Hifu Treatment in Islamabad & Pakistan - Non Surgical Facelift
Hifu Treatment

Hifu is a non-surgical and painless facelift procedure that uses ultrasound to tighten and lift the desired body surface.

The high-intensity ultrasound penetrates into the inner layer of your skin, bypassing your upper skin surface and sending a direct energy especially to the basic tissues and muscles where collagen is found.

Who are the Qualified Candidates?

Following are the conditions to become the qualified candidates to get the Hifu Treatment in Islamabad:

  • If your facial skin is saggy and loose.
  • If your skin becomes loose after undergoing an operation.
  • If you want to enhance your skin’s complexion and texture.

Pre-Operative Care of Hifu Treatment:

Before considering the Hifu Treatment in Islamabad, it’s important to fulfil following pre-operative care guidelines:

  • You shouldn’t eat or drink for about 5-6 hours before the procedure.
  • You need to wear comfortable clothes on the day of the Hifu Treatment in Islamabad to avoid any discomfort.
  • You may have to take an anticlotting injection before the procedure to avoid blood clotting.

How the Hifu Treatment is performed?

The high-intensity ultrasound targets the inner most or deeper layer of your treatment required skin, and helps to make your muscles tight and also in boosting collagen.

The Hifu Treatment in Islamabad works by entering into your skin with the ultra sound vitality to revive the collagen production in the profound dermal and subdermal levels by damaging a little bit of that treatment required tissue.

As the tissue repairs, it helps in expanding the collagen. As the collagen strands arrange themselves and abbreviate, a firm and tightening impact will be prominent on your skin.

Is the Hifu Treatment Painful?

During the Hifu Treatment in Islamabad procedure, you may feel a little bit tingling sensation due to pulses of ultrasound passing through your skin. But with the latest and modern Hifu machines, you will be comfortable and at ease during the procedure.

Results of Hifu Treatment:

After getting the Hifu Treatment in Islamabad, healing and recovery process takes almost 40 to 50 minutes.

Post-Operative Care of Hifu Treatment:

After getting the Hifu Treatment, you will have to follow these post-operative care guidelines:

  • The physician will advise you to rest for a couple of days.
  • You will also have to carefully take pain relief medications prescribed by the dentist.
  • The physician will also recommend you to take anti-biotic regularly to prevent any infections.

Benefits of Hifu Treatment:

Following are the benefits of Hifu treatment in Islamabad:

  1. It helps in lessening extra skin on upper eyelids
  2. Enhancing the button diagram
  3. Decreasing laugh lines
  4. Removing wrinkles from the neck
  5. Improving skin quality
  6. Firming loose skin
  7. Lifting and fixing the cheek, jawline and temples
  8. Reducing wrinkles around the brow, eyes, and lips.


If you want to make your facial skin firm and tight, then feel free to consult the Royal Cosmetic Surgery to consider Hifu treatment in Islamabad.

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