Lipoma Treatment in Islamabad Pakistan


Some people may suffer from the formation of a fatty lump that is formed under the skin. These lumps are not painful or give any discomfort but if they are painful, they need to be removed. They are moveable and can be felt on touching but they have a rubbery appearance as they are not hard. There is no danger to their health hence, in most cases, they do not need any treatment. Yet if they are becoming painful and are posing health problems then it means that you need to remove them. This article will explain all the information about Lipoma Treatment in Islamabad, Pakistan. They can be removed easily so don’t worry.

What Are Lipomas?

These are fatty masses that may appear on any part of the body but the most important parts that suffer from lipomas may be the back, trunk (torso), arms, shoulders, and neck. They are types of tumors that are benign in nature. It is thought that all lipomas are cancerous but it is not true. But if you are bothered by soft lumpy masses then they can be removed by an outpatient procedure.


Our lipoma removal treatment provides natural results. Complete removal was achieved. The following photos will depict the results:


Anyone with a soft lumpy mass or fatty tissue can be an ideal candidate for lipoma removal. Even if they are innocuous, it is critical to eliminate lipoma in its early phases. They normally progress and grow in size over time. If you meet the following criteria, you may be a candidate for Lipoma Treatment in Islamabad:

  • Cancer is suspected.
  • Your current lumps are painful.
  • You truly comprehend the procedure.
  • The meaty bulk is expanding far too quickly.
  • You want to get rid of them for cosmetic reasons.

Symptoms of Lipoma:

Lipomas can develop in any part of the body. They are usually:

  • Located directly beneath the skin. They are most frequently found in the neck, shoulders, back, belly, arms, and thighs.
  • The texture is soft and doughy. They also respond well to gentle finger pressure.
  • In general, tiny. Lipomas normally have a diameter of less than 2 inches (5 cm), however, they can expand.
  • It is occasionally painful. Lipomas can be unpleasant if they expand and push on adjacent nerves or include a large number of blood vessels.

What is The Appearance of a Lipoma?

Lipomas affect many people, and they may go unnoticed. Most lipomas do not require treatment, although they can be removed if necessary. Lipomas seldom recur following treatment, but another one may form in a different location on your body.

Treatment Option for Lipoma at RCS:

  • Usually, they do not need treatment but still, if you want them to be removed then they can be removed surgically.
  • Most people do not prefer surgery for lipoma removal, hence there is also an alternative that can be used for the removal of lipoma which is liposuction for the removal of lipoma.


  • This procedure requires the use of a needle. This is a thin and long needle that is inserted inside the body to remove the lump from the origin.
  • This treatment will cause a little tenderness but this will go away after 3 to 5 days and you will be able to rejoin your job after some time.


  • These are the drugs that cause the shrinkage of the tumor. This drug is recommended by physicians as sometimes, it completely eliminates the drugs. These medicines are recommended for those lipomas which are just less than 1cm in diameter. The frequency of the injection and the volume injected can vary.

Surgical Removal:

  • The surgical process requires the cutting of the area and removal of the lipoma. Recurrences after elimination are unusual. Scarring and bruising are capability aspect effects. A method referred to as restricted excision extraction can also additionally bring about decreased scarring.

Complications of Lipoma Removal:

The removal of a lipoma may result in the following complications:

  • Infection after surgery
  • Cellulitis
  • Fasciitis
  • Ecchymosis
  • Formation of a hematoma
  • Nerve or blood vessel damage adjacent

Cost of Lipoma Removal:

The cost of Lipoma-Treatment in Islamabad may range between PKR70,000 to PKR250,000  During your session with a surgeon, ask for an all-in price quote that includes:

  • Lab paintings and scientific exams like CT scans or a biopsy
  • The surgeon’s fee
  • Facility prices for the medical institution or surgical operation center
  • Anesthesia prices
  • Any follow-up appointments
  • Prescription medicinal drugs and materials you’ll want post-op
  • If any of these fees aren’t blanketed for your doctor’s estimate, you’ll nonetheless want to component them into your overall budget.

For proper estimation of the cost please book a consultation with us.

Is Lipoma Treatment Covered by insurance?

  • If your lipoma is causing you discomfort, irritation, or other problems, your insurance company may decide that the operation is medically essential and grant reimbursement.
  • To find out what kind of medical proof you’ll need to supply to get your policy authorized, contact your insurer. Remember that your insurance may only cover a fraction of the operation, so you’ll need to work with your surgeon’s team to estimate your out-of-pocket cost.
  • If the lipoma is not causing any issues or discomfort, removing it will most likely be considered an elective cosmetic operation that is not covered.

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