There are instances when the skin stretches or contracts quickly, leaving lines or streaks all over the body. The breasts, hips, abdomen, buttocks, or other body parts are the most frequently hit areas. According to some estimates, stretch marks are one of the most common conditions in the world and affect nearly 80% of the population. Stretch marks could emerge as a result of certain circumstances, such as quick adolescence or rapid weight reduction. One of the primary contributing reasons to the causes is pregnancy. Although they are not harmful, many individuals dislike how they appear, therefore they only want to get rid of the marks.

Here is everything you need to know about stretch marks removal in Islamabad-Pakistan.

What are the Symptoms of Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks do not have any distinctive symptoms. They may come in a variety of shapes depending on how you get them, why you have them, or their etiology. Some of the signs include:

  • There are various bodily parts covered in streak lines.
  • They could be pink, crimson, or blue, among other colors.
  • They could start out with a brilliant color before losing it over time.
  • They could be visible in the body’s bigger areas.

Do All Stretch Marks Need Medical Advice?

No, not all stretch marks require medical advice, but you can visit a doctor if they cover a significant portion of your body and you don’t like how they look. He will provide better recommendations for both causes and treatments.

Having stretch marks and attempting to get rid of them are both acceptable.

If you’ve had little luck at home trying to minimize the look of your stretch marks, a dermatologist can provide further support and lead you in the proper direction.

Causes of Stretch Marks:

  • Skin stretching results in stretch marks.
  • Numerous variables, including as your heredity and the amount of stress on your skin, affect their intensity.
  • Your body’s cortisol levels may also be important. Skin elastic fibers deteriorate due to the hormone cortisol, which is produced by the adrenal glands.


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Risk Factors of Stretch Marks:

Stretch marks are more likely to appear if you:

  • are a lady
  • have a stretch mark family history
  • are expecting
  • possess Marfan syndrome
  • have a history of giving birth to huge infants or twins
  • have a larger body mass index
  • have considerable weight loss or growth
  • take corticosteroid drugs

Cost of Stretch Marks Removal:

The price of stretch marks removal in Islamabad-Pakistan is dependent upon the type or procedure is chosen by your dermatologist. As there are various methods being used to it is not possible to give an exact figure. This figure can vary and may also depend upon:

  • The type of procedure
  • The experience of a surgeon
  • The locality of the clinic
  • The extra charges

How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks:

Stretch marks sometimes referred to as striae, appear when the skin changes shape quickly due to growth or weight increase. Typically, they don’t imply that your health is in danger in any manner.

Regardless of gender, anyone can develop stretch marks. Pregnancy and puberty are the two times when they occur most frequently. The following treatments work on stretch marks, however, they are less likely to work on older stretch marks. Dermatologists or plastic surgeons can dramatically reduce the appearance of stretch marks through treatment. They are frequently expensive and not covered by health insurance. These therapies include:

  1. laser treatment
  2. Microdermabrasion
  3. Microneedling
  4. Radiofrequency therapy
  5. Chemical peels
  6. Surgical option- Tummy Tuck

Laser Treatment:

Lasers give the skin concentrated light. Depending on the type of laser utilized, therapy may boost collagen synthesis and assist stretch marks in fading to fit in with the surrounding skin. Before you notice results from some laser treatments, you may need several sessions.

Scars and rosacea-related redness on the skin are reduced by laser therapy. Therefore, it makes sense that laser therapy would help stretch marks look better.


Microdermabrasion involves exfoliating the skin, unlike DIY remedies. Using a handheld wand, a professional applies an abrasive substance to your skin to gently remove dead skin cells. Microdermabrasion may minimize the severity of stretch marks.


With a tool, micro-needling makes tiny punctures in the skin. This treatment encourages the skin’s natural production of collagen and elastin, which could make loose skin look tighter.

According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), in-office microneedling penetrates deeper into your skin than at-home devices to more effectively and safely target the skin’s healing function.

Radiofrequency therapy

Radiofrequency treatments encourage collagen formation by sending energy waves into your skin. The end outcome could be tighter skin.

Radiofrequency treatments have recently been combined with micro-needling treatments to transmit energy waves even deeper into the skin. According to 2019 research,  the needle enters the skin and emits radiofrequency into the channels, promoting deeper layers of collagen.

Chemical peels:

Chemical peels involve the application of an acid to the skin’s surface, such as glycolic acid. Professional chemical peels are stronger than at-home peels and are applied in the office.

Peels exfoliate the skin deeply and boost collagen development. This may help stretch marks appear smaller, although the evidence is limited.

Clinical techniques are generally more effective than home remedies for stretch marks. However, these operations are often not covered by insurance and can be pricey.

Because not all solutions are suitable for all skin types, you should visit a dermatologist to determine which one is best for you.

Surgical option- Tummy Tuck:

If your postpartum stretch marks are on your lower abdomen, you’re in luck. During a stomach tuck, stretch marks beneath your belly button can be surgically removed. The lower skin is permanently removed during this procedure, and the top skin is then used to create a tighter, smoother abdomen.

How Stretch Marks Can Be Made Less Noticeable?

Stretch marks are common, so you’re not alone. People of all ages commonly develop stretch marks. There are methods you can use to conceal them or lessen their appearance if your stretch marks are a cosmetic concern for you:

  1. Use self-tanners
  2. Use makeup
  3. Use topical creams
  4. Wear clothes with more coverage

In short!

Stretch marks are fairly frequent, but you can decrease their appearance using self-tanners, cosmetics, ointments, or surgery.

Stretch marks may occasionally disappear when the underlying cause of the stretching is no longer a concern, but most of the time, they gradually become less apparent scars.

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