Male breast reduction surgery

 Some males may acquire extra tissue or fat in the breasts. Gynecomastia, or larger male breasts, can occur at any age after puberty as a result of the use of certain pharmaceutical and hormonal medicines, such as steroids. Under general anaesthesia, Male Breast Reduction in Islamabad or otherwise known as gynecomastia is typically treated as an outpatient operation. The technical name of plastic surgery for the correction of gynecomastia is called reduction mammaplasty.  

What is Gynecomastia?

Any age can be affected by gynecomastia, a condition where men have overdeveloped or enlarged breasts. A number of factors, including genetics, obesity, hormonal changes, and drug use, can contribute to the condition. Your self-confidence may suffer as a result of gynecomastia, which can also be emotionally upsetting. In order to conceal their condition, some men may even avoid specific physical interactions and intimate situations. This article will explain to you everything about gynacomastia or male breast reduction surgery.

Symptoms of Gynecomastia:

If you experience one or more of the following symptoms, consult a plastic surgeon:

  • Modification of breast appearance
  • Swelling in the breasts
  • Breast ache or discomfort
  • Nipple discharge in either breast or both
  • Breast sensitivity
  • Enlarged breast tissue
  • You want to get rid of the fat in your breasts.
  • If you do not like the way your breasts look.

Good Candidate for Male Breast Reduction Surgery:

Candidates for genital amplification surgery include: 

  • Men with conditions that conventional medicine cannot treat
  • People in good health who are not suffering from any conditions that could endanger their lives or prevent them from healing
  • People who are not using drugs or smoking. 
  • Men with a positive outlook and clear objectives for reducing gynecomastia’s physical symptoms should consider this treatment. 
  • Men who have reasonable expectations and are physically healthy and of a normal weight males with stabilized breast growth.
  • Men who feel self-conscious about having large breasts


The results of gynecomastia surgery are evident right away. Incision lines and post-operative swelling will gradually disappear over time. As you recover from surgery, your level of satisfaction with your new appearance ought to keep rising.

Different Methods for Treating Big Male Breasts:

Although there are various methods available to treat male breast reduction in Islamabad yet, we employ the following state-of-the-art methods to treat the conditions. These are the best methods when reduction mammaplasty is concerned.  


By removing extra fat that is resistant to diet and exercise, liposuction creates more proportionate and prominent shapes. It will make the body look slimmer and more appealing. Techniques with ultrasound, power, or VASER assistance can be used to remove fat.

Direct Gynecomastia Excision:

When liposuction cannot remove dense breast tissue or dominate breast masses, a direct excision may be used. It’s possible to send the removed tissue to pathology for analysis. Through fatty tissue. To speed up recovery and lower the chance of fluid buildup, a drain may need to be inserted into the breast skin envelope.


Mastopexy (breast lift) may occasionally entail the removal of skin and a small amount of breast glandular tissue. It also involves repositioning of the nipple, and an improvement in the posture of the breasts with lifting. There are several possible incision methods, such as scarring around the areola, in the inframammary fold, and vertically between the areola and fold.

Direct Gynecomastia Excision and Liposuction:

In order to reduce scars and provide the best shape and cosmetic result, this combined strategy is used. This method contours the edges of the breast with the axilla and abdomen by suctioning away fatty tissue. The inframammary fold, a feminising characteristic of enlarged male breasts, can also be broken up with the aid of the liposuction cannula. In males, this region should “mix” with the belly. Direct excision is a method for removing the tough, dense glandular tissue that is normally hidden within the inferior border of the areola.

What Happens During Gynecomastia Surgery?

  • Sometimes, doctors will merely remove breast tissue using liposuction. To remove fat, they make multiple tiny slits and insert a suction tube. 
  • Your healthcare professional might advise excision if you have extra skin, fat, or tissue.
  • Larger incisions are used in this method to remove breast tissue. 
  • During an excision operation, your doctor can also move your areola and nipple. 
  • Your desired appearance and the size of your breasts will determine the incision patterns, lengths, and locations. 
  • You might require both liposuction and excision. The procedure that will work best for you will be suggested by your surgeon. 
  • You will get a general anaesthetic through a vein in your arm prior to either procedure. 
  • You won’t experience any discomfort throughout the surgery because you’ll be unconscious the entire time.

What Happens After Gynecomastia Surgery?

Male breast reduction surgery is typically performed as an outpatient operation, allowing for same-day recovery. After surgery, you’ll need to make arrangements for someone to drive you home. When you go home, your doctor will instruct you on how to take care of your wounds and of yourself. 

As you heal, a supporting garment will be wrapped around your chest and bandaged. Your chest is supported and the garment helps with oedema. You will be given painkillers by your doctor. Additionally, these medications lessen swelling and infection risk.

During surgery, the surgeon may insert tiny tubes under your skin. While the body is recovering, the tubes drain fluid and blood. The liquid gathers in a bulb or receptacle at the tube’s bottom. Remember that it could take up to three to six months after surgery before you start to see benefits.

Advantages of Gynecomastia Surgery:

Following this surgery, many patients report feeling more confident and at ease with their appearance. They might appreciate being able to button a shirt completely. Alternatively, they could feel more confident about how they look in a t-shirt or bathing suit.

Additionally, the weight of extra breast tissue may be uncomfortable or painful. You might be able to jump, run, and engage in other activities that you previously found uncomfortable after gynecomastia surgery. 

Followup Consultation:

If you experience any of the following symptoms, call your provider right away:

  • If there is bleeding, pus, or if the wound opens.
  • Extreme ache or swelling.
  • Fever, inflammation, and oedema close to the incision.

If you experience chest pain, heart palpitations, or shortness of breath (dyspnea), seek medical attention right once. These could be symptoms of anaesthesia-related problems.

How Much Does Gynecomastia Surgery Cost?

The cost of male breast reduction surgery in islamabad may varies depending upon various factors. The experience of the surgeon and his skills are the basic things that setup the total cost. 

Gynecomastia surgery costs may include:

The price of gynecomastia surgery may include the following: 

  • Cost of anesthesia 
  • Costs of a hospital or surgical facility 
  • Medical examinations 
  • Post-operative clothing 
  • Medication prescriptions 
  • Surgical fee

How Do I Choose a Plastic Surgeon for Gynecomastia Surgery?

Selecting a board-certified plastic surgeon you can trust who is a member of the Pakistan Assosiation of Plastic Surgeons (PAPS) is the first and most crucial step. If you choose a plastic surgeon who is PAPS member, you can be sure of their skills. Dr. Naveed Azhar is a board-certified surgeon who is the top surgeon of Pakistan. You can trust his skills and method. 

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