Stomach botox in islamabad

Obesity leads to several cosmetic and medical problems. It limits the mobility or physical activity of a person, increases the risk of type 2 diabetes and makes an individual physically unattractive. It is crucial to defeat this condition to improve your quality of life and add to the charm. Stomach botox in Islamabad is a non-surgical approach to address excess weight, improve personality and foster mobility of a person.

It is important to live a healthy life. Not only does it improve mental and physical health, but it also helps to manage weight. Dietary habits and lifestyle practices may lead to excessive weight, affecting the personality of a person. Surgical intervention can address this problem, but it involves incisions and entails extended downtime. People who do not like surgeries or want to avoid them can consider this specific technique to deal with fatness and its effects.

An Injectable Solution To Shedding Pounds:

You may only know about the cosmetic benefits of botulinum toxin, that it disappears ageing signs such as wrinkles and fine lines and adds to the youthfulness of an individual’s personality. Its advantages go beyond that. Besides reversing the ageing signs, it can also address fatness. 

Gastric or intragastric botox slows down gastric emptying and also affects nerve signals, reducing appetite and producing a feeling of fullness. This way, it reduces food intake and facilitates weight loss. This minimally invasive approach replaces surgical treatments and can be performed in a matter of a few minutes. You may not achieve immediate results as it offers gradual results.

Core Benefits:

  • Best procedure for individuals seeking non-surgical weight loss treatment
  • Reduces food intake and produces a feeling of fullness
  • Does not involve cuts, incisions, or extended downtime
  • Its recovery time is quite short
  • Reduces the risk of nutrient malabsorption

Before and After:

Everyone wants to see a desired body shape, and the purpose of getting a treatment is no other than to achieve the desired results. At Royal Cosmetic Surgery, we understand the needs and requirements of our patients and design our strategies accordingly to bring about the desired results. Here, you can see the successful results that our professionals have produced. We strive to earn your respect by delivering satisfactory results.

Cost Of This Method:

The cost of stomach botox in Islamabad  ranges between 25000 PKR to 65000 PKR. However, the price may varies from person to person. Its cost is determined by the treatment goals of a patient, the extent of the procedure, the clinic’s location, and the expertise and experience of a professional. 

For more precise information about the pricing factor, you can consult with a professional at RCS. A doctor will analyse your skin conditions and then inform you of the exact price.


An expert at RCS holds a consultation session before proceeding with the treatment. The purpose of this session is to observe a patient and his health conditions, discuss his concerns and objectives and ensure whether he is suitable for this procedure. 

The procedure begins by administering local anesthesia. It is used to reduce discomfort and allow a man to experience a comfortable treatment. Following that, gastric Botox is injected into the specific area of the stomach to reduce appetite and gastric emptying. 

Normally, it is a brief procedure, and it does not take hours. An expert can finish stomach botox in Islamabad in even less than an hour. Furthermore, its downtime is also limited, and you can recover swiftly and resume your normal life in a matter of a few hours.

Ideal candidates:

Not every obese person can consider this specific technique. You need to know whether you are a good candidate before undergoing this procedure. Get a consultation session and also consider the following tips to evaluate your suitability.

  • People who cannot reduce fatness via diet and exercise
  • Individuals with a body mass index of 40 or more
  • People who are medically fit 
  • Candidates who have realistic expectations

Post-Operative Measures:

A dermatologist also observes a patient for a short period to find out whether he is experiencing any adverse effects. Besides that, a practitioner also asks a patient to follow aftercare instructions to limit the risk of side effects and get optimal results.

  • Avoid strenuous activities for a specific period
  • Apply ice on the injection site to reduce swelling
  • Use only prescribed medicines to manage discomfort
  • Take a balanced diet to avoid nutrient deficiency
  • Inform your surgeon if you observe any adverse effect

Summing Up:

Stomach botox injection in Islamabad is a medical treatment that involves the use of botulinum toxin to manage excess weight and improve the mobility and quality of life of an individual. People dealing with fatness and seeking a non-surgical procedure must consider this minimally invasive approach as it does not entail incisions and reduces fat by reducing appetite and food intake.

Schedule your appointment at Royal Cosmetic Surgery Islamabad to deal with obesity. Our team is an expert in addressing your concerns and bringing positive change to your lives. Visit our clinic, get a consultation session and make an informed decision!


Stomach Botox in Islamabad

Yes. You can get it if you want to lose weight without undergoing any surgical treatment. People who cannot lose excess weight through diet and exercise can also consider this weight loss method.
People may observe gastric perforation and respiratory depression. These conditions are rare. To avoid the possibility of these effects, you should get a consultation session and also choose the best available option.
Yes. It is a safe procedure if performed correctly. You need to get the services of a certified and experienced practitioner to increase the possibility of better results and limit the risk of adverse effects.
The cost of gastric botox in Islamabad ranges from 25000 PKR to 65000 PKR. The price is not the same for everyone as it depends on various factors, such as the specific requirements of a patient and the expertise of a surgeon.