Non-Invasive Hair Removal in Islamabad

Unwanted hair always needs to be removed in some way or the other. But the results are not permanent. Hairs grow back which is a very unpleasing phenomenon as these temporary solutions of removing hairs are effective only for a short duration. The two most advanced techniques used for hair removal are electrolysis and Non-Invasive Hair Removal in Islamabad (laser hair removal). Both these methods are effective but for now, the latter is the most popularly used. A beam of very low intensity is used to damage the hair follicles and the results will be permanent.

Everyone on earth is burdened with unwanted hair on their face or body, but now there is nothing to worry about as there is a non-invasive procedure for hair removal. This is one of the most popular non-invasive method of hair removal which is chosen by many. This technology is most effective for people of any gender. This is a faster method with minimum discomfort and has more advantages. Non-invasive methods are those which does not cut and involve the cutting of the skin.

Areas To Be Treated:

Any area can be treated but the most commonly treated areas are:

  • The back side of the body
  • Legs
  • Arms
  • Bikini areas
  • Under arms
  • Face

What is the Procedure of Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal employs a technique known as selective photothermolysis. Pigmented cells are killed by laser heat. Dark hair absorbs the greatest heat due to its high pigment content. Laser sends heat to the hair follicles, destroying them and preventing hair growth.

For the technique to operate, a hair follicle must be in its anagen, or growth, stage. Because follicles grow at different rates, most people require numerous laser treatments to kill all hair follicles.

Who is a Candidate for Non-Invasive Hair Removal:

Anyone with unwanted hair is an ideal candidate for hair removal. But the most suitable candidates are:

  • Some females suffer from the growth of unwanted hair. This condition is termed hirsutism. In this process, females develop the growth of hair in those areas which are usually male areas for hair growth. This hair is more coarse and thick.
  • Another condition that makes you a suitable candidate for non-invasive laser hair removal is Hypertrichosis. This condition affects people of any gender. Any area of the body can be affected.

Causes of Excess Growth of Hair:

  • All of these conditions may arise because of the use of certain medications such as the use of steroids may cause the excess growth of hair.
  • There are certain hormones, the imbalance of which may cause the growth of unwanted hair as they are involved in hair production.
  • The condition of excess hair may be genetic. These can be passed from one generation to the next.
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOs) causes excess growth of unwanted hairs.
  • Certain tumors may cause the excess release of hormones. They can increase the growth of hairs.
  • The procedure of removing hair by the laser may be effective for those who have thick, coarse and dark hair with light skin. If you have dark skin then this method is not suitable for you.

Who Cannot Have Laser Hair Removal?

There are certain conditions that prohibit you from getting laser hair removal. These conditions are:

  • Those people who are on medications for the treatment of acne
  • Pregnancy is the biggest hindrance
  • If you are suffering from cold sores
  • If you have genital herpes
  • If you have or had skin cancer ever in your life

Aftercare Instructions:

If you want to get the most out of any procedure then you need to take care of it properly. There are certain aftercare instructions that you should consider after you have gone through the procedure. Some of the after-care instructions recommended by Dr. Naveed Azhar are given below:

  • You need a gentle soap to wash and clean the area
  • No rubbing must be done in first 2 days. It must only be patted in those two days durig cleansing.
  • You must not apply any moisturizing cream or lotion.
  • You must apply sunblock before going outside.
  • Use only that sunblock that has bee prescribed by your registered practitioner.
  • Area must be cleaned and kept dry for the time to avoid any infection or redness over the area.
  • Dead hairs will fall out after one month to 45 days. Initial hair growth is normal and you do not need to worry about that growth.
  • Remove the dead hair by exfoliating. Shaving can be done to improve the results.
  • Waxing, threading, tweezing, scratching or picking the area is strictly prohibited.

Advantages of Non-Invasive Hair Removal:

There are various advantages of non-invasive hair removal. Some of them are:

  • This technology is highly targeted. No other area is affected. This is precise.
  • The time required for the procedure is very less and if the treated area is small then the whole procedure will take only a few minutes. The laser beam has a fast speed.
  • The new hair is lighter in color and they also have very low density.
  • This is an effective procedure that only needs 3 to 4 sessions.

Disadvantages of the Procedure:

Some of the disadvantages of non-invasive hair removal may include:

  • The color of the skin may affect adversely. As this is only suitable for people with light skin tone.
  • This technique may cause blistering or burning in the area.
  • This procedure may cause skin redness or scarring.
  • Hyperpigmentation

Is Laser Hair Removal Safe?

If this procedure is performed by a board-certified practitioner then it is the safest procedure that has ever existed for hair removal. Generally, there are no side effects observed by most people.

Cost of Non-Invasive Laser Hair Removal?

The price of Non-Invasive Hair Removal in Islamabad ranges between  PKR 7,000 to PKR 20,000 But this is a cosmetic procedure hence it is not covered by insurance companies.

  • All the costs will go out of your pocket. The cost of the procedure may vary depending upon the area being treated
  • The number of sessions required for complete removal of hair
  • These prices are per session prices but they may vary according to the area
  • The location of the clinic may also affect the prices as that clinic which are located in a more advanced vicinity may cost you more
  • As you need yearly maintenance procedures so those costs will also add up in the total cost.
  • Hairs can be removed in salons or other care centers but those areas carry more risks than benefits hence you must choose only that facility that has a trained practitioner who is board certified.

How Many Treatments are Needed?

Hairs grow in various phases and they are needed to be removed in all those phases. Hence the number of sessions may vary from 6 to 8 as to target the hair in all phases.

How Long do the Results of Laser Hair Removal Last?

The first session will remove 30 to 40% of the hairs. The hair will not grow back for maybe several months or maybe several years. Annual maintenance treatment is required.

Are the Results of Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

The results of laser hair removal are not permanent as all hairs cannot be treated in all phases. Hence they may grow back but they wil be of a lighter shade and will also be less coarse. They will also be more thinner than the original hairs.

Why Our Laser Hair Removal is So Popular?

This is a life-changing procedure that will improve your life drastically. Our board-certified surgeon- Dr. Naveed Azhar,  who is the best hair transplant surgeon in Islamabad can be a perfect choice for you. Our qualified and trained staff will make you feel at home and you will never regret your choice. So what are you waiting for? Call us directly on the given number or alternatively, you can also fill out the form given below. We will be delighted to serve you at Royal Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Islamabad.