Overview of facial treatment:

The face is the frontal part of the body, the most focused, and significant, has a full impact on one’s personality. Clean, bright, and flawless skin is the dream of everyone because flawless skin boosts confidence level and self-esteem. Various factors cause freckles and wrinkles on the skin resulting in low confidence and uneven facial texture. Dealing with all skin problems is incredibly frustrating. Whether it is acne or winkles, no surgical facial treatments help to keep skin looking fresh, healthier, and flawless. However, for all these issues, Facial Treatment in Islamabad is available to help you get more radiant and bright facial skin after a few sessions. Numerous facial treatments are available to get an even skin tone along with plumy lips and jawlines.

Cosmetologists all over the world apply these treatments according to their needs and skin condition to help people get flawless and bright skin in less time.

Reasons To Choose It:

People choose facial treatments to cure several issues which are:

  • A wrinkled face.
  • Lip lines.
  • Acne scars.
  • Dark circles.
  • Thin and flat lips.
  • Necklines, smile lines, etc.
  • Under eye-bags.
  • Lose facial skin.
  • Pigmented facial skin.

What Are The Results?

The results are incredible, can be seen within a few weeks of treatment, however, the results vary from person to person depending upon technique and number of sessions as few patients can feel the results within 24 to 48 hours after injection. The results can be last from 6 to 12 months, but, for more enduring results, you can repeat the procedure by taking more sessions which can last up to five years. The scars treatments show quick results as within 7 to 10 days of treatment, you can get flawless, scar-free skin but, for more enduring and permanent results you need a few sessions.

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Who Are The Right Candidates?

The facial treatments are best for people who are looking for safe and non-invasive surgery to get flawless skin in a short time. The right candidates for facial treatments are:

  • A physically healthy one.
  • Anyone having lines around mouth, neck, nose, etc.
  • A person having thin lips.
  • Someone has low-volume cheeks.
  • A person has acne scars.
  • A person has pigmented facial skin.

What Are The Benefits of Facial Treatment?

The facial treatments provide several benefits which are:

  • You can get flawless, clear, and bright skin.
  • The treatment can boost the confidence level.
  • Make your appearance more unblemished.
  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • Recovery is very comfortable.
  • Resolve deep scarring.
  • Get the volume in lips and cheeks.
  • Plumps the thin lips.
  • Removes wrinkles and freckles.
  • Add a shape and volume to lips.
  • Vanishes smile and smile lines.
  • Improves the appearance of the jawline and chin.
  • Increase the collagen in the skin.
  • Results are immediate and enduring.
  • Risks are minimum.
  • Minimizes the acne scar.
  • Helps to create a smoother appearance to the face.

How To Prepare For Treatment?

A few things to be remembered before going for treatment:

  • Medical consultation is compulsory before treatment.
  • Avoid smoking a few days before treatment.
  • Use sun protection before treatment.

What Is The Procedure?

The various types of techniques require specific procedures and equipment, performed under proper supervision by expert dermatologists. The patient’s medical history is gathered also local and general anesthesia is given as needed. The procedure steps are:

  • In the first step, the assessment and mapping of the face are done by the doctor or any other medical staff in which the areas are examined that need treatment. The photographs of the face are taken.
  • After that, the cleansing of areas is done also anesthetic ointment is applied to the skin to relieve pain.
  • In the third step, the process of injecting and massaging is done, taking 15 minutes or more depending upon the area being treated and the technique.
  • In the final step, the treatment is completed and the marks are cleanup.


  • Microdermabrasion:

A similar procedure to dermabrasion removes the upper skin of scars using a specialized machine.

  • Laser resurfacing:

The laser (a beam of light) is applied to the area to remove the outer skin. Ablative and non-ablative lasers are two types of laser techniques. Skin and scar type will determine which laser is best for the procedure.

  • Fillers:  

In this treatment, a hyaluronic acid or calcium hydroxyapatite material is injected underneath the scar and as a result, it lifts the skin upward direction.

  • Micro-needling:  

The skin is punctured by using small needles, which stimulate collagen to smooth scars.

  • Excision:

The dermatologist cut the skin, removes the scar, then pulls the skin together to stitch it up.

  • Subcision : 

A minor surgical procedure in which scar tissues are broken up. The new collagen caused by healing leads to improvement and perfection in scars timely. The treatment is safe and tolerated, used to cure depressed cutaneous scars.

  • Steroid injections:

A precise medical treatment is to inject steroids directly into the scar for many weeks to remove and decrease the size of the scar.

  • Botox:

Botox injection also relaxes the skin and makes improves the appearance of acne scars.

  • Hydra facial:

The most popular treatment preferred by celebrities is also to make your skin brighter and radiant. The treatment is done by using a patented device or machine after consultation by a doctor. The machine exfoliates, cleans, and hydrates the face by removing dirt and impurities.

Some Important Key Points To Do After Treatment:

A few guidelines are necessary after facial treatments like:

  • Do not apply makeup after 1 hour of treatment.
  • Avoid rubbing the treated area for 24 hours after the procedure.
  • Avoid doing intense cardio.
  • Do not get a facial massage right after treatment.
  • Avoid direct exposure to the sun.
  • Stop using aspirin after treatment for quick healing.
  • Take prescribed medications regularly.
  • Take a healthy diet.

How Instant Is The Recovery?

The recovery time is short and also depends upon the individual patient and targeted area, the technique being used. The patient can recover within 24 to 48 hours of treatment but few patients can recover immediately after the procedure and continue daily activities. Moreover, a patient may feel a little discomfort and itching which subsides eventually.

What is The cost?

The cost of Facial Treatment in Islamabad varies from patient to patient also, some are cost factors of treatment like technique being used, anesthesia fee, doctor’s expertise, number of sessions, treatment fee, medications fee, and other hospital charges, etc. But, most important is to keep in your mind that it is a matter of your face so, always prefer the best care not the least expensive. So, always choose the best surgeon and well-reputed clinic for treatment.

Why Do You Consider Us?

Facial treatments are safe and effective medical treatments to get rid of wrinkles, pigmentation, scars, etc. Acne scars are also very frustrating and depressing but, treatments are available to make them invisible. If you are not satisfied with the shape of your lips, jawline, and chin also want to add volume and plumpness to your lips and cheeks also want acne scar removal treatments to make your skin more radiant, fresh and young, the must consider us at Royal Clinic in Islamabad for better treatment. We have a highly qualified team of doctors who can treat you better with their expertise. If you have any queries regarding facial treatments, feel free to consult our experts.