Oxygen Facial in Islamabad | Oxygen Facial in Lahore, Pakistan
Oxygen Facial in Islamabad | Oxygen Facial in Lahore, Pakistan

Get flawless and glowing skin appearance through Oxygen facial that smoothes and firms fine lines and wrinkles. In addition, it makes your skin look younger and visibly lifted.

What is Oxygen Facial?

It is a popular facial rejuvenation treatment in which pressurized oxygen is administered on the skin. Normally, an airbrush is used for making your skin younger and plump than before. Your skin cell will get the hyperbaric oxygen, anti-aging serum, moisturizer, vitamins, antioxidants, etc and thereby, it becomes fully hydrated. It reduces visible wrinkles and also boosts up collagen production in the skin.

Why do you need Oxygen Facial?

Oxygen requires for human survival. Human beings are able to survive without water and food for weeks but they aren’t able to live without oxygen for one minute. Skin looks vibrant and healthy with it. Basically, oxygen facial is based on the idea that oxygen is essential for proper functioning of every cell in human body. Age, pollution and some other factors interrupt its delivery to cells. Insufficient oxygen supply becomes a cause of dull and tired looking skin. Skin deprives of oxygen quickly shows more signs of aging such as wrinkles, age spots and wrinkles than skin having sufficient oxygen. When you want a healthy, glowing and vibrant skin then you need to undergo through a wonderful Oxygen Facial at Royal Cosmetic Surgery Pakistan.

Who is a Good Candidate of Oxygen Facial?

Oxygen facial is suitable for everyone at any age. Girls must go for it before their wedding since its results are remarkable. Working women often have to face heavy office and home work load, this routine affect their looks to a great extent. They are able to get youthful and fresher skin through it. Even teenagers can give it a try. Its main idea is to hydrate the skin with oxygen and get natural glow and beauty. It is good to know that many celebrities around the globe must undergo through this treatment before they attend any special and big event.

Benefits of Oxygen Facial

Here are some benefits that make Oxygen Facial at Royal Cosmetic Surgery Pakistan quite appealing for women, who care about their beauty and appearance.

  • Detoxifies Skin
  • Increase blood circulation in skin
  • Enhance skin healing process
  • No pain involved
  • No downtime, no need to wait for recovery
  • Safe treatment for sensitive skin
  • Bring improvement in skin texture
  • Get Glowing skin
  • Re-Hydrate Dry Skin
  • Restore Cell nourishment
  • Smoothes wrinkles and fine lines
  • Get rid of pre-mature aging
  • Obtain well-contoured eye

Results of Oxygen Facial

You will be surprised to see astonishing results of this facial. Your skin glows naturally since oxygen provides required nourishment. If your skin has bumps, wounds or gangrene, then you can get a cure in the form of this facial. Your skin will look smooth, plum and clean, there is little or no imperfection here. It also smoothes signs of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines. This treatment is quite perfect for those who are looking for immediate results. Normally, you need to undergo through maintenance session after one month. However, it is good to know that this facial has no side effects.

At Royal Cosmetic Surgery Pakistan, we have hygienic clinic where doctor administers your oxygen facial treatment. They make sure that your skin gets oxygen that is required for stimulating skin metabolism and collagen production. You will be able to get healthy, fresh and vibrant skin after this facial treatment. It fulfills your dream of having wrinkle-free and glowing skin. Go and try it now.

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