Septoplasty Surgery in Islamabad, Pakistan

Some people may have a congenital deviation of the nasal septum or they may be suffering from a crooked septum of the nose. To correct this condition, they have to undergo nasal surgery named as septoplasty surgery in Islamabad. The nose divides into two nostrils by the presence of the septum which is the wall of bone and cartilage. By deviated septum, we mean that septum has moved to one side of the nose. This is not congenital in all cases as it can also happen because of any injury or trauma to the nose. Both nasal passages do not have the same width. They may experience nasal pain and nasal bleeds frequently. The only possible solution for this condition is surgery.

Why Septoplasty is Done?

In the initial stages, the septum gets crooked. This condition can become severe and can go to the deviated septum. If this happens, then it can block one side of the nose, posing serious threats to breathing or airways. Airflow is very reduced and this condition can threaten survival as airflow is either decreased or blocked. The straightening of the nasal septum gets done by repositioning, trimming, replacing the cartilage, bone, or maybe both. The most common symptom of the deviated nasal septum is the obstruction in the airways which causes breathing problems. If this problem becomes severe, you must consider getting nasal surgery. This is the only possible way to correct the deviated septum, which causes breathing difficulty from the nose and forces breathing from the mouth.

How Much Does Septoplasty Surgery Cost?

The cost of Septoplasty Surgery in Islamabad, Pakistan varies. The average cost to fix a deviated septum in Islamabad falls between PKR 99,000 to PKR 160,000.  The following factors influence the cost of surgery to straighten a deviated septum:

  • What, if anything, your insurance will cover
  • If the procedure deems medically essential, the surgeon and anesthesiologist are in-network. Most insurance companies will cover at least a portion of the cost.
  • The hospital where the surgery performs.
  • How difficult the method is to carry out
  • Other extra charges

How to Prepare for Septoplasty?

Before performing the procedure, you have to book a first consultation with your surgeon. In that meeting, he will tell you about certain precautions. The history may include:

  • The medication history: he will ask you about your previous or current medication history. Also, he will prohibit you from taking certain medications like blood thinners including aspirin and ibuprofen, etc.
  • Physical exam may consist of related tests. The condition of the nose will be thoroughly examined.
  • To compare the results, photographs of nose will be taken.
  • Your expectations about results will also be discussed.
  • He will advise you to quit smoking and alcohol as they can interfere with the healing process.

The Procedure of Septoplasty:

  • The procedure performs under the influence of anesthesia but the type of anesthesia may depend upon the severity of the condition. Your surgeon will choose this beforehand.
  • An absorbable suture is use to close the incision during the surgery.
  • Mucosa will raised by cutting the one side of the nose which is basically a protection for septum.
  • In this way, the bone or cartilage of the nose is altered.
  • This surgery may comprise of removing or reshaping the parts of nose
  • Final stage is the repositioning of the mucosa
  • At last, each nostril is provided with soft silicon splints.
  • Your doctor may insert bandage-like material in your nose to prevent postoperative bleeding.
  • Following surgery, you are sent to a recovery room where the team monitors you and looks for any issues.
  • Because this operation is usually done as an outpatient, you should be able to go home the same day. You will, however, require transportation home.
  • During surgery, the nose is not broken. The procedure lasts between 30 to 90 minutes.

What are the Precautions After Septoplasty?

Your surgeon will advise you for following precautions after the procedure. You must adhere to his advice for effective results.

  • The Head must be elevated while sleeping
  • Blowing of the nose is not allowed
  • Wear those clothes which are fastened from the front
  • Any type of physical activity is prohibited.

When Results of Septoplasty are Visible?

  • Nasal tissues need 4 to 6 months for stabilization. Changes are visible after one year of the surgery.
  • Septoplasty must improve the course of breathing for you.
  • You may require another surgery if you are still feeling difficulty in breathing.
  • You must avoid taking ibuprofen and aspirin during the healing process. This will lessen the chances of blood thinning.
  • Keep in mind that the overall healing process for septoplasty is slow.

septoplasty surgery before and afterseptoplasty surgery cost in IslamabadResults of septoplasty surgery

When to Consult the Doctor Immediately After Surgery?

If you have any of the following symptoms, contact your doctor or surgeon:

  • Breathing difficulties
  • An uncontrollable nosebleed.
  • Pain that worsens and is not relieved by drugs.
  • High fever with chills
  • Headaches
  • Disorientation
  • Stiffness in the neck.

Can Rhinoplasty be Combined With Septoplasty?

Both procedures are used to improve the functionality of the nose. They are combined with each other to improve the nose look. But some techniques used in rhinoplasty have detrimental effects on functioning of the nose. These can cause blockage, dryness, crusting, and increased irritation, as well as excess mucus and a runny nose.

The best way to reduce the consequences is by choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon to do your surgery.  Septoplasty and/or rhinoplasty is a long-term solution to improving both the cosmetic appearance and functionality of your nose.

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