Belkyra Treatment in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and Pakistan.

All ages of people battle with excess unwanted fat, which produces the appearance of a double chin. A person with a double chin appears heavier, chubbier, and older than they are.

Suppose you have additional fat deposits or a double chin and seek a safer, painless process to permanently eliminate your double chin at a low price without experiencing failed postoperative adverse effects. In that case, you should think about Belkyra Treatment in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and Pakistan. It is the best solution for getting rid of a double chin.

On this page, you will learn everything about Belkyra treatment, its working, benefits, results, cost, and much more. So, do you really want to read the details? Keep reading!

What Is a Belkyra Treatment?

The term “belkyra” refers to a naturally occurring deoxycholic acid. This acid helps to absorb the fat or destroy it when it is injected into a specific area of your body, allowing you to get rid of it. The therapeutic objectives you intend to attain should be discussed with your specialist.

Belkyra is one of the most successful non-surgical treatments for treating double chins and excessive fat accumulation by using the body’s natural healing system to get rid of the fat. At the desired spot, the patient receives an injection that the FDA has approved.

Whereas the body’s natural system uses the liver to eliminate fat from the body once the fat cells release their fat. The inflammation you encounter will only last a short time. Following this procedure, you will permanently lose your double chin for the rest of your life, and you only need to have it done once.

How Does It Work?

According to the royal cosmetic clinic, it can only be carried out by a qualified and experienced surgeon. Therefore, you must determine whether or not your doctor is capable of delivering this treatment.

One injection is insufficient to produce the intended effects. To acquire the results you want, you must schedule many sessions. The number of sessions required will vary depending on the complexity of your issue and the intended outcomes. Results can usually be seen after 1 to 3 sessions. It takes over 30 minutes to complete one session.

What To Expect In Results?

This injection eliminates the fat cells behind the chin. These fat cells cannot regenerate after they die. As a result, you may get the ideal facial harmony and proportions. After the treatment, you will get effective, noticeable, and instant results.

The outcomes are unique to each person. Therefore, when it comes to achieving long-lasting results, there is no assurance. However, you can control your outcomes by scheduling sessions following your practitioner’s recommendations.

Belkyra Treatment before and afterBelkyra Treatment cost in IslamabadResults of Belkyra Treatment

The Top Benefits:

Generally, there are countless benefits for those candidates who get this treatment without any other option. Somehow, the common benefits are listed below.

  • The effects are long-lasting and organic.
  • No negative side effects, skin allergies, or difficulties following the operation.
  • Everyone could easily afford it due to its low cost and accessibility.
  • Your personality will improve and become more attractive.
  • No cutting or sewing steps are involved with this operation; it is entirely non-surgical.
  • Additionally, your sense of confidence and self-worth will increase.
  • The technique is seldom intrusive.
  • There is no long period of recovery.
  • It takes 20 to 30 minutes to finish the process.
  • Your treated area or chin’s contours will be improved.

Who Is A Right Candidate?

Before undergoing the Belkyra Treatment in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and Pakistan, you must fulfill its candidacy criteria. It can be suitable for everyone, but the specific ones are mentioned below.

  • If the area under your chin has a lot of fat deposits.
  • You want to make your jawline look better defined.
  • Physical and mental wellness should be a priority.
  • To have sagging skin under the chin or a double chin.
  • You can neither be expecting nor nursing a baby.
  • A candidate must be 18 years of age or older.

How To Prepare Yourself?

Your practitioner will guide you on how you should prepare yourself for the treatment. There are a few precautions that the practitioner usually recommends before undergoing the procedure—such as.

  • Similarly, it would help if you abstained from ingesting alcohol and caffeinated beverages.
  • Before receiving therapy, you must abstain from smoking for at least a month.
  • Before getting the Belkyra Treatment, you must wait at least three weeks without using any painkillers or blood thinners.

The Procedure:

Our experienced practitioner will perform it, and it is an in-office procedure. A modest amount of the solution will be injected during the Belkyra Treatment injections. As a result, your liver will break down and eliminate the fat.

You might need several treatments to get the desired outcomes from Belkyra injections. So, the simple and straightforward procedural steps are mentioned below.

  • The practitioner will first designate the precise locations where the filler has to be injected on your chin.
  • The filler will then be injected into the designated places on your chin.
  • Although the Belkyra Treatment doesn’t involve an anesthetic, the practitioner will still administer a numbing cream to your treated area or chin at the conclusion of the operation to relax, lessen pain, and prevent any discomfort.

Therefore, the total duration of the procedure will be 30 to 60 minutes, or sometimes it increases due to more performance. After that, you can go home.

Aftercare Instructions:

The practitioner will prescribe you a few aftercare instructions that are necessary to follow during the recovery period. You should take good care of your treated area; otherwise, it can be worst. Somehow, the aftercare instructions are listed below.

  • Use an ice pack under the chin to reduce swelling.
  • Do not perform physical activities for a few days.
  • Quit smoking or drinking alcohol.
  • Avoid going out in direct sunlight for a few days.
  • You can use painkillers if required.
  • In case of a severe reaction, inform your practitioner.

Cost Of Belkyra Treatment in Islamabad At RCS:

The cost of Belkyra Treatment in Islamabad starts from PKR 50,000 and it varies from person to person. Also, there are several factors that can affect the cost of the treatment, such as

  • The expert practitioner’s fee.
  • Clinic’s location and reputation.
  • The number of sessions.
  • Amount of fats.
  • Other additional charges.

You can contact us or visit our clinic anytime if you have any confusion or query. We are here to give you complete details and information regarding your concerns.

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