Overlapping Teeth Treatment in Islamabad

Have you seen various teeth straightening procedures on social media and now want to correct your own teeth? Then please never do this on your own. This is a delicate procedure and needs a specialist to perform the action. It is important to know the anatomy and physiology of the teeth before doing this procedure as it is not about simply putting on braces. It is a complicated procedure. Although misplaced or overlapped teeth affect your smile and personality and also this process can affect your dental health. Overlapping Teeth Treatment cost in Islamabad may vary depending upon the procedure.

What are Overlapping Teeth?

Overcrowding of teeth may lead to less room for essential teeth. This generally happens when you have more than the required number of teeth in your mouth or molars do not have space and they push the front teeth towards an edge. This will lead to serious dental problems and as orthodontics is a delicate matter hence it is necessary to use the correct technique for straightening your teeth. Safe and effective treatment for misplaced or overcrowded teeth is important as it can lead to serious complications.


Overlapping can take place in certain ways like it can be a vertical procedure or a horizontal procedure. Any type of overlapping can lead to severe problems. Although this is a natural process and there is no aversion to it yet it can be corrected. Overlapping teeth can be caused by multiple factors. The situation is often influenced by a combination of environmental factors and hereditary ones. It is not generally a condition that can be avoided if someone is predisposed to misalignments, but it is something that can be fixed with proper treatment. Generally, the cases consist of:

  • Usually, it comes from your family about how will be your jawline and what your bite patterns will be. These are all genes that are involved in these processes. So if you have misaligned teeth or overcrowded teeth, this all involves the overlapping of teeth.
  • Birth defects such as cleft palate and lip, which are present at birth can cause dental issues such as overlapping, misaligned, or overcrowded teeth. Teeth that are extra or unusually formed are more likely to overlap in children.
  • Thumb sucking and the use of a bottle and/or pacifier for an extended period of time might cause dental misalignment and overlap.
  • Tumors that grow in the jaw or mouth can force teeth out of position and cause them to overlap.
  • Dental equipment that does not fit well or has shifted out of its original locations, such as braces, retainers, crowns, or fillings, can cause your teeth to overlap and become misaligned.
  • Teeth overlapping can be caused by trauma that produces jaw fractures and misalignments, as well as tooth loss.
  • Multiple reasons can lead to overcrowding of teeth. A combination of environmental and inherited variables frequently influences the condition. If someone is susceptible to misalignments, it is not a condition that can be prevented, but it can be corrected with proper therapy.

Overlapping Teeth Treatment Cost in Islamabad:

The front enamel can sometimes become uncomfortably overlapping. While some overlapping is natural, severe overlapping, also called malocclusion, requires treatment. This type of procedure will cost differently for every person as not everyone is suffering from the same problem or not the quality of damage for every person is the same. Additionally, orthodontic procedures are very delicate. They are never economical.

The Overlapping Teeth Treatment Cost in Islamabad may range from PKR 150,000 PKR to 200,000 PKR certain factors that influence the cost are:

  1. Choosing a skilled and experienced dental surgeon who can complete your treatment precisely can have an impact on the cost. Surgeons with a lot of experience will always charge you according to their fee schedule. As a result, always go for the best option for a pleasing result.
  2. Your pricing may be affected by the clinic’s location and reputation. You may need to travel from one location to another if a respected clinic is not close to your location. You will be charged for your travel expenses. For such sensitive issues, it is preferable to go to a well-known clinic.
  3. Type of dental approach – your surgeon will advise you on the best course of action, and the costs of various dental treatments vary. As a result, the sort of treatment you receive will influence your cost.
  4. A large number of overlapping teeth will boost your confidence.

How overlapped teeth can be corrected?

There are several reasons behind overlapped teeth which also require a different solution. Some of the solutions are discussed here:

●     For aesthetic reasons:

The aesthetic problems are treatable with only cosmetic or restorative procedures. These procedures may consist of porcelain veneers or dental crowns.

Porcelain Veneers – A veneer can be applied to the damaged tooth or teeth to hide any imperfections or misalignment. The end result is a perfectly straight and immaculate smile.

Dental Crowns – A crown can be used to cover a tooth that overlaps another tooth slightly. This improves the tooth’s look while also restoring normal function.

●     For overlapping teeth

Orthodontics is the most commonly employed treatment for overlapped teeth.

Use of braces, palatal expanders, and other kinds of appliances are recommended.

An orthodontist does the dental adjustment by the use of pressure and tension. He can change the position of one tooth or the overall dental placement of all the teeth.

Orthodontic treatments can take several months to complete if not more, but the result is a smile that’s properly aligned and healthy as well.

●     Overlapping Teeth: Advanced Treatments

More advanced treatment solutions must be considered when the overlapping concerns are too severe for orthodontic care alone. In most cases, this entails oral surgery to modify the bone structure, realign the teeth, and possibly even tooth extraction.

Orthodontic care, as well as cosmetic and restorative therapies, are employed to assist achieve the best possible results after oral surgery. All treatments are individually tailored to address health and aesthetic concerns.

Results of Overlapping Teeth Treatment:

Now there is no need to hide your smile as it has become possible to treat the overlapped teeth. You can boost your confidence and self-esteem and you can smile naturally. Don’t believe me? Check out the following results and then you will accept the truth.

Overlapping Teeth Treatment before and afterOverlapping Teeth Treatment cost in IslamabadResults of Overlapping Teeth Treatment



●     Appearance is improved

Those who are unsatisfied with the appearance of their smile can benefit from treating overlapping teeth. Overlapping teeth can give the appearance of a less-than-ideal grin. The appearance of a smile can be improved by straightening overlapping teeth.

●     Improved oral hygiene

When one or more teeth overlap, it can be difficult to clean and floss correctly, raising the risk of gum disease and tooth decay. It’s easier to keep the smile healthy by removing plaque from the teeth and gum line by decreasing overlap and straightening the teeth.

●     Improve in alignment

Overlapping teeth can cause alignment problems, which can make eating painful or uncomfortable for some people. Straightening overlapping teeth can help with alignment and relieve the symptoms of bad alignment.

●     Improve self-confidence

Increased self-assurance: Resolving overlapping issues

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