Russian Lip Fillers in Islamabad

Properly defined and plumed lips add value to facial appearance and improve the aesthetics of an individual’s personality. Their fullness and perfectly aligned contour are imperative for an attractive look because fuller lips augment the seductiveness and enticement of facial appearance. The aging factor and improper diet may damage the fullness, volume, and shape of the lips and thus decrease the glamour of an individual’s personality. Russian lip fillers in Islamabad restore the lost charm of lips by adding volume and redefining their shape.

Russian Lip Fillers In Islamabad: Overview

Sensuous, luscious, and plumed lips are signs of a fascinating and appealing personality. The symmetry, shape, and appearance of lips may spoil because of a few factors, such as aging, dehydration, excessive sun exposure, poor care, and hormonal changes. Now, loose or sagging lips can be treated. You can rejuvenate the appearance of your lips and tackle aging signs through aesthetic treatments such as Russian Lip Fillers.

This is a cosmetic treatment that is carried out to augment the aesthetics of the lips. This treatment adds volume and plumpness to the lips and rejuvenates their appearance. Lip fillers in Islamabad also improve the definition, contour, and shape of the lips. This treatment works by relaxing the muscles, which ultimately makes the lips look more attractive and sensual.

Russian Lip Fillers: Benefits

  • Redefines the appearance and shape of the lips and adds volume
  • Offers natural-looking results and creates facial harmony
  • Softens fine lines and creates a subtle, voluminous, and attractive look
  • Augments the aesthetics of the smile by addressing sagging lips
  • Russian lip filler in Islamabad is a quick and minimally invasive procedure that improves the balance of the lips
  • Its downtime is minimal, but results are unmatchable 
  • Results are temporary; allow adjustments and changes
  • Offers personalized results based on specific requirements of an individual

Lip Flip in Islamabad: Procedure

Royal Cosmetic Surgery Islamabad prefers holding a consultation session before the treatment. An initial consultation session has become a part of our culture, and all professionals hold this session to analyze the issue and understand the concerns and requirements of a specific patient. The purpose of this session is to provide customized and desired results without involving any element of complication.

In the start, the practitioner cleans the treated area and applies a numbing cream to ensure a painless and comfortable experience. Following that, the practitioner injects a neuromodulator such as Botox into the targeted area of the skin, such as the surrounding areas of the upper lips. This injection ceases the activities of muscles, adds volume, and improves the definition and appearance of the targeted lip.

Why Russian Lip Fillers?

  • To improve the definition and contour of the lips
  • To get a more defined and lifted appearance
  • To get natural-looking and voluminous lips
  • To address aging signs such as sagging lips
  • To enhance the aesthetics of the smile 
  • To restore the seductiveness and appeal of the lips
  • To quickly add volume and create facial symmetry

Who Is  A Suitable Candidate?

  • If an individual has good muscle tone
  • If a woman is not pregnant and breastfeeding
  • If an individual has no skin issues and infection
  • If the skin of an individual is not sensitive
  • If an individual is physically healthy
  • If an individual wants to enhance the look of lips
  • If an individual aims to add volume and improve lip definition
  • If an individual has realistic expectations


Russian lip fillers in Islamabad are an aesthetic treatment that augments the lips’ contour, definition, and enticement by relaxing related muscles. Royal Cosmetic Surgery Islamabad is dedicated to producing desired results and satisfying the demands of its patients. Following are a few examples of our commitment and determination. You can observe that we do what we commit. Our practitioners are experienced and sincere with the cause and zealous to satisfy our patients. 

Russian lip fillers before and afterRussian lip fillers cost in IslamabadResults of Russian lip fillers

How Long Does Russian Lip Filler Last:

The time frame for Russian lip fillers in Islamabad differs from person to person because of a few factors that include the metabolism of each individual, the type of filler used, the lifestyle of an individual, follow-up treatments, etc. Normally, the results of this lip enhancement procedure last somewhere between 10 months to a year. Though it is not a long-lasting treatment, its results can last for a year, and with proper follow-up treatments, you can even extend the longevity of results.

Are Russian Lip Fillers Better Than Normal Lip Fillers?

Yes, it is deemed a better option than normal lip fillers because it not only adds volume to the lips but also redefines the appearance and creates a better look. Its subtle and natural-looking enhancement makes it a better choice and gives it a privilege over other procedures.

How Much Does Russian Lip Filler Cost In Islamabad?

The cost of Russian filler in Islamabad generally extends from PKR 20,000 to PKR 40,000. The cost may fluctuate because of a number of factors, such as the type of fillers used, the extent of the treatment, the clinic’s location, acquired facilities, follow-up procedures, and the expertise of a practitioner.

Post-Operative Measures:

  • Do not touch or rub the treated area after the treatment, as it could disturb the placement of fillers
  • You should also follow your practitioner’s instructions about sleeping. Keep your head elevated while sleeping
  • Apply ice packs to the treated area to reduce swelling and irritation
  • Do not expose the treated area to the sun
  • Drink plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated
  • Refrain from visiting saunas and hot baths to support the recovery period


The cost of Russian lip fillers in Islamabad ranges from PKR to PKR. However, the overall cost may differ because of the extent of the treatment, the type of fillers used, follow-up treatment, and the clinic’s location.
It is a safe and secure procedure when performed by a skilled professional. This treatment does not cause any significant side effects but offers contoured and rejuvenated lips.
Russian lip fillers in Islamabad offer refined and natural-looking results. Not only do these fillers add volume, but they also create the desired symmetry and balanced appearance of the lips
It can cause mild side effects that can be effectively managed or treated. Side effects include mild bruising, swelling, redness, discomfort, headache, or allergic reactions.

The Bottom Line:

Russian lip fillers in Islamabad is an aesthetic lip rejuvenating procedure that is carried out to add volume and improve the definition and enhance the appearance of the lips. This procedure treats sagging lips and enhances the glamour and exoticism of lips. It redefines the appearance and shape of the lips, creates facial harmony, and improves the aesthetics of the smile. 

If you want to add volume, enhance the outlook of your lips and create facial harmony by improving the definition of your lips, book your appointment at Royal Cosmetic Surgery Islamabad. Our clinic is known for its advanced treatment options and the state of the art facilities. Visit RCS Islamabad and reinstate your charm or add glamour to your life!