The peculiar development of the fetus shapes birthmarks. Despite having an excessive buildup of pigment, histologically speaking, they are just regular tissues. They are often modest, although they can also be large and noticeable in certain places. The effect of increased production of melanin, the chemical that gives the body color, is hyperpigmentation. The majority of common birthmarks are made up of either blood vessels or pigment-producing cells (melanocytes) or accumulation of pigment. They are hidden, but they are rarely present in places where they might be seen and need to be removed. Dermatologists advise their removal from the situation due to clinical reasons even though they are not harmful but still have the potential to cause harm. Birthmark Removal In Islamabad is a specialty of our plastic surgeons at Royal Cosmetic Surgery. To minimize scarring and provide an attractive, natural-looking outcome, they employ innovative reconstructive techniques.

Reasons For Birthmark Removal Surgery:

The following reasons emerge as the reason for getting rid of birthmarks:

  • Birthmarks often don’t need to be removed until they become harmful, but our cosmetic surgeons advise surgery for their removal because, if left untreated, they can pose serious risks to health.
  • Hemangiomas desire to be removed. Hemangiomas on the face may also put the eyes, nose, and mouth at risk of injury.
  • A few sebaceous nevi are excised to prevent the development of a massive bald area on an infant’s head.
  • Large moles that are born can also be surgically removed because they do not look good.
  • They may have cancerous etiology.

Our dermatologists frequently advise removing a birthmark before a baby reaches adulthood since younger children’s skin has more suppleness that promotes rapid healing and reduces the risk of scarring.

What Kind of Birthmarks Can Be Removed?

Blood vessels that are visible beneath the skin and do not often dilate are known as birthmarks. Arteriovenous malformations, or a tangle of blood vessels inside the spine or brain, and hemangiomas, or a glossy red bump on the skin caused by additional blood vessels, are examples of common blemishes.

  • A tumor on the head or neck, or lymphatic abnormalities
  • Stains resembling port wine or a reddish-red smear on the skin’s surface.
  • Blue patches are brought on by venous malformation, or venous malformation.
  • Like moles, they might develop as a result of hyperpigmentation.


Birthmark Removal before and afterBirthmark Removal cost of IslamabadResults of Birthmark Removal

How Much Do The Treatment Cost?

The average price of Birthmark Removal In Islamabad may range from PKR 6,000 to PKR 50,000 All laser procedures are costly because they may need more than one session. The cost may depend upon various factors including insurance coverage. As this is a cosmetic procedure hence it will not be covered by insurance except for medications. Price will comprise laser resurfacing as well as surgical excisions. Ceratin other factors may include:

Sime secondary costs

  • The locality of the clinic
  • The experience of the physician
  • The traveling cost if you are coming from far off place
  • The cost of medications
  • Number of sessions involved

How Does The Treatment For Birthmark Removal Work?

Depending on the type of birthmark the patient has, several methods for removal will be used. The doctor might suggest:

  • Birthmark removal through medication may also address certain issues. In select instances, doctors might also recommend beta-blockers or corticosteroids, which are frequently used to treat high blood pressure. They reduce blood flow to an area and reduce blood vessel growth, which makes birthmarks, such as infantile hemangiomas, less apparent.
  • If necessary, birthmark removal by the laser will be used to remove birthmarks. Birthmarks like port wine that is purple can be lightened with laser treatment. Birthmarks become less evident as a result of blood vessels shrinking or disappearing as a result of the laser light’s conversion to heat. If started between 6 months and 1 year, it actually works well.
  • Birthmark removal by surgery is a method that can be used to remove birthmarks. Surgery for birthmarks is frequently carried out under local anesthetic in a work setting. If the birthmark location is quite large, it can be removed in a surgical setting under a well-known anesthetic. The birthmark is removed with a little scalpel.

While shaving or surgical removal physically removes the abnormality, lasers reduce blood vessels to make vascular birthmarks less noticeable. Additionally, benign birthmarks like some hemangiomas are reduced with medication.

Cost of Birthmark Removal in Islamabad, Pakistan:

The average cost of birthmark removal in Islamabad, Pakistan ranges between PKR 6,000 to PKR 50,000. But this is not an exact figure as there are certain factors that influence the cost of the procedure. The following factors affect the cost of birthmark removal in Islamabad:

1.    The unique situation of each patient

Each patient has his own unique requirements and treatment always needs to be personalized according to the desires of the patient.

2.    Number of sessions

The number of required sessions depends upon the quantity of pigment present. If the area is more pigmented then it will need more sessions which will cost you more and vice versa.

3.    The insurance plan:

This also influences the treatment cost as if the procedure is covered by insurance it will not cost you a single penny. Hence always clarify this with your service provider.

What Causes a Birthmark?

  • Birthmarks have generally an unknown underlying cause.
  • Numerous birthmarks fall into one of several groups, each of which has a unique cause.
  • Vascular birthmarks develop when blood vessels in a specific area of your skin don’t form properly.
  • When there are too many pigment cells in one area, pigmented birthmarks develop. Your skin’s natural color is produced by pigment cells.

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