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Our skin is thickened by the proteins collagen and elastin. They are found in the dermis and provide it the requisite opacity. The ageing process results in the loss of volume and fullness to the surrounding skin. This will lead to the development of wrinkles and fine lines. Lip hyperpigmentation is a side effect of this. Smoker lines are essentially the unattractive vertical lines that surround the mouth. So are you also concerned about their treatment? This article will explain to you the Smoker Lips Treatment in Islamabad, Pakistan.

What are smoker lines?

  • These are the vertical lines around the mouth on smoker’s lips and they are distinctive in nature. Additionally, the lips and gums could turn a lot darker than they usually would be. Normally this is called as hyperpigmentation.
  • After weeks, months, or even years of using tobacco products, smoker’s lips can start to develop. Stopping smoking is the greatest way to get rid of smoker’s lips if you have them. But if you do not want to stop smoking but also want to get rosy pink lips, then you can get them as well.

There is a list of procedures available that are not painful and also will provide you with the desired results.

Overview of the procedure:

According to Royal Cosmetic Surgery Islamabad, this procedure is performed for those who have dark and dry lips or this is the best treatment for those people who have wrinkles on lips because of continuous smoking. So if you also suffering from these issues then you can book a consultation with our expert dermatologists.


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Causes of smoker lips:

There are various causes that can harm the colour of your lips. Some of them have been described as under:

  • Cigarettes produce heat which may debilitate the production of melanin. This is a pigment which gives your lips a specific black or dark colour. This heat directly affects the colour of your lips.
  • Excessive circulation of blood gives a pinkish hue to your lips. This pink colour is the symbol of beauty. But smoking causes the rupturing of those capillaries which can darken the colour of your lips. The nicotine in cigarettes narrows these blood vessels, so they become less efficient. This effectively starves the skin of oxygen and nutrients, particularly vitamin A.
  • Smoking can leave behind yellow stains on your teeth and lips from the tar and tobacco in cigarettes.
  • Smoking causes oxygen supply to our lungs to be reduced since carbon monoxide is present in cigarettes. As a result, we have blood that is deficient in oxygen, which causes our lips to appear black.
  • As well as the damage done by the nicotine and chemicals in cigarettes, the repeated action of pursing the lips to draw smoke gradually causes permanent lines to form.

Treatment options for Smoker Lips:

Nothing works as best as stopping smoking, despite the fact that there are many methods for lightening lips from smoking. If you’re attempting to do so, congratulations. If you don’t want to stop smoking but still want to have pink, glossy lips, try these steps:

  • Water helps a lot.
  • Speak to your doctor about Vitamin C and Vitamin E supplements
  • Use a lip scrub.

The problem with these remedies is that they don’t work like magic to alter black lips overnight. Fortunately, there are certain treatments that might assist you if you’re hunting for something that operates a little quicker.

Laser rejuvenation:

Although, there are various options available for the treatment of smoker lips yet the best treatment among them is through Laser Rejuvenation. We at Royal Cosmetic Surgery Clinic offers the best services in this regard.

  • The best course of treatment for some patients can be laser rejuvenation.
  • Through a process known as photo-rejuvenation, this technique can assist in restoring the skin’s youthful appearance.
  • For some people, it can be the best treatment for smoker’s lips because it can be used to target fine wrinkles.
  • Depending on the patient’s skin type, the laser light is directed to the damaged tissue.
  • After the wounded tissue has been removed by the body’s natural healing process, the skin will appear more even and youthfully radiant.


  • The appearance of smoker’s lines can be greatly improved by Botox.
  • The muscles that are employed to form the pursed lip are softly relaxed during a botox procedure, which also gently smoothes the skin.
  • Botox can be combined with dermal fillers for a mild plumping effect on very deep wrinkles.


  • Dermal fillers are a very successful method of treating smoker’s lips.
  • This procedure replaces lost volume and smoothes the lip line to restore young smoothness, while also slightly plumping out the fine lines themselves.

Fractional mesotherapy:

  • Use of Fractional mesotherapy for smoker’s lines that are more noticeable is gaining popularity day by day.
  • Microneedles are used in this procedure to supply essential nutrients and moisture directly to the skin.
  • Each patient’s specific goal is to enhance moisture and soften deep lines.

Super CACI:

  • A non-surgical facelift method called CACI tightens the muscles in the face and encourages the creation of new collagen to provide a lifting effect.
  • CACI is a successful method for skin smoothing since it focuses on treating deeper smoker’s lines.

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