for the treatment of wrinkles, fine lines, and breast lift. The shelf life of the results is 4 to 6 months.

The Renuvion/J-Plasma device

Dr. Abida Sardar uses a probe that will tighten the skin with plasma energy. No immediate results are visible rather they will take time and may require 4 to 5 months for results to become properly visible. You only need one session.

Caci bust treatment:

Targeting of chest muscles by electrical impulses will lift the breasts. You may need various treatment sessions for the results to become fully visible. This may consist of many sessions over the course of a few weeks comprising 3 to 4 sessions per week.

Aptos Threading:

This therapy utilizes mall barbed Aptos threads to draw the skin of the breasts upwards. Yet, as with other noninvasive therapies, it is only a temporary fix for sagging breasts. it is not a replacement for breast lift surgery.

The Procedure of Non-Surgical Breast Lift:

  • You will book an initial consultation
  • Your suitability
  • Cleaning of area
  • Performing the intended procedure
  • The treatment is painless and you will be completely satisfied with the results

Complications Related to Non-Surgical Breast Lift:

Although this is the safest procedure yet certain side effects are also associated with it. These are:

  • Irritation that may be temporary
  • Redness of the area
  • Swelling associated with the procedure
  • Some specific complications because of botox like soreness, swelling, and allergic reactions
  • Exercises may tone your muscles so do not overwork

In Short!

Nonsurgical breast lifts will not produce the same effects as regular surgery, but they are an option to explore if you do not want to endure a full mastopexy.

If you do not want surgery, speak with your plastic surgeon about other breast lifting treatments that you may be a candidate for.

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