Scarless hair transplant in Islamabad, Pakistan

Hair plantation is a surgical procedure that is done to treat baldness. In a Scarless hair transplant in Islamabad, Pakistan, hairs are taken from a donor area and are put onto the bald area so that you have a fuller head. It creates a soft, natural hairline; strong density behind it; and undetectable suture lines. Scars are always nearly undetectable. They continue to grow for 8 months and the healing process takes up to one year. In the end, you will get satisfactory results with minimal discomfort.

Who Makes a Good Candidate?

Patients need to fulfill certain criteria for the procedure:

  • This procedure is performed for those people whose hair loss has been stabilized. This is important since this surgery does not stop loss progression.
  • There must be a safe donor area.
  • They must have realistic expectations from the results.
  • Must be older than 25 years of age because it is difficult to determine the boundaries of the donor area. Also to find the stability of the donor area is very difficult.
  • Find what is the pattern of hair loss is also very important.

Methods used:

Scarless hair transplant refers to the procedure in which hairs are extracted generally by two methods. Both of them are performed under anaesthesia.

●      Follicular unit transplantation (FUT)

In the method of strip method or Follicular unit transplantation (FUT), a strip is taken from the backside, harvested and then strands are prepared and imported onto the head. The region at which harvesting is done is stitched up and ended in fine lines and heals as a thin scar between. This scar is not seen when kept at a normal length but when the length is short then you will be able to see a fine line that appears like a scar.

●      Follicular unit extraction (FUE)

The other method is called follicular unit extraction (FUE) in which fine punches or small drills are used to extract hairs at donor sites. In this process, groups are taken and transplanted on the front. This will not leave any mark although the punches used are 0.8 or 0.9mm.

Which Technique is better?

The type of method chosen will depend upon your goal or scalp type. The surgeon usually makes this choice. While in FUE, you will get full head and results seem more natural. Even eyebrows and beard have grown fully after using this procedure. The type of transplant procedure can also be chosen by you. This is also relatively safer and best to get Natural Hairline Treatment.

Apart from the pros, FUE may have certain disadvantages as well like those who already have undergone a similar procedure, cannot go for this technique. It is not pain-free and is less invasive. Although, this is a speedy process and you will recover more rapidly.

Pre-surgical instructions:

  • Clients are refrained to take any blood clotting medications as it can halt the process of healing.
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs should also be withdrawn 2 to 3 weeks before surgery.
  • He is advised to eat a healthy and nutritious diet.
  • Drinking an adequate quantity of water is recommended.
  • Smoking is prohibited as it interferes with the process of clotting.


The whole process may need 8 to 10 hours. Generally, the process is covered in four steps: Anesthesia., Extraction, Preparation, and Implantation.

  • The desired hairline is marked. Supraorbital blocks decrease the discomfort of grafting.
  • The small punch drills core out each follicle, reducing trauma to the bulb.
  • The graft is then sucked up into a trap on the handpiece.
  • By spreading the harvesting over a larger area of dense hair a Scarless donor site can be attained vs. the traditional large scar “strip” method.
  • Individual strand grafts are now inspected under loupe magnification for damage and then separated into groups of 100.
  • Grafts are kept moist in normal saline.
  • Two team technicians individually perform the process.
  • Each graft is placed into the “angled” skin stabs from a needle to recreate a natural hairline.
  • The white bumps appear on the skin around each graft shaft. It is raised temporarily from the swelling pressure. It all evens out as the swelling resolves.
  • The line is completely restored to a fuller, thicker natural result in about a year.


Growth will become visible after 5 to 10 weeks of the Hair loss Treatment. However, the results will be completely visible within one year.

Recovery time:

Typically the results will be completely visible within 6 months or a year leaving no scar.

Scars should never be detectable. The only time someone should be able to detect a scar would be if you completely shaved your head. Recovery may also depend upon the age, lifestyle, diet, and even climate of the patient.

Post-surgical instructions:

  • Hair must be washed properly. The following steps must be done.
  1. A moisturizer needs to be applied to the area where the procedure has been done, before 15 to 30 minutes of washing. This will help in the regrowth of areas.
  2. Washing should be followed by drying with a towel. No rubbing should be done.
  3. Scabs must be removed daily hence you need to shampoo daily.
  4. Over-the-counter medications can be taken for pain.
  5. Itching can be treated by antihistamines if it becomes severe.
  6. A special pillow is provided, which you should use for sleeping for the first month.

How many sessions are needed?

Most patients think that a single session will fulfill their future baldness needs. They may also request the surgeon to restore the adolescent line and density. But this is impossible.


The cost of a Scarless hair transplant in Islamabad may start from PKR 70,000. The process of FUE is more expensive than other methods and the whole process cannot be completed within a single session hence, it is also important to consider that while choosing the method. It may also depend upon the number of grafts. The expertise of a surgeon may also affect the cost.

Why Choose Us?

Leaving scars after a transplant is not what anyone wants hence the right doctor and proper technique, and grafts should be undetectable. At Royal Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Islamabad, we respect your privacy and provide you with the best scarless hair transplant treatment without any detectable marks so that no one will be able to know about your surgery. To schedule an appointment with the best trichologist in Islamabad, call us directly or you can also contact us by filling out the form below.