Face Lift

Face Lift


Get back your youthful appearance now via a facelift and say “welcome” to self-confidence and long lasting natural beauty (and less few years from your actual age). Our Facelift procedure can reverse your ageing process and let you restore youthful face appearance by tightening and smoothing lower face area. You look younger and fresher than before.

What is Facelift?

facelift2It is a cosmetic surgical procedure designed to bring back youthful face definition. This surgery is done under general anesthesia, patient goes to sleep and he doesn’t feel any pain. When a person gets older then his skin gets loosed. During surgery, our expert surgeon makes incisions (cut through scalpel) in your hairline, behind ears or under your chin. He carefully separates the skin from the underlying tissues. He first removes the unwanted fat and then tights the muscles and tissue. Once he done with muscle tightening, he pulls your skin taut and removes any excess skin. At the end, he stitches the skin back into its place.

This surgery takes 5-6 hours and you need to stay overnight in the clinic. Our friendly medical staff is available for your assistance and care around the clock.

Types of Facelift

There are three main types of a facelift procedure. During consultation session, a surgeon tells you about these types and you need to pick one that suits you the most. These types are:

  1. Traditional Facelift
  2. Keyhole Surgery
  3. Minimal-access cranial suspension (MACS)

Why do you need a Facelift?

It is indeed impossible to stop aging process but what is possible these days is to reverse some negative effects of time through a facelift. When we get older, our skin loses its elasticity and starts sagging due to gravity effects. Dark and thick lines appear around our mouth and eyes. Wrinkles, freckles and fine lines decrease our facial beauty. You start losing your self-confidence. The best way to get rid of such aging signs is to get a helping hand of a cosmetic surgeon who makes it easy for you to restore your self-esteem and natural beauty.

When to Go for Facelift?

Basically, facelift helps the patient to improve his lower face area appearance. The people can opt for this surgery when:

  • They have double-chin and they like to get rid of accumulated fat through a face lift
  • They don’t have ideal muscle tone
  • Their skin of neck and face has begun to sag

What a Facelift never does?

Basically, facelift surgery reshapes the lower area of face such as neckline and jaw. This cosmetic procedure doesn’t remove fine lines and wrinkles around mouth and eyes; you have to seek for eyebrow lift, laser resurfacing, chemical peel and other cosmetic procedures to fixing these signs of aging. Facelift deals with a few signs of aging such as skin sagging, double chin, lack of elasticity in muscles and tissues. It doesn’t fix and remove all signs of aging.

What are Benefits of a Facelift?

Here are five common benefits that come along with facelift:

  1. Look younger than your actual age
  2. Grab fresher look
  3. Regain your self-confidence and self-esteem
  4. Stop relying on makeup
  5. Get tight neckline, no need to hide it

Who is a Good Candidate of Facelift?

Every person may not be an ideal candidate for facelift. Non-surgical treatments like skin rejuvenation or microdermabrasion may be helpful for you if signs of aging on your skin are not much visible or you are in 30’s. Our surgeon thoroughly examines your face and medical history before he suggests this procedure to you. Mostly the patients in their 40s and 60s go for facelift but it is good to know that this surgery brings positive results in the patient who belongs to 70-80s age-group. A good candidate is one who has well-defined bone structure and some elasticity.

Facelift Results

This surgical procedure lets you enjoy natural and long lasting results in the form of tight skin, ideal muscle tone, attractive jaw and catchy neckline.


What are Risks of Facelift?

As you know facelift is a surgical procedure so it accompanies some risks that you must take into account while deciding for this surgical method. The risks of facelifts are:

  • Scarring
  • Infection
  • Loss of hair on incision site known as alopecia
  • Reaction to anesthesia
  • Numbness
  • Facial Bruising
  • Face Swelling

Cost of Facelift

In our clinic, we treat every person individually. Fact is that each face has a unique shape and contour. Our surgeon needs to examine your face, its shape and contour before he gives you an exact estimate of cost. You are free to book your appointment anytime. During free consultation session, our expert cosmetic surgeon will review your case and inform you about the price that includes procedure cost, post-surgery care price and clinic charges. We never keep any cost hidden from our customers as we stick firmly with buyer beware policy.

Stop waiting anymore, book an appointment now and restore your self-confidence and fresher appearance.

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