what is the best weight loss surgery

No matter whether you are impressed by movies or social media stars or want to improve your physical appearance and get rid of risks of chronic diseases associated with obesity or fatness, weight loss surgeries in Islamabad can help you achieve your desired results and get a refined and improved physical appearance. 

Weight Loss Surgery: Introduction

Obesity is a common issue most people are facing nowadays. If you have been unable to reduce your weight through dietary habits or exercise, then a weight loss surgery in Islamabad is your solution. Also known as bariatric surgery or obesity surgery, this surgical procedure is a set of several surgical treatments introduced to address obesity and maintain a healthy weight.  

Weight Loss Surgery In Islamabad: Types

Gastric Bypass

A surgeon creates a small pouch at the top of the stomach and then connects it with the small intestine from the middle. This connection diverts a large part of the stomach and the upper portion of the small intestine, reducing food intake in the first place by creating a smaller pouch and further also reducing calorie consumption by bypassing a significant portion of the intestine. 

Sleeve Gastrectomy

During this treatment, a large part of the stomach is sidelined, and only a small portion of it is allowed to carry out the required processes. This procedure is carried out to restrict food intake and also decreases the production of hunger hormones, improving metabolic health and leading to significant weight loss because it makes you feel full sooner.


This is a surgical procedure designed to address excess fat from a specific area of the body, leading to a contoured and well-defined physique. Excess fat is removed from the body through a device called cannula by making small incisions. This procedure enhances the body’s proportions and offers a desired body shape and contour.


This surgical procedure is performed to remove excess fat from the abdominal region. During this treatment, not only excess fat is removed from the abdominal region, but also abdominal muscles are tightened to produce a firmer and contoured shape. People who have excess fat in their abdominal area because of pregnancy and aging can tackle excess fat through this treatment.

Weight Loss Surgery in Islamabad: Benefits

  • Surgical weight loss treatment brings about significant benefits and improves over health
  • It reduces excess weight and also tackles obesity-related health issues
  • It improves the mobility and functional ability of an individual
  • Ameliorates cardiovascular health and limits the chances of stroke and heart diseases
  • Also improves the reproductive health of an individual
  • Makes the body aligned and contoured
  • Boosts confidence and self-esteem

What is the Best Weight Loss Surgery?

There is no one-size-fits-all approach in this scenario. The criteria of the best surgery depend on some factors that include the health situation of an individual, lifestyle practices, age factor, and weight and weight loss targets of the person. Based on these factors, a surgeon determines the best suitable surgical option for a specific individual. No doubt, every treatment has the same purpose- to reduce excess weight and improve overall health. Every procedure entails some specific advantages and complications. So, these complications are also analyzed before finalizing a suitable procedure for an individual.

Who is a Suitable Candidate for Weight Loss Surgery in Islamabad?

  • People who experience extreme obesity and obesity-related issues
  • Who has not achieved any benefit from other weight loss procedures
  • Who are committed to improving their lifestyle and making themselves fit again
  • Who understands the complications 
  • Who do not have medical issues and are fit for the treatment
  • Who have realistic expectations and are ready to follow aftercare instructions

What is the Cost of Weight Loss Surgery?

The cost of weight loss surgery in Islamabad is approximately PKR. Several factors can alter the given cost, such as the type of surgery, the clinic’s location, and the practitioner’s experience.

The Bottom Line:

Weight loss surgery in Islamabad is a surgical procedure performed to remove excess fat from the body and improve the body’s contour. Several surgical procedures are used for effective results, and they are determined based on the surgeon’s analysis of an individual’s health conditions and specific preferences. 

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