breast reduction

breast reduction Breast reduction surgery in Islamabad reduces the size and modifies the aesthetics of the breast. It augments the beauty and contour of breasts. Besides aesthetic reasons, this surgery can also be performed for medical causes. You may feel the urge to reshape your breasts to tackle infection, skin irritation or discomfort, but before undergoing breast reduction surgery in Islamabad, you should also consider the following post-operative complications and measures for optimal results.

Firstly, let’s find out the benefits of breast reduction surgery in Islamabad:

  • Deals with skin irritation, rashes and infection 
  • Eliminates neck and shoulder pain
  • Enhances mobility and engages in physical activities that are difficult with large breasts
  • Improves body satisfaction, confidence, self-esteem and body’s overall image
  • Overcomes discomfort caused by bra straps
  • Helps you get rid of social burdens generally associated with large breasts, such as unwanted attention and useless comments
  • Improves your lifestyle and makes you confident

Let’s uncover 7 things you should know about post-breast reduction surgery:

If you are preparing for breast reduction surgery in Islamabad, you must consider all pre and post-treatment factors to get the maximum benefit from the surgery and avoid complications.

Ask About Post-Operative Guidelines

When it comes to breast surgery, every individual has unique requirements, desires and different recovery periods. Given that, it is a customised treatment. So, everyone cannot adhere to general post-operative guidelines, and after treatment, it must be your priority to ask your surgeon what you should do during the recovery period. This small but very useful technique can be very effective 

Follow Surgeon’s Instructions

You may wonder why we emphasise instructions. Many people do not consider the given instructions and, in the end, face problems. Furthermore, asking for guidelines and following those instructions are two different aspects to consider post-breast reduction surgery in Islamabad. It is strictly recommended to follow the given instructions about bandages, dressings, medications or physical activities, etc. This will help you get optimal results without any risk of complications

You May Feel Swelling and Bruising

Observing mild swelling and bruising after the surgery is not uncommon. That’s why you should prepare yourself for these things. If you are aware of these side effects and their consequences earlier, you will be able to handle them normally without worrying much. Additionally, you can also wear a surgical bra or compression garment to minimise swelling

Discomfort and Pain

After breast reduction surgery in Islamabad, you will likely feel pain or discomfort. Our mind can somewhat manage any situation if we are prepared for that. You should also keep in mind that pain or discomfort is a part of surgery, and you should not be worried about it, as your surgeon will prescribe medicine to manage these feelings. Furthermore, you should also avoid strenuous activities as they can cause pain or irritation

Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle ensures speedy recovery and optimal results. If you are thinking about breast surgery, you must consider this post-operative measure because if you are unable to maintain a healthy lifestyle, you may face severe consequences. A healthy lifestyle includes a healthy or nutritious diet, staying hydrated or avoiding alcohol and smoking. After surgery, maintaining a good lifestyle augments recovery and offers optimal results

Emotional and Psychological Changes

You will observe emotional changes after undergoing breast surgery. You should embrace these changes and adopt the new changes in your body to boost your confidence and satisfaction. The postoperative period can also be dubbed a period of emotional adjustment. The surgery changes your body shape and contour, and it takes time to manage the impacts of these changes. You can discuss your post-operative feelings with your surgeon or a trusted friend to get an emotional support

Recovery Period

Breast surgery in Islamabad is an effective treatment to reshape the structure and contour of breasts. Considering the sensitivity factor, the healing process is time taking and requires ample rest. You have to prepare for recovery in advance. As its downtime is considerably long, you need to avoid intense exercise and heavy lifting, especially during the initial weeks after the surgery.

The Bottom Line

Breast reduction surgery in Islamabad revamps the aesthetics of breasts. But only surgery is not enough. Post-operative measures are equally important to get desired results. After undergoing breast reduction surgery, you should ask for instructions and follow them to get maximum benefits and reduce the risk of complications.

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