Scarless Breast Augmentation

Breasts are the most aesthetic part of a women’s body but not all women are blessed with perfect breasts. Are you also the one who is suffering from small breasts and want to enhance the looks of your breasts? What if I tell you that you can undergo this surgical procedure without getting any scars? What if I tell you that now you can get Scarless Breast Augmentation in Islamabad, Pakistan with a perky, natural look and best cleavage at Royal Cosmetic Surgery? Yes! Now it has become possible that you can get the desired appearance of your breasts whether it be a B, C, D cup, or larger in the capital with Scarless Breast Augmentation or otherwise known as transumbilical breast augmentation, boob job, or breast mammoplasty.

Surgeries come with scars which are the biggest fear for women who want to undergo any breast-related activity. As incisions are made in the breast pockets by surgeons for the insertion of silicone or saline implants. The type of incision may depend upon the type of augmentation needed and it can be done on armpits, under breasts, or around the areola. This procedure will increase the size of breasts with scarless breast implants. This procedure will also transform your uneven breasts.

Who is the Best Candidate for Scarless Breast Augmentation in Islamabad:

  • Females that want bigger breasts.
  • Women who have smaller breasts and a modest amount of breast drooping can Benefit from breast implants.
  • Women who noticeably have one breast smaller than the other.
  • You are in good physical health and are not expecting or nursing.
  • You set reasonable goals.
  • Your breasts are completely formed.
  • Your breasts seem too tiny to you, which bothers you.

Procedure For Scarless Breast Augmentation:

The scarless breast lift is a dream come true for a lot of women who want to treat their sagging breast skin without scars. Incisions are made around the nipples which will definitely leave scars and this fear leaves many women out of the league who want to improve their breast size. In order to avoid making incisions at the base of the breast or on the bottom border of the areola, Dr. Naveed Azhar can place implants through incisions created in the natural fold of the armpit.

  1. The patient is first given a numbing or sleeping medication before the surgery begins.
  2. To prevent any scarring, an incision will then be created inside the belly button.
  3. The umbilicus (belly button) will be connected to the breast by a tunnel made by the surgeon using a specific tool.
  4. The implant will then be linked to the rod and deflated before being inserted into the pocket that has been made using the instrument.
  5. Saline is then used to fill the implant.
  6. The umbilicus will be sutured shut when it has been expanded.
  7. The result is a breast augmentation with no scars.

Before and After Results of Breasts Augmentation:

Dr. Naveed Azhar has conducted the scarless breast implant treatment innumerable times and has mastered the process. Are you interested in how you might appear? To see the impressive results that you can also have, visit Dr. Azhar’s Before & After gallery.

What To Expect After The Procedure:

  • Following a no-scar breast lift, there may be some bruising or swelling around the breasts. In the upcoming days, these symptoms should start to go away.
  • If required, Dr. Azhar might recommend medication to lessen these negative effects.
  • Overall recovery time is minimal for patients who have scarless breast lifts.
  • After a few days, you can normally resume your regular activities.
  • Detailed aftercare instructions will be covered during your visit with Dr. Azhar for a scarless breast lift.

Benefits of Scarless Breast Augmentation:

  • The scar is hardly undetectable.
  • appropriate for silicone or saline implants.
  • Suitable for implant placement subglandular, subpectoral, or submuscular.
  • No obstacles to breastfeeding are present.
  • Improve sagging or drooping breasts with nearly scarless procedures.
  • Tighten slack breast flesh to enhance shape.
  • The promotion of new collagen synthesis to improve skin structure
  • Deliver quick skin tightening effects
  • Breast recontouring without invasive surgical procedures

Safety Profile of Scarless Breast Implants:

  • Saline breast implants are safe, according to recent studies.
  • Saline (salt water) solution is safely reabsorbed by the body if the implant leaks.
  • Islamabad is home to some of the greatest breast augmentation surgeons if you’re thinking about getting breast implants.
  • With you, Dr. Naveed Azhar will carefully go over every detail of your breast implant procedure.

Cost of Scarless Breast Augmentation:

The cost of Scarless Breast Augmentation in Islamabad, Pakistan starts from PKR 200,000 Anesthesia, operating room equipment, and other related costs are not included in this average cost, which represents only a portion of the whole cost. For information on your final cost, please book a first consultation at Royal Cosmetic Surgery Islamabad.

The cost of breast augmentation surgery depends depend on the surgeon’s skill, the kind of technique done, and the location of the clinic.

Costs for breast augmentation could include:

  • cost of Anesthesia
  • Costs of a hospital or surgical institution
  • Medical examinations
  • Post-operative clothing
  • Medication prescriptions
  • Surgical fee

Remember that the experience of the surgeon and your comfort with him or her matter just as much as the final cost of the procedure when selecting a board-certified plastic surgeon in your area for breast augmentation.

Costs of scarless breast augmentation, related issues, or extra surgical procedures to enhance the advent of your breasts are generally now no longer protected through medical health insurance coverage. Even a few companies of breast sicknesses do not encompass humans with breast implants. Before getting breast augmentation, cautiously studies your medical health insurance policy.

Best Cosmetic Surgeon in Islamabad:

We will be happy to meet you for your Scarless Breast Augmentation in Islamabad, Pakistan at Royal Cosmetic Surgery. Book your appointment and get all the necessary details. We have experienced and qualified practitioners who can fulfill all your needs and will provide you with the desired results. So what are you waiting for? Book your appointment at RCS Islamabad and rest assured.