Aerola reduction in Islamabad

There are many women who are very conscious about the tiny part of their bodies. They always wanted to look perfect from head to toe. The areola is the black patch of skin around your nipples. You can be a candidate for Areola Reduction in Islamabad if you believe that this area is too large.

On this page, you will learn about areola reduction surgery, including its results, benefits, cost, and many more. So, take a moment and read the following details.

What Is An Areola Reduction?

A plastic surgery technique called an areola reduction is used to change the areola’s appearance. The region of hyper-pigmented skin around the nipple is known as the areola. The size and color vary greatly from person to person and are influenced by aging, changes in weight, pregnancy, and lactation. The size, shape, and location of the areola on the breast can all be altered via an areola reduction.

It is possible to change the appearance and position by selectively removing skin from the area around and inside the areola. Reduction surgery can be used to improve an unattractive appearance caused by changes to the areola during pregnancy and lactation.

What To Expect In Results?

After getting surgery, an areola reduction produces long-lasting improvements in the look of the areola. The ultimate findings will be available in a year as the body heals. Pregnancy, breastfeeding, and weight growth will impact the outcomes. So, it would be best if you choose the best surgeon who performs your surgery perfectly and gives you desired results.

Benefits Of The Treatment:

Generally, there are multiple benefits of this surgery for those who want to look perfect in every way. Some major and top benefits are mentioned below

  • Visible and long-lasting results.
  • No major side effects or risks.
  • You will get an enhanced shape of the breast.
  • Improve the appearance and texture of the treatment.
  • There will be no pain during the surgery.
  • Cost-effective and best solution.

Who Can Be A Right Candidate?

Before undergoing the surgery of Areola Reduction in Islamabad, it is necessary to be the right candidate. A female who wants to correct the areola’s look for cosmetic reasons is a good candidate for an areola reduction. On the other hand, women who are expecting, nursing, or looking to rectify big nipples or nipple inversion should not undergo an areola reduction.

Areola reduction surgery for women should wait until the breasts have finished growing, typically by the late teen or early 20s. Male adolescents may be eligible for this treatment at a younger age. Breastfeeding and pregnant women aren’t eligible candidates.

How To Prepare?

In the initial consultation session, your plastic surgeon will prescribe you some precautions that are necessary to follow. That is how you will not experience any complications during or after the surgery. Nevertheless, some common precautions are mentioned below

  • Do not smoke tobacco or drink alcohol.
  • You have to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle.
  • Avoid taking blood thinning medications.
  • Submit your medical history.
  • It may require a blood and other routine tests.

How Will It Perform?

The procedure will be performed by an expert surgeon and under general anesthesia. It will perform with simple procedural steps, such as

  • The surgeon will inject general anesthesia.
  • After that, they will make a cut around the breast area.
  • Then, the surgeon will make changes and give you a new shape of the areola.
  • The incision will be closed with stitches and bandaged the area.
  • The process will take several hours to perform, and you can go home after the surgery for proper bed rest.

Aftercare Instructions:

After the surgery, it is very important to take good care during the recovery period. Your surgeon will prescribe you some aftercare instructions. Such as

  • Avoid taking aspirin; it can make your blood thin.
  • Use prescribed painkillers and antibiotics to prevent infection.
  • You should wear a surgical bra for a few initial weeks.
  • Avoid sexual activities for a few weeks.
  • Do not touch or rub the unnecessarily treated area.
  • Better to avoid doing physical activities.
  • Take a healthy diet and keep yourself hydrated.
  • In case of severe pain, inform your surgeon immediately.

The Cost At RCS Clinic:

The cost of Areola Reduction in Islamabad may vary from patient to patient because everyone has their own concerns. Also, there are some factors that can affect the cost of the treatment, like;

  • Expert surgeon’s fee.
  • Location and reputation of the clinic.
  • Customized treatment plan.
  • Other additional charges.

Furthermore, you must visit a clinic or contact us for the exact cost. Our experts will guide you according to your affordability and concerns.

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