Night Guard Splints in Islamabad

Some people clench their teeth while sleeping. The teeth’s surface may be harmed by this. As a result, night guard splints in Islamabad shield teeth from harm by reducing the impact of clenching while you sleep. This is made of plastic and may cover all parts of teeth or part of them. This helps prevent the grinding impact of teeth at night as some people may have the habit of grinding teeth. They are available in both forms i.e either you can get them over the counter or they can also be custom-made. They are otherwise known as mouthguards and help ease bruxism (teeth grinding). You can wear them even during biking or any strenuous activity.

What is Sleep Bruxism?

Ask your dental hygienist whether you have bruxism if you routinely wake up with a headache, toothache, or jaw pain. Teeth grinding occurs frequently in both children and adults, according to the American Academy of Oral Medicine. However, if it occurs frequently enough to affect your teeth or jaw, it’s time to consult a dental expert. Teeth grinding is a common phenomenon but it needs attention as it can harm the health of your gums and teeth.

Common Signs and Symptoms of Sleep Bruxism:

Talk with the best dentist in Islamabad if you note any of the following problems:

  • If you constantly wake up with a headache
  • In case your teeth are chipping
  • Whether your jaws have inflammation or swelling due to grinding called Temporomandibular Joint Disorder or TMJ
  • Chronic grinding

What are Night Guards?

Dental night guard Splints prevent teeth deterioration from clenching or grinding. Chewing causes this disease, known as bruxism, which affects 50–95% of the adult population. According to Dr. Usama Hayat Ghauri, stress and worry are to blame. But night guards reduce the impact of bruxism and protect your oral health. They are mostly present at pharmacies and you can acquire them without a prescription.

Who could benefit from a mouthguard?

A mouthguard may be necessary for kids or adults. Your doctor might advise a mouthguard for you or your kid if any of these situations apply:

teeth grooving (bruxism).

plays a contact sport, such as soccer, lacrosse, basketball, football, or any of the other four, which increases the chance of taking a hit to the face.

participates in non-contact sports or pursuits with a significant fall risk, such as ice skating, gymnastics, or biking.

Is a night guard your only option?

Even though they are the most popular and effective option, night guards are not the only way to cure bruxism. Here are some other steps you can take to decrease or stop teeth clenching or grinding:

  • Don’t smoke, especially before going to bed.
  • Yoga, meditation, or listening to music can all help you unwind before bed.
  • Limit your usage of coffee and alcohol

Reasons to Wear a Night Guard:

A nightguard is a piece of plastic, either firm or soft, that resembles a retainer. It can be worn on either the bottom set of teeth or the top set of teeth, covering the biting surfaces. Each patient’s nightguard is produced specifically for them by shaping it to fit their teeth because everyone’s teeth are different. This prevents the nightguard from being uncomfortable or unduly thick. Following are the reasons to wear mouthguards:

  • Prevent Plaque Development
  • Prevent Changing Your Bite

How is the night guard made?

The best orthodontist in Islamabad explains the following steps for the formulation of night guards:

  • In the first step, your dentist takes an impression of the teeth of your both jaws
  • In the next step, they make a plaster cast which is sent to a dental laboratory
  • Guards are made of different materials
  • Shaping around the mould to create your custom-fitted night guard.

Your night guards must not cause any discomfort when you wear them at night. If you feel your guards are having tiny cracks, that is the time when you replace them. This is because bacteria can reside in those tiny cracks. You must consult your dentist before replacing your guards.

Types of Nightguards:

Stock mouth protectors:

They are ready to wear. They are available at pharmacies at a reasonable price.

Hard Nightguards:

These are made of acrylic and are employed in cases of severe teeth clenching and grinding as well as TMJ.


One-size-fits-all generic nightguards are available over the counter; they are pre-moulded to fit any mouth. Additionally, you can choose boil-and-bite nightguards, which need to be softened in hot water for a better fit.


These provide a unique option because they are created using your teeth’ impression. A nightguard made just for you by a dentist is more comfortable since it is made with finest materials and methods.

Boil and bite mouth protectors:

In addition to being sold at numerous sporting goods stores, boil-and-bite mouth guards may fit more comfortably than stock guards. The “boil and bite” mouth guard is made of thermoplastic. It is first softened in hot water before being put in the mouth and moulded to fit the teeth using finger and tongue pressure.

How should I maintain a mouthguard?

In mouthguards, microorganisms from the mouth are collected. Before inserting a mouthguard, be sure you thoroughly brush your teeth. For night guard splints cleaning:

  • Avoid subjecting the mouthguard to intense heat, such as that from hot water or the sun. It may twist and change shape in response to heat.
  • When not in use or when commuting to sports and activities, keep it in a durable, ventilated plastic case.
  • Cool water must be used for rinsing after using it every time. Clean it with a brush. Drying shall be under air and not with any other thing.
  • Keep the mouthguard away from pets and other animals in your care.

A Bruxism Mouth Guard: What Does It Cost?

Depending on the materials used and the precise specifications of the customer, a custom night guard in islamabad will cost differently.

A tooth guard for sleeping is typically much less expensive than other procedures needed to repair damage from teeth clenching and grinding. You will get an estimate of the price in your first consultation at RCS. All or a portion of the cost can be reimbursed if you have dental insurance.

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