Genital Warts Removal in Islamabad Pakistan


What are Genital Warts?

Human sexual activity makes them feel good. But occasionally, this action can also spread some illnesses. For some people, these infections or disorders can be serious or even fatal. These infections also include warts on the genital area. They are brought on by the HPV, or human papillomavirus. Everybody will likely contract this virus once in their lifetime. Those who contract it frequently engage in sexual activity. These genital growths are often soft growths. These growths hurt and make you uncomfortable. Some people avoid seeing a dermatologist because they are embarrassed. This shall not be the case. People must see a dermatologist for Genital Warts Removal in Islamabad, Pakistan. Because if left untreated, you can always give Sexually Transmitted Disease to someone else.

Method to Diagnose Genital Warts:

During an office visit, a dermatologist can examine warts to determine whether they are warts or not. A dermatologist may occasionally send a wart or a portion of a wart to a lab for analysis. A lab test will further confirm the presence of warts.

The Procedure for Removal of Genital Warts:

Surgery is the viable option for removing genital warts. They can be removed by excision. They involve removing warts with a surgical knife. laser or loop electrosurgical excision (LEEP) can also be used for warts on the cervix. The procedure will take place in the office of the doctor or any outpatient facility. You need to remove those warts that are larger in size. Numbing of the area is by any local anesthetic.

Methods to Remove Genital Warts:

Warts may go away over the course of time but the causative agent may remain in your body. Hence there can always be a recurrence of warts in your body. As this is a sexually transmitted disease, so there is always a chance of transmitting this to your partner. Hence, there is always a need to treat this condition.

Genital warts may need to be treated to alleviate uncomfortable symptoms or to lessen their appearance. However, over-the-counter (OTC) wart removers and therapies cannot be used to treat genital warts. Following are the surgical options for removing warts:

Freezing with Liquid Nitrogen (cryotherapy):

  • This technique involves the formation of a blister around the wart.
  • Healing will cause the lesion to slough off.
  • New skin will appear
  • Sometimes it is necessary to repeat the treatment


  • Electric current is used to remove warts

Surgical excision:

  • Use of special tools to remove warts
  • Any type of anesthesia can be used
  • Pain may prevail afterward

Laser treatments:

  • An expensive procedure
  • Uses an intense beam of light
  • Used for those warts which are tough to remove
  • Scarring and pain may prevail

Risk Factors:

Anyone who engages in sexual activity is susceptible to HPV. Genital warts, however, are more prevalent in those who:

  • Possess several sexual partners
  • Possess compromised immune systems
  • Age is also a factor. Are under 30 years old.
  • Smoking may cause the formation of genital warts.

Possible Complications if Left Untreated:

Although these strains are of less risk. Yet they can cause complications. But if you are infected with a high strain, there is a chance that you get cervical cancer.

These can also cause cancer of the vulva.

Some other complications may include:

  • penile cancer
  • anal cancer
  • throat cancer
  • esophageal cancer

Cost of Removing Genital Warts:

If this treatment is not covered by your health insurance then the Genital Warts Removal Cost in Islamabad, Pakistan may range from PKR 2,000 to PKR 6,000.

Some factors that may affect the cost that is as under:

  • The location of warts is important. For those patients who have warts on the cervix, this will cost them more.
  • The price of prescribed medications
  • The cost of travel
  • The locality of the clinic
  • The experience of the surgeon
  • Recurrence is a common issue.

Some drugs that are used to treat genital warts are not safe for pregnant women. Always consult with your doctor or pharmacist before consuming any medicine. This will reduce your chances of getting side effects.

How to Prevent Genital Warts?

  • There are certain vaccines that can be used to treat genital warts.
  • HPV vaccines are the ones that can be used to prevent this infection.
  • HPV comes in almost 100 distinct forms. The vaccine may still protect you from other strains of HPV even if you already have the one that results in genital warts.
  • STD can cause cancer and genital warts if left untreated.
  • Apply condoms.
  • Get yourself vaccinated.
  • Get any necessary STD treatment and routine testing.
  • In order for them to get tested and treated, let your sexual partners know whether you have genital warts or HPV.

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