Your facial hair represents your entire personality. For years it has been seen as a sign of manliness and maturity. Men all around the world take great pride in their facial hair, but unfortunately, not everyone is able to grow out their ideal facial hair styles. This can be due to a number of reasons, but genetics is the most significant factor that contributes to you not being able to grow out your facial hair. No matter how hard they try, some men just cannot seem to get that perfectly bushy look they want.

That’s where implants come in. Getting implants for any part of your face is now possible thanks to advancements in technology. This includes getting your mustache, sideburns, or just a full beard implanted within a few hours! With the latest trends in men’s fashion, Sideburn Hair Transplant in Islamabad is gaining popularity by the second! And here’s everything you need to know before getting treated for it!


This treatment follows the same procedure as a regular hair transplant, with the only difference being the treated area. Currently, there are only methods available on the market to get this procedure done.


This option consists of the surgeon removing an entire strip or band of follicles from the donor site and then implanting them one by one on the receiver site. This option is longer and requires highly skilled personnel to carry out. It also has a longer healing period and is not recommended to people who have a very social lifestyle.


This method of transplanting is somewhat less time-consuming and is preferred more comparatively. This method involves removing the hair follicles individually and then placing them individually as well. It has a shorter recovery time, and most people opt for it since there is little scarring that can be well hidden if the donor site is the back of the head.

Both of these methods follow the same guidelines for carrying out the transplant:

  1. Harvesting the hair from the donor site
  2. Making an incision in the receiver site
  3. Placing the graft inside the incision and closing it up


The results of this transplant will be visible within the first two months. Your scabs will fall out, and new hair will start growing in the first month of getting this transplant. Your sideburns will not show proper visible results in a few months as it’s impossible for hair to grow that fast. Depending on how fast your hair grows, it can take you up to six months before you have the perfect whiskers.


Following are some of the benefits of getting this procedure done:

  1. It can help cover up any marks, blemishes, and scars on your face as a more permanent solution.
  2. This treatment can help you grow out the ideal facial hair and boost your spirits
  3. It can change your overall appearance.

Ideal Candidate:

Getting a transplant for your face doesn’t require a lot, and almost anyone can get it. But there are still a few things to keep in mind before getting treated for your facial hair.

1.    Donor Hair

The donor hair should have the same characteristics as hair present on the receiving site. Otherwise, there are slim chances that the transplant will be successful.

2.    Receiving Site:

If your cheek area is highly damaged and has severe scarring, then it is best if you don’t get it treated. It will only cause more damage to the skin and will have a tough chance of being successful.

3.    Lifestyle:

Lastly, if you do not have a healthy diet and lifestyle, you should first improve these two things and then opt for the transplant. If you smoke or drink, avoid doing that a few weeks prior to getting the procedure done.


  • Avoid going out in the sun unless its absolutely necessary
  • Do not shave or use hair removal creams on your cheek region
  • Avoid consuming blood thinners
  • Ensure that you do not smoke or drink for two to three weeks before getting treated
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals on your face, and only use mild soap or cleanser.


  • Wear baggy clothing or preferably ones with zips or buttons to avoid dislodging the grated hair
  • Try to sleep on your back and not on your sides, as sleeping on your sides can disturb the healing process.
  • Only consume soft foods or liquids to limit movement in the cheek area
  • Lastly, avoid washing the sideburn area as it can interfere with the recovery process.

Side Effects:

This treatment does not produce any dangerous side effects. They are mild and only last the first three days after getting the transplant. Following is a list of mild side effects you might experience during the recovery period:

  • Slight bleeding and swelling for two days
  • Discomfort and numbing for around three days
  • Itchiness and irritation.
  • Redness

If you experience these side effects for more than a week, you should consult with your doctor and get a follow-up appointment.


The cost for this procedure depends on which treatment option you pick and how many hair follicles need to be grafted. If the entire sideburn area needs to be transplanted, then it will cost you more money as compared to a small area treated. Collectively, it should cost you around PKR 50,000 to PKR 90,000 to get implants for your sideburns.

How Long do The Results Last:

Transplants are permanent and do not need any touchups or redos for years. But there are a few things that can contribute to you losing your hair, age and diet being the main factors. Since nothing can stop the aging process, it’s best to say that you might need to get touchups every ten years. However, if you maintain a healthy diet and avoid alcohol and smoking, you might even extend the ten-year touchup period to fifteen years.

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