Non-prep Veneers.


Achieve Bright, Healthy and Aesthetically Pleasing Smile with Non-Prep Veneers

Traditional porcelain veneers are a great option to fix several cosmetic defects in your smile at once. Yet patients should be aware that they do need some of the natural tooth enamel removed in order to fit veneers. This indicates that having veneers installed is essentially a permanent process. Non-Prep Veneers in Islamabad, on the other hand, are a more restrained option now provided by Royal Cosmetics Surgery Clinic Islamabad. To give your teeth a more even appearance, no-prep veneers are placed. They are easier to install and still produce long-lasting results while requiring much less time and work.

Are Non-Prep Veneers Right for Me?

For patients looking to address the following cosmetic issues, our staff may suggest Non-Prep Veneers:

  • Damaged tooth surface
  • Small teeth.
  • Enamel cracks/chips of minor size
  • Teeth that are discoloured or stained
  • Gapped and gummy smiles
  • Protruding teeth treatment
  • Tooth Sensitivity
  • Discolouration
  • Teeth with tiny crevices between them
  • Few slightly misaligned teeth
  • Few mildly packed teeth
  • Receding gums

What is the Process of Non-Prep Veneers?

  • You can anticipate complete results in two to three visits, depending on your unique treatment plan.
  • An impression will be taken during your initial appointment so that a dental lab technician can craft a unique veneer.
  • After receiving and inspecting your new personalized veneer, we will seamlessly integrate it by putting an adhesive to your tooth and curing it with light.
  • You will be able to completely and instantly enjoy the results of your new smile once your veneers have been bonded.
  • There is no recovery time needed for this minimally invasive process, however, we do ask that you come back for a second appointment to make sure you’re completely satisfied.
  • If any changes are necessary, we are happy to provide further minimally invasive techniques including dental lasers, air abrasion, and other cutting-edge diagnostic equipment.

Non-Prep Veneers Before and After:

Before the application of Non-Prep Veneers in Islamabad, the teeth are chipped and crooked. They may have spaces between them. But when your dentist applies veneers, you must have an even smile that is bright and attractive.

Dental Veneers: Post-Op Instructions:

  • Avoid eating anything till the anaesthetic wears off.
  • Rinse with salt water and use over-the-counter painkillers like paracetamol.
  • After receiving dental veneers, it’s typical to have some slight tooth sensitivity.
  • if you bite them end-to-end then there is a chance of unintentionally chipping one of them.
  • Eat nothing with your veneers that are tough, gritty, or sticky.
  • Limit certain meals or be sure to rinse and clean your teeth properly after each meal if you want to keep your smile bright.
  • Any dark beverage, like red wine, soda, tea, etc., can leave stains on dental veneers in Islamabad or crowns. So avoid drinking them.
  • Choose a teeth-friendly diet


Are Non-Prep Veneers Right for me?

  • At Royal Cosmetics Surgery Islamabad, we take great care in assisting our patients in achieving their smile goals in the safest, least invasive manner possible.
  • Our main objective is to reduce expenses and treatments while assisting you in achieving long-term dental health and enjoying your smile.
  • No-prep veneers are frequently a wonderful option for our patients who want to improve the appearance of their smiles without undergoing conventionally invasive Dentistry in Islamabad.
  • Many patients discover that this gentle approach, which emphasizes the preservation of oral tissue, is the best fit for them.
  • No-prep veneers are an option that our specialists are pleased to go over with you as part of your planned course of treatment.

Types of Non-Prep Veneers:

The choice options are limited when considering non-prep veneers in Islamabad. Only the best dentist in Islamabad can tell you which type of veneers are best suited for you.


Currently, the most popular type of veneer available is these no-prep veneers. As they are so tiny, Lumineers can make your teeth appear quite natural.

DURAthin veneers:

A brand of porcelain veneers known as “DURAthin” is made up of incredibly thin, translucent layers that are bonded directly to the front of the teeth without any prior preparation such as shaving or grinding.


Vivaneers are a different brand of very thin, very strong no-prep veneers. They are used for fixing spaces, and crooked or stained teeth.

Benefits of Non-Prep Veneers:

The following are some justifications why no-prep veneers might be a wise decision for you:

Improved Outcome:

No-prep veneers can fix cracks or chips, close gaps, and improve the appearance of stained teeth.

Less Preparation:

In order to create an imprint for a conventional veneer, a dentist may need to remove 1/2 millimetres of your tooth’s enamel. With No-Prep Veneers in Islamabad, that is not necessary. In actuality, hardly much preparation is required.

Sometimes, a dentist can design the veneers and install them all in one day by taking a digital image of your teeth.

Simple Installation:

Installation is easier than with regular veneers because the dentist doesn’t have to make any changes to your teeth. Additionally, this technique protects the integrity of your teeth.

No Anesthesia:

You do not require local Anesthetic because the dentist won’t be removing any of your teeth’s enamel during the procedure. If you are worried that the anaesthesia would cause a reaction or sensitivity, this is good news.

No-Prep Veneers in Islamabad are durable and can last for up to 7 years, especially if you take proper care of them.

Cost of Non-Prep Veneers:

The cost of cosmetic dental procedures, like many others, can vary.If you have dental insurance, you should check with your provider to see if some or all of the cost of veneers is covered. Cosmetic dentistry procedures are frequently not covered by insurance policies. Financing or payment options may be available, so inquire with the dentist if cost is an issue.

Factors Affecting Cost of Non-Prep Veneers:

The cost of the treatment itself may vary depending on a few financial considerations. Below are a few of these:

  • Fee charged by a qualified dentist.
  • The reputation of clinical.
  • The number of impacted teeth.
  • Other substantiating charges

Still, if you are concerned about that how much dental veneers cost in Islamabad, Pakistan then you can book an appointment with us.

Book Your Appointment:

Speak with a dentist about the choices accessible to you if you want to enhance the appearance of your smile. You should think about a variety of things, including the treatment, your budget, the condition of your teeth, and your overall health. Non-prep veneers in Islamabad may be a viable choice for you, but you should consider all options with your dentist before making a decision. You can book your consultation with the best dentist in Islamabad if you want to get more information about the type of veneer that suits you. Dr. Usama Hayat Ghauri is one of the well-known dentists and highly skilled dental practitioners. You will be delighted to have treatment from him.