Hair Transplant Cost in Islamabad

Do you want to feel confident? Do you also want to enhance the thickness of your hair? Then you are at the right place. We try to do remarkable work to improve the appearance of our patients and the way they feel. We transplant hair from the area with a more thick growth of hair to the area with more petite or thin hair growth. At Royal Cosmetic Surgery we have an experienced team of hair transplant surgeons, who put their utmost effort to meet the needs of patients. Follicular unit extraction or FUE is the most popular technique used these days. Don’t worry, the Hair transplant cost in Islamabad-Pakistan is affordable.

What is Follicular Unit Extraction:

We mostly use the FUE hair transplant method which involves removing individual hair follicles from your skin and relocating them to an area of your body where hair is weaker or nonexistent. The follicular unit transplantation (FUT) treatment, which gave rise to the “hair plugs” appearance, has lost ground to FUE in terms of popularity. Single follicles are removed and moved by surgeons using micro punches, leaving essentially no scars. Hair transplant in Islamabad is the most famous procedure these days and if you are considering having this procedure you can consult RCS any time.

The Procedure of Hair Transplant:

During any procedure of hair transplant, the surgeon, first of all, numbs the area with a needle that has local anesthesia. The two most popular techniques i.e. FUT and FUT can be used.

Follicular unit transplantation (FUT)

Follicular unit transplantation has the following steps:

  • The backside of the head is used to cut the scalp skin with the help of a scalpel
  • Several inches of the area are usually used
  • Stitches are used to close the area
  • A magnifying lens is used to divide the part of a larger skin piece into several smaller pieces.
  • These sections will give the appearance of natural hair when they are implanted

Follicular unit extraction (FUE)

The Follicular unit extraction (FUE) has following important steps:

  • Punches are used for extraction of individual hair follicles from the area which has a thick growth of hair
  • Tiny holes are created with the blade or incision and individual hair is placed in those holes
  • A health care professional may transplant masses or maybe hundreds of hairs.
  • After that, your scalp may be protected for some days through the graft, gauze, or bandages.

A hair transplant manner can last as long as 4 hours. After your manner, your stitches may be eliminated in round 10 days. You can also additionally want numerous periods with few months apart.

What is the Recovery Time of Transplanted Hair?

In the start, the transplanted hair will fall off but there is nothing to worry about as you will get new hair in upto 3 months. Complete hair will grow within a year’s time.

In the beginning, you may need analgesics and anti-inflammatory medications.  Several days of downtime are required. Your doctor may prescribe certain other medications like Minoxidil to help grow your hair.

What is the Cost of a Hair Transplant in Islamabad?

The Cost of a Hair Transplant in Islamabad may range from PKR70,000 to PKR 500,000 The common thing about all hair transplant procedures is that they offer permanent results with a thick growth of hair. You will receive the finest results if you choose the top doctor and hospital. The cost of a hair transplant operation varies according to the specialists, team, and technology used. It implies that the process’s cost will alter.

Earlier methods utilized those techniques which were expensive in terms of cost for the patient but with the advancement in technology, this procedure has become more accessible as the cost is reasonable and procedures have become easier.

Following are some of the factors that affect the cost of hair transplant:

  1. The size of the bald area:

The number of shedding areas and the amount of hairless area

  1. The method of transplant:

The cost of FUE is higher than FUT as the former requires the harvesting of individual hair while FUT needs a strip of hair which is comparatively easy

  1. How many grafts are needed by the patient:

The number of grafts is directly proportional to the price of hair transplants in Islamabad-Pakistan. If the hairless area is larger, the cost of the procedure will be higher and vice versa

  1. The number of sessions required:

The more hairless area, more sessions it requires. The less baldness is, one or two sessions would be enough to complete the procedure.

  1. The qualification of the surgeon:

In case, the surgeon has specialization in his field he may charge you more. Best surgeons with high talents are expensive. In our view, you must only choose a specialist in the field as this is a delicate procedure. Dr. Naveed is a fellow of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan as a specialist plastic surgeon and is a Member of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. He is a specialist in the field. You will be satisfied in every way. Let us know if you are thinking of getting the procedure.

  1. Clinic’s locality:

If the clinic is providing extra services like hospital stays etc., you will be charged more.

  1. The location of the grafts:

If the patient does not have an excess number of grafts on the back of the head, he may need to get it from the beard or chest. This can change the cost of the procedure.

In a nutshell, the cost of a hair transplant gets affect by many factors. You must consider all these factors before getting the procedure.

Is Hair Transplant Covered by Insurance?

Most insurance companies do not cover beauty treatments and do not provide beauty treatment packages. Insurance companies only cover medical emergencies, and sadly, a hair transplant is not one of them. There is a chance that if you lose your hair due to a chronic ailment, your insurance will pay it. It is not feasible otherwise.

Why Choose Royal Cosmetic Surgery for Hair Transplant?

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