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F.U.T Hair Transplant

Say goodbye to hair loss problem through FUT hair transplant at Royal Cosmetic Surgery Center. The people who suffer hair loss definitely feel frustrated when this problem tends to proceed with time even after regular intake of medications. In this situation, we bring long lasting solution of hair loss in the form of affordable FUT hair transplant in Lahore and Islamabad.

What is FUT Hair Transplant?

It is an invasive surgical method of hair restoration. In this method, a surgeon removes a strip bearing hair tissues from the back or side of the head. Strip is divided into several grafts that are placed into bald or thinning hair area. It is a traditional hair restoration method, also named as strip hair transplant or strip harvesting technique.

Who is a good candidate of FUT Hair Transplant?

Surgeons of FUT hair transplant in Islamabad and Lahore first determine whether a person is a good candidate for hair transplant or not and then they suggest this procedure. A good candidate is one

  • whose hair loss pattern has been stabilized
  • who has been suffering hair loss for last 5-10 years
  • who belongs to Norwood Class III or above and need extensive donor hair to cover large bald area
  • whose age is more than 35
  • who needs a combined procedure, he wants hair transplantation along with scar revision
  • who has realistic expectation

Benefits of FUT Hair Transplantation

Though FUT hair transplant is a conventional solution for hair loss but it is still considered the best due to following benefits:

  • Large Graft Session is possible: In FUT hair transplant, physician uses strip. He is capable to transplant more number of grafts in one session. Normally 2000-3000 graft placement is possible in this procedure. FUE is an alternative method that lets the patient to get 1000-1500 grafts maximum. Extensive graft placement isn’t possible in it.
  • Suitable for All Hair Type: FUT is widely used by surgeons all over the world because this technique lets them to restore any type of hair. Patient who has wavy or curly hair will be able to get good results in the form of same direction and angle of hair as he has before. FUE hair transplant requires technical skill and expertise when it comes to dealing with wavy or curly hair. It becomes somehow difficult for the surgeon to place the grafts into recipient site at same angle and direction.
  • More Graft Survival: There are more chances of graft survival in FUT hair transplant than FUE. Actually, strip has hair with good amount of surrounding tissue in case of FUT procedure while a single follicle unit doesn’t have much tissue. Little surrounding tissues decrease the survival chances of follicle units.
  • Natural Appearance: FUT Hair Transplant Islamabad presents a gift of natural hair appearance to the patients. Newly transplanted hairs are exactly matched with the existing hair in their texture, shape, angle and direction.
  • • Permanent Hair: It is a fact that FUT hair transplant procedure is your last resort where you get permanent and long lasting solution for your hair loss. Once you undergo through this procedure, you are able to get permanent hair in your bald or thinning hair area.

How FUT Hair Transplant is performed at Royal Cosmetic Surgery Center?

We are blessed with skilled surgeon and motivated medical staff in our clinic. They have vast experience in performing strip hair transplantation. They are well versed with even minute details of the procedure and follow the steps maintained by the internationally renowned hair restoration surgeons to accomplish hair restoration goal. These steps are:

  • Consultation and Examination: Hair transplant procedure begins with thorough consultation session with the surgeon during which he tries to identify cause of hair loss. He thoroughly examines the patient for getting an idea whether the patient is a good candidate for FUT hair transplant or not. He inquires about medical history, medications and supplements. Patient is asked to share his expectations and goals about this procedure. Surgeon provides clear idea about side effects, results and procedure to the patient.
  • Strip Extraction After anesthesia: Surgeon performs this surgery under local anesthesia. He numbs the head of patient and then removes a strip of skin bearing hair follicle units through a scalpel from the back of the head. Once strip is removed, he closes the incisions with stitches. In our centers we are using TRICHOPHYTIC closure technique. This is a rather newer technique in which the skin is closed in such a way that the scar is minimal and invisible because the hair grow through the scar.
  • Graft Preparation: Strip of hair is taken into lab where qualified hair transplant technicians divide strip into multiple grafts. Each graft contains either one or more follicle units. Strip is dissected under microscope for getting perfect grafts at Royal Cosmetic Surgery Islamabad Pakistan clinical lab.
  • Preparation of Recipient site: Our expert surgeon always creates an aesthetic blueprint for graft placement on recipient site. Hairline design is quite important step since angle and direction of hair follicle is planned in such a way that the future outcome looks more natural than human created. We have qualified surgeon at Islamabad and Lahore who is famous for their natural looking results.
  • Graft Placement: Surgeon along with medical staff start inserting grafts into their designated positions on recipient site. There is no difference between FUE and FUT hair transplant when it comes to graft placement. This step usually requires much time and effort of surgeon, who need to do this task carefully.

Side Effect of FUT Hair Transplant

Strip hair transplant is a surgical procedure that definitely has some kind of side effects such as:

  • Scarring
  • Itching
  • Headaches
  • Swelling
  • Bleeding
  • Numbness

Our experienced physicians at Royal Cosmetic Surgery Center performed FUT in a very careful manner, so chances of side effects are quite minimal. Our medical staff is ready to help you, in case of any problem after surgery.

What Happens During Recovery Period?

This surgery requires two weeks for complete recovery. Patient notices a big linear scar on the back immediately after the surgery. Surgeon prescribes pain killers for alleviating pain after this surgical procedure. Stitches are removed after 1-2 weeks of surgery. It is advisable for the patient to sleep in a way that his head is elevated on three or four cushions below his head. Patient feels loss of sensation or numbness on head for some period. In rare cases, this numbness is persistent. If he notices any infection then he should immediately contact with the surgeon. Some follicular units falls out but it is normal. Swelling and bruising are also common situations that end after some time.

Post-Operative Care for patient of FUT hair Transplant Lahore/Islamabad

At Royal Cosmetic Surgery Islamabad Pakistan, we are quite concerned about the health and fitness of patients. Therefore, we provide them a detailed post operative instruction manual. This manual highlights every important steps that a patient should take after the surgery. It is advisable to avoid strenuous activities and exercises. For example, patient should stop cycling, jogging and swimming for at least two weeks. He should stop smoking and drinking for three weeks. It is good to wash hair carefully. Patient can contact with medical staff member who will guide him how to wash hair properly after hair transplant surgery.

Results of FUT Hair Transplant

Patient is able to get dense and natural looking hair in an area where hair were absent or thin. He would surely feel great pleasure when he immediately sees a short hairline on his hair loss affected scalp. Many patients get surprised when they see how the hairs grow naturally forever in just 8-10 months after surgery. Best of all, hair growth is permanent after FUT hair transplant. Patient newly transplanted hair will never be affected by any kind of hair problem.

Visit Royal Cosmetic Surgery Pakistan now, if you need permanent and effective solution for your progressive hair loss problem.

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