Lip reduction surgery in Islamabad

The other name for lip reduction is Reduction Cheiloplasty. Everyone has been created in perfect shape but due to some accidents, injuries, or congenital abnormalities some people may suffer from certain types of deformities. These can affect either a certain part of the body or the whole body. Similarly, if both lips are not of equal length or they have become so because of any reason, they can be corrected by the use of Lip Reduction Surgery in Islamabad & Pakistan. The lips will be changed while still performing their natural function in order to improve the facial look. In order to lessen the excessive volume in the lips and bring harmony and balance back to the facial features, lip reduction surgery or lip correction surgery is performed.

What is Lip Reduction Surgery?

The cheiloplasty procedure also addresses other irregularities such as uneven lip lines. Lip asymmetries and irregularities are usually produced by patients who have had permanent chemicals, such as silicone, injected into their lips in the past, leaving them with fake, lumpy, and exaggerated lips. These patients seek lip correction using the lip reduction technique in order to improve the size, shape, and contour of their lips.

Less commonly discussed is lip reduction surgery, which is performed to reduce the size of your lips. While lip reduction surgery is no longer as common, it is useful if you need smaller lips or if you do not care for the effects of a previous augmentation. Surgery is very different from a dermatological operation, and there are more hazards, such as contamination and scars.

Lip Reduction Surgery Candidates:

  • Those people who want to get it for aesthetic reasons
  • If you have congenitally large lips
  • Maybe because of a prior surgery
  • Has reasonable surgical expectations
  • To correct the cleft pallet
  • Is not a smoker, has a healthy body, and is not impacted by mental illness
  • Has a constant weight

Still, not everyone is a candidate.

  • If you are suffering from an auto-immune disease
  • If you have mouth sores
  • If you are a chain smoker
  • Mouth infections

Congenital lip malformations, like cleft lips, as well as accidental lip deformities, are conditions that Dr. Naveed Azhar – who is the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Islamabad–  frequently treats in his practice. He also assists people who have undergone unsuccessful permanent lip augmentation procedures like silicone injections. The injection of such a chemical not only results in the permanent enlargement of the lip but can also give the lips a lumpy, asymmetric aspect.

Preparing For Your Lip Reduction Surgery:

  • Stop taking any blood thinners like ibuprofen or acetaminophen, warfarin
  • Stop smoking or any product containing tobacco
  • Complete your course of antibiotics prior to surgery

The Procedure of Lip Reduction Surgery:

This surgery can completely remodel your lips. Extra tissues or skin is removed from any lip and then reshaping is done. Cuts are made along the designated lines. Blood may spill during the lip reduction procedure since the lips are a particularly vascular structure; however, all bleeding is controlled when the tissue is removed. The incision is properly closed with dissolvable sutures once the desired lip tissue has been removed in order to produce the most symmetric result with the least amount of scarring.

Following are the steps of surgery:

  • The foremost step in lip surgery is the marking of the area to be operated on. After the patient agrees on the markings the surgeon will proceed toward the second step.
  • Anesthesization: can be local or general depending upon the needs.
  • Incision: a cut or incision is made in the internal part of the lip (inner pinkish portion).
  • Excess volume is reduced by removing the excess tissues or fat.
  • The incision is closed up.
  • Dissolvable stitching. Will be dissolved on their own after some time.

Side Effects of Lip Reduction Surgery:

Any type of surgery can leave with some sort of side effects but the experienced surgeon will reduce your chances of having the side effects. Some of the major side effects associated with lip reduction surgery are:

  • Bruises or redness for several weeks on the site of surgery
  • You may get an infection
  • Scarring is a possible side effect if the incision is not made on the pinkish region.
  • Inflammation
  • Some people may be allergic to anesthesia

Recovery Time for Lip Reduction Surgery:

  • The intended outcome for the lips could take up to six months to achieve.
  • The first few days to a week after the procedure, the lips may bleed, and feel numb, and in a few cases, some stitches may unravel and cause a tiny separation, but everything should heal normally over time.
  • Inflammation and redness are the common manifestations after surgery which will remain there for some days.
  • There is no restriction on movement.
  • Stitches will dissolve on their own if they are biodegradable.
  • At least one week of rest is recommended.
  • Apply cold compression to the area
  • Continue taking the prescribed medications.
  • These symptoms must resolve in two weeks. If this does not happen then consult your surgeon immediately.

Lip Reduction Surgery before and afterLip Reduction cost in Islamabad

What To Eat After Lip Surgery:

Following lip reduction surgery, Dr. Naveed urges his patients to eat soup, pasta, or anything else that can be sliced into little pieces. There are no restrictions after the first couple of days.

Benefits of Lip Reduction or Lip Correction Surgery:

  • You will be able to get the lips of your desired size
  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Your lips will be sculpted and defined as a result.
  • Beautification and harmony of facial features
  • Boasting one’s self-assurance and respect
  • Getting rid of or lessening the asymmetry in the lips
  • Improved lip shape and structure
  • All of this is possible without leaving any obvious scarring.

Cost of Lip Reduction Surgery:

The average cost of Lip Reduction Surgery in Islamabad & Pakistan  depends on several factors. Lip reduction, like many other cosmetic operations, is not covered by insurance.

Your actual cost can be affected by the provider, location, and scope of your procedure i.e whether one lip is under treatment or two. Depending on your situation, you may require many surgeries. Also, anesthesia is billed separately.

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