Jaw Surgery in Islamabad

Jaw Surgery in Islamabad Pakistan

Are you feeling difficulty while chewing food? Need a solution for improper jaw alignment? It is suggested to visit Royal Cosmetic Surgery Pakistan where experienced and talented surgeons are offering Jaw Surgery in Islamabad Pakistan. They will (properly align the jaws) correct the alignment of Jaw so it performs it functions such as chewing, swallowing, etc. easily.

What is Jaw Surgery?

It is a cosmetic surgery procedure for repositioning one or both jaws. This surgery is also called as Orthogenetic (means straight jaws) and usually performed by an oral and maxillofacial surgeon. Sometimes, this surgery is performed along with orthodontics for moving teeth’s in conjunction with jaw. The basic purpose of this surgery is to fix minor and major facial and jaw regularities.

Who needs Jaw Surgery in Pakistan?

In case the position of your jaw is incorrect due to some accident or as a birth defect then surely you can get better and enhanced appearance through Jaw Treatment in Islamabad Pakistan. Here are some conditions that push a person to seek orthogenetic surgery.

  • Difficulty in swallowing and chewing food
  • Receding Chin
  • Open Bite
  • Chronic jaw pain
  • Speech problems
  • Protruding jaw
  • Sleep apnea i.e. breathing problems while sleeping
  • Facial injury
  • Birth defects
  • Benefits of Jaw Surgery

Here are some benefits:

  • Improvement in Jaw functions such as swallowing, chewing
  • Get rid of birth or injury effect on jaws
  • Balanced jaw shape with rest of facial features
  • Proper alignment of jaws

Steps of orthogenetic Surgery

You need to keep in mind that this surgery won’t be complete in one day. It is different from Chin or cheek surgery. It comprises of four main steps.

Pre-Surgical Orthodontics:

Before surgery, a patient needs to undergo through orthodontic treatment for moving teeth into a new position. During surgery, a surgeon will reposition not only your jaw but also teeth. You must know that you will feel difficulty in swallowing and chewing during this step of jaw surgery. A surgeon may remove your wisdom tooth or other unwanted teeth for making proper space for teeth movement in your mouth.

Pre-Surgical Records

Surgeon suggest x-rays and some test before he continue with actual jaw surgery procedure. Our experts will look at recent x-rays and other test results for finalizing the surgical movements inside the mouth. Depending on your jaw shape and teeth, a surgeon makes different rough sketches of teeth and jaw movements on paper and then pick the most beautiful and attractive sketch. He wants to get optimum final results.

Getting Ready for Surgery

In this step, your surgeon examines your mouth and jaw completely. He also examines your recent medical health before he admits you in the clinic. An anesthesiologist also works along with surgeon. This expert will discuss general anesthesia procedure with you. This surgery is performed under general anesthesia that’s mean patient needs to go under sleep during this procedure. Surgeon also provides intravenous fluids and medication to patient only to prevent any kind of infection and dehydration. This medication also reduce pain and swelling after surgery. Patient will be given a complete instruction manual that he needs to follow.

The Surgical Procedure

Surgeon requires several hours for completing jaw surgery in Pakistan. Time of surgery dependent on the type and amount of effort required. In usual cases, surgeon needs to separate jaws into different parts so he can add or remove bone for getting the proper alignment. He might need to reposition, augment or reduce the size of certain facial bones for grabbing good results. In almost every jaw surgery procedure, incisions are made inside the mouth that’s mean no visible scars resulted.

Types of Jaw Surgery

Here are two common types of orthogenetic:

Mandibular Osteotomy:

In this surgery, surgeon moves lower jaw back or forward for getting a stable bite and for improving overall aesthetic appearance. It is also named as Mandibular split since surgeon might rotate jaw during surgery, if required.

Maxillary Le Forte Osteotomy:

In this type, surgeon moves upper jaw back or forward. In many circumstances, he has to cut jaw into pieces just to add or remove some bone segments and thereby, he offers the idea jaw position to patient.

What happens after Jaw Surgery?

You must know that orthogenetic treatment is an inpatient surgery that’s mean you need to stay at Royal Cosmetic Surgery Pakistan clinic for 1-4 days. You will be shifted to a recovery room after surgery and an IV will be attached to your arm for providing you with necessary medications. Temporary swelling and bruising can occur on lips and cheeks. For getting recovered quickly, you need to prevent jaw movement. Normally, surgeon uses small screws or surgical plates for holding jaw section together during the healing period. Wires may also required to hold bones together, if surgeon has added or removed bones during surgery. The surgeon will wire your teeth for one week after surgery. Since your jaws are in fixation, you need to rely more on a liquid diet. You may experience weight loss but you are able to regain your weight through solid food after the fixation period. First-week diet is quite essential, surgeon normally prescribes liquid vitamins and diet supplements for balancing your diet. You don’t stop smoking for 4-5 weeks after surgery because it will slow down healing process. You need to avoid strenuous activities for first three weeks after surgery.


The initial recovery period consists of 1-6 months while a complete healing process will be possible within 12 months. Patients are able to get back to a normal routine after 1-2 weeks. You need to visit Royal Cosmetic surgery Pakistan frequently after surgery, so the surgeon can examines your healing progress. The surgeon will also tell you when you need to remove fixation devices such as screws or plates. Patient needs to maintain high level of oral hygiene during the recovery period.

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