Patient policy

Our priority is to provide our patients first-class services keeping in view to secure their privacy also. All our staff member is fully responsible to take good care of you and provide quality standard assistance. We have designed a policy for our patients to built trust. please do not hesitate to contact us in case of any complaint and issue.

Your Right As a Patient

When you as a patient visits clinic, you enjoy several advantages. Our staff’s duty is to,   provide over-the-top facilities. You will have to sign some rules and regulations before admitting hospital.

The Right of the Written Statement

A patient or its guardian will be given the authority to pen down choices for health care. In case they are not specific, we have a complete right to design it for you.

To Accept or Decline the Treatment

If you have decided to avail of a treatment on our recommendation, it is then your choice to accept it or reject it. Furthermore any prescription or medication may also be rejected if you don’t find it appropriate or comfortable.

 The Right to Privacy and Confidentiality

All details and information shared by a patient during visit, treatment or consultation will be kept confidential at all costs. We allow patients to bring at least one trustee with them during treatment.

To be Treated with Respect

Every patient deserves to be treated respectfully. Our staff is well trained and is fully devoted to each patient and

Right to Know About the Doctor’s Qualification

When you are undergoing any treatment, it is your right to have all knowledge about a doctor, surgeon, clinician qualification, and experience. We never hide any detail from patients.

 No Restriction

Any patient and his attendee will be free from all restraints and there will be no unnecessary limits put on them.

 Right to Get Emergency Treatment

In case a person needs an urgent checkup, an immediate appointment will be booked for him.

Qualitative Healthcare

We do not compromise on the quality of our treatment and services. You are going to avail best healthcare services in our clinic.

Communication right

Please feel free to communicate with us in any way that seems right to you. We can arrange an interpreter for any language.

Pre-Op Consultation

Before indulging in a treatment, you can have a consultation session with the doctor for better knowledge and understanding.

No Discrimination

All patients are equal to us and will be treated regardless of any caste, creed, and color.

Right to have Appropriate Pain and Management

Some procedures are so painful but don’t worry we have proper tools for pain management. We always try to deliver the desired results.

Access to Medical Records

We keep all patient’s records and their legal advisers can access all records when needed.

Right to know about the Discharge Plans

Admitting to the hospital and getting discharged is the patient’s own choice. There will be no forcing from our side.

Right to know Procedure Charges

Our responsibility includes quoting the correct prices of treatment. Pre-treatment services costs may be incurred later if required.

 Avoid Smoking on Clinic Premises

We do not compromise on patients and other individual health and comfort. Therefore we restrict smoking in clinic premises.

Observe Visiting Hours

Try to follow visiting hours when visiting to see a patient. For every department, visiting hours are different.

 Act Upon your Financial Responsibility:

We provide detailed information about all expenses and it sounds ethical when you fulfill your financial responsibility.

 Be Cooperative with Management:

To avoid any mismanagement please follow all rules and regulations. Not following them will create a mess and will be annoying and distressing.

 Avoid Taking any Unauthorized Drug:

It is advised to take only prescribed medicine and avoid using an unauthorized drug.

Contact for Further Information

We have fully tried to deliver all information on this page. Contact us anytime for more details if required.


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