laproscopic Surgery in Islamabad, Pakistan

Due to the advancement in cosmetic surgery, loosing stubborn weight is now easier with Laparoscopic Surgery in Islamabad, Pakistan. However, laparoscopic surgery is the solution for those who have tried everything to get the results, but nothing works for them. Therefore, laparoscopy is a great deal for men and women of all ages, finding a perfect solution to tone their bodies and want to get in shape. Furthermore, Laparoscopic Surgery is a safe and proven treatment performed by a certified and skilled surgeon.

Laparoscopic Surgery in Islamabad

To get your body toned and shed extra pounds medically and safely, laparoscopic surgery is the best solution. Additionally, it includes an incision in it. Similarly, a well-skilled and licensed professional can do this surgery after considering every medical aspect. Moreover, Laparoscopic operations are complex and require an expert’s recommendation. Furthermore, surgeons often make tiny incisions close to the abdominal button.

Moreover, the surgeon will see more clearly within your belly after pumping air into it via the incision. The next step is inserting a tiny, flexible laparoscope tube into the incision. Patients often report better results and a shorter recovery after this minimally invasive surgical procedure.

Bets Laparoscopic Surgeon in Islamabad

Undoubtedly, Dr. Naveed Azhar is the most skilled surgeon in Islamabad for doing laparoscopic procedures. Dr. Naveed has established an unrivaled level of proficiency in the field of invasive treatments. Moreover, according to his extensive experience and exceptional reputation he is the best in the field of surgery. Individuals who are looking for laparoscopic interventions may put their faith in him because of his dedication to patient care and his well-established track record of doing effective procedures.

Furthermore, his thorough approach, sophisticated surgical abilities, and attention to keeping aware of the newest breakthroughs in laparoscopic methods are all factors that contribute to Dr. Naveed’s standing as a surgeon of the highest caliber. The ability of Dr. Naveed Azhar to provide patients with the best results while maintaining a focus on safety, accuracy, and compassionate treatment is something that patients can have faith in.

The objective of the Laparoscopic Surgery in Islamabad

The main objective of the surgery is to reduce weight and sculpt the body in a well-toned shape. Laparoscopic surgery is a minimally invasive treatment that aims to reduce the invasiveness of standard operations, resulting in faster recovery periods and reduced trauma. Laparoscopy is a type of laparoscopic surgery that involves creating tiny holes and inserting a laparoscope and other specialized tools.

Moreover, this technique improves cosmetic results and patient satisfaction. Laparoscopic surgery also results in less blood loss, enhancing overall safety. It can treat gallbladder, hernias, appendectomies, and weight reduction procedures. The goal is to help patients heal quickly and with minimal interference with their bodies.

Advantages of Laparoscopic Surgery in Islamabad

Some benefits of the surgical treatments are as follows.

  • They are less invasive than gastric bypass procedures, meaning fewer scars and smaller incisions.
  • Smaller wounds heal quicker; therefore, the recovery period is shorter.
  • The third benefit is that the patient spends less time in the hospital and has less pain after surgery.
  • The next advantage is that it is more affordable than the alternatives.
  • Last but not least, it is a very effective surgical procedure with guaranteed outcomes.

Cost of Laparoscopic Surgery in Islamabad

The cost of Laparoscopic Surgery in Islamabad and Pakistan starts from 150,000 PKR. So, you need to consult a laparoscopic specialist for the final exact price. Moreover, the cost of laparoscopic surgery depends on many factors like body mass, procedure duration, and other related costs that only the surgeon can tell you. 

Furthermore, it is very important to understand your requirements and health condition before surgery. Similarly, it is also important to consult with the surgeon to limit the risk involved in and after surgery. Additionally, your doctor will also consider many things for a faster recovery. These factors include the level of complexity of the treatment, the specialty and revel of the health care provider, and the health facility’s level and place.

Best Candidate for Laparoscopic Surgery in Islamabad

Laparoscopic surgery in Islamabad is best for those with extra weight and good health. Moreover, ideal candidates encompass those with gallbladder issues, appendicitis, hernias, gastrointestinal illnesses, and gynecological difficulties. They must have extremely good general health, slight or decreased BMI, and never have prior belly surgeries. Before surgery, patients have a consultation with a certified surgeon. A trained doctor will examine the patient’s suitability for laparoscopic surgical operation.

Moreover, board-certified surgeons can provide tailor-made recommendations based on the patient’s fitness scenario.

Getting Ready for Laparoscopic Surgery

A consultation between the patient and surgeon is the first stage of the surgical treatment. It is also important to visit the anesthesiologist beforehand to ensure that the patients can undergo the surgery. You should also check whether you are taking any supplements or medications that can make you bleed more easily.

After Care and Recovery for Laparoscopic Surgery in Islamabad

The surgeon advises relaxation for several days after the surgical operation so that the right healing can occur. The patient additionally needs to live in the hospital for some days as the medical doctors maintain the sufferers for commentary to make sure there are no headaches after the surgery. Moreover, the patient wishes to strictly observe the medical professional’s instructions and guidelines to speed up the healing system.

The patient should start with a liquid food plan and slowly follow the medical doctor’s instructions and guidelines. Moreover, movements are as much as a semi-stable and solid weight loss program. Further, it takes numerous months, after which the affected person is allowed to have the right weight loss plan. Limiting carbohydrate intake and sticking to a wholesome weight-reduction plan to shed pounds is recommended.

Laparoscopic Surgery FAQs

Laparoscopic surgery is invasive surgery that involves creating small incisions through which a specialized camera and tools are placed. It requires a huge incision, resulting in fewer scars, less discomfort, and a quicker recovery.
To treat a wide range of illnesses, including gallbladder problems, appendicitis, hernias, gastrointestinal disorders, and gynecological difficulties, physicians often resort to laparoscopic surgery. 
Laparoscopic surgery is usually considered safe since it has a decreased risk of infection and a quicker recovery time compared to standard surgery. But just like any other surgical operation, some hazards are inherent to it, such as the possibility of bleeding, infection, and harm to nearby organs.
The cost of laproscopic surgery in Islamabad starts from 150,000 PKR.
However, the time it takes to recover after surgery depends on the operation and individual characteristics. Many individuals can return to their usual activities within a week or two after receiving treatment.