eyelash extensions in islamabad

Eyelash extensions in Islamabad are semi-permanent, synthetic or natural fibres that are linked or attached to the natural lashes of individuals to add length and volume to lashes and make them more appealing and charismatic. With the advancement of social media and increasing outreach of the internet, our beauty and personal presentation approaches have transformed. Now, everyone wants to create an impact in their respective social circles and communities. 

Revealing the Enigmatic Allure of Eyelash Extensions:

If you want to add length, volume and thickness to your lashes and unfold your captivating and alluring look, then this cosmetic procedure is for you. Not only it offers you customised and seamlessly blended lashes, but it also improves the aesthetics of your eyes. So, eyelash extensions in Islamabad are an aesthetic procedure that involves attaching custom-made fibres to an individual’s natural lashes. 

Considering modern trends and popular cosmetic approaches, this procedure has become one of the most popular cosmetic procedures to enhance the self-image of a person by addressing sparse or natural short lashes.  People with naturally thin or sparse eyelashes can restore fuller and dense eyelashes. Besides that, individuals who want to improve facial aesthetics and facial alignment to make themselves look more youthful and attractive can follow this procedure as well. 

Types of Eyelash Extensions:

Synthetic Lashes

Synthetic lashes, aka acrylic lashed. They are made of high-quality synthetic materials such as skil, polyester or acrylic fibres. People looking for a bold and voluminous look prefer this type of lash as it offers a darker look. Furthermore, they are lighter, softer and more flexible lashes designed to improve sparse natural lashes. Furthermore, they are designed in such a way that they maintain their shapes and curl over time.  

Mink Lashes

Mink lashes bestow a dreamy and soft allure to the face as they are deemed the epitome of elegance. Made up of natural mink fur, mink lashes offer a touch of indulgence as they create a seamless resemblance to natural and sophisticated lashes.

Silk Lashes

These lashes are crafted from synthetic silk materials to offer a glossy look. They are also lighter yet offer a glamorous look to the face. Silk lashes are a symbol of elegance. You will be mesmerised if you try them as their captivating spell illuminates the eyes with a dazzling and enchanting radiance.

Eyelash Extensions in Islamabad: Top Benefits:

  • This cosmetic procedure enhances the appearance of the eyes right after the treatment
  • It addresses multifaceted aspects of natural lashes, such as length, volume and thickness
  • It improves our self-image, outlook and makes us look more youthful and attractive
  • Every individual can get their desired results as it is a custom-made cosmetic procedure
  • You can get a desired extension based on the requirements of a specific occasion
  • It improves facial symmetry and creates a seamless blend with the natural tone of lashes
  • The best option for individuals who have naturally sparse or thin lashes
  • Eyelash extensions in Islamabad are also suitable for those with sensitive eyes 


The surgeon or practitioner starts the procedure with an initial evaluation of the skin condition, length, shade and size of natural lashes, and requirements and also asks specific desires of the patient to craft a desired and the most suitable treatment. The practitioner cleans the specific part of the skin to prevent infection. Then he removes natural lashes with the help of a specified instrument and then locates extended lashes at the site through an adhesive which is then left to dry. 

Results of Eyelash Extensions in Islamabad:

Royal Cosmetic Surgery Islamabad is a renowned and well-known cosmetic clinic in Islamabad that offers personalised aesthetic treatments cost-effectively. Its business model is based on professional services. It means the patient’s satisfaction is prioritized. Here, you can observe our success story and patients’ satisfaction and confidence in our services. 

eyelash extensions before and aftereyelash extensions cost in IslamabadResults of eyelash extensions

Discover If You Are A Dream Candidate For Eyelash Extensions:

  • If you have naturally thin or sparse lashes
  • If you want to add volume and length to natural lashes
  • If you want to have a bold and glamorous look
  • If you are tired of hectic makeup routines and seeking a low-maintenance routine
  • If you want to look different on a special occasion
  • If you do not like strip lashes and mascaras
  • If you want to get a desired eyelash to align your facial features

Why Should You Go For Eyelash Extensions in Islamabad?

If you have naturally thin or sparse lashes that make you feel embarrassed and have a persistent desire to overcome this perceived fault, then eyelash extension is a feasible option for you. This cosmetic procedure will offer a dreamy look by addressing your sparse lashes and making them attractive and fascinating. It means if you want to get rid of ageing signs, then this is one of the required treatments to meet that end and improve overall personal representation. Royal Cosmetic Surgery Islamabad is committed to excel the art of lash enhancement. 

The Cost of This Aesthetic Procedure:

Eyelash Extensions in Islamabad costs starts from PKR 10,000. The cost of this procedure generally depends on several factors.  The variation exists in the overall charges of this procedure because of several factors such as the type of lashes, the reputation of the practitioner, the clinic’s location, etc. 

Aftercare Treatment:

  • Keep your lashes dry and avoid getting the extended lashes wet 
  • Do not rub or pull attached lashes to prevent premature shedding
  • Do not use mascara as it could harm adhesive
  • Do not expose the treated area directly to the sun o hot temperature
  • Refrain from using waterproof makeup products

The Bottom Line

Eyelash extensions in Islamabad improve the aesthetics of your eyelash and offer you a charming and attractive look. As this cosmetic treatment is a non-surgical and non-invasive procedure, it is a suitable treatment to add to your facial glamour, outlook and elegant self-image. Furthermore, you will not have to spend spare time on maintenance; it will also provide you with a polished and put-together look.  

Royal Cosmetic Clinics Islamabad offer tailor-made approaches to augment facial beauty and self-presentation. If you are fatigued about your sparse lashes, then get them treated effectively at Royal Cosmetic Clinics Islamabad to have the best and optimized results.