Burn Reconstructive Surgery in Islamabad

 What is Burn Reconstructive Surgery?

Burn Reconstructive surgery in Islamabad is necessary to treat wounds brought on by trauma, burns, infections, tumours, or diseases. To enhance the physical look and function, burn reconstructive surgery is undertaken. Procedures often range from simple ones like microsurgery to more complicated ones like direct wound closure.

Planning is necessary for Burn reconstructive surgery, as a number of steps are taken sequentially. The type of surgery performed, the length of the recovery period, and the patient’s treatment plan will all depend on the size, nature, and degree of the injury. It is carefully considered how to treat a wound or burn. The extent and degree of skeletal muscle and nerve injury are a few of the crucial aspects to take into account.

Aims of post-burn reconstruction

The following are the aims of burn reconstruction surgery:

  • Aesthetic improvement
  • Lessen contraction and functional constraints
  • The avoidance of infections
  • Closure of the wound
  • Establish tissue loss again

Plastic Surgery Options for Burns or Wounds

Skin grafts

A skin graft is the transportation of skin from one area of the body to another. A highly vascular recipient bed is essential for the success of grafts, which are areas of skin that are cut off from their own blood supply. Wound debridement must be completed before grafting. The following are the methods available for grafting onto a debrided wound to obtain closure:

  • Autograft (‘split skin graft’) (own skin)
  • Allograft (donor skin)
  • Heterografts or xenografts (animal skin)
  • Cultured skin
  • Artificial skin

Microvascular surgery

Transferring skin, muscle, or bone together with the artery and vein to a region that requires restoration is known as microvascular surgery. A plastic surgeon performs it by linking the tiny blood vessels and reestablishing circulation. This kind of surgery is used to reattach fingers, hands, arms, and other severed parts of the body. In reconstructive surgery or to repair soft tissue defects brought on by tumour surgery or trauma, microvascular surgery is also a viable option.

Free flap procedure

Following surgery to eliminate head or neck cancer or during breast reconstruction, a free flap operation is frequently carried out. During the surgery, muscle, skin, or bone are moved from one part of the body (donor site) to the surgical site together with the original blood supply in order to reconstruct the area. Microsurgery is frequently employed during the process. The surgical site may take a long time to heal and may need frequent wound care. It could take up to eight weeks for the body to fully recover.

Tissue expansion

The process of tissue expansion allows the body to “grow” additional skin for use in repairing virtually any portion of the body. During the treatment, a silicone balloon expander is implanted beneath the skin close to the damaged area. Over time, the region gradually fills with saline solution, allowing the skin to stretch and expand. This method, which is most frequently used for breast reconstruction, can also be used to fix skin that has been injured due to congenital abnormalities, accidents, or surgery.

Bone Grafts

Bone grafting is a surgical procedure in which diseased or damaged bones are rebuilt using donated bone. A bone graft is a possibility everywhere in your body bones need to be restored. The hips, legs, or ribs may be used as sources of bone by your surgeon for the graft. When performing bone grafting, surgeons will occasionally use donated bone tissue from cadavers.

Why choose Royal Cosmetic Surgery Clinic?

The plastic surgeons at RCS can utilise dermabrasion, surgical revision, and laser therapy among other methods to reduce the size and appearance of scars.

Thousands of reconstructive and plastic procedures to restore appearance and functionality have been performed by our plastic surgeons at Royal Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Islamabad. They are aware of the most advanced surgical techniques and have even taught a few of them.

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