How much length can a penile implant add

Sexual dysfunction is the inability of a male to satisfy his partner or maintain an erection required for a satisfactory intimate performance. Ejaculation disorders or problems tarnish sexual health, disturb relationships, decrease productivity and lead to self-consciousness, depression, stress and anxiety. Penile implant in Islamabad restores the sexual stamina of a male, boosts his performance in bed and produces positive energy in an individual.

Understanding The Concept Of Penile Implant:

Certain medical conditions, psychological issues and lifestyle practices of an individual can reduce the intimate performance of a person. He becomes unable to meet the requirements of his partner. This situation is drastic as it could even lead to separation. A penile implant is a treatment that is performed to treat impotence and improve the sexual power and erection of an individual. 

A device is implanted into the penis during this procedure in order to improve sexual performance or maintain a sufficient erection. This medical procedure allows a person to restore his performance, engage and satisfy his partner during intercourse and augment his erotic abilities. People dealing with erectile dysfunction must consider this procedure to restore their vitality, add joy to their lives, eliminate self-consciousness and augment their efficiency and overall performance.

Top Benefits Of Penile Implant:

  • Meets the ends of a patient and brings about satisfactory results
  • Restores the ability to have sexual intercourse whenever a person desires
  • Restores the capacity to have a spontaneous erection and have instant pleasure
  • Makes an individual enjoy the moment by reinstating natural feelings
  • Eliminates the issue of erectile dysfunction and also its side effects
  • Offers joy, happiness, satisfaction and a sense of complacency

How Much Length Can A Penile Implant Add?

People dealing with sexual problems also believe that there is a problem with the length of their penis, and they also aim to increase the length of the male organ while considering this procedure. Many people ask their surgeons whether this treatment will increase the length or size of their organ or how much increase in its size they will observe.

Keep in mind that the primary purpose of this technique is to treat impotence or erectile dysfunction and improve the status of sexual health by improving the erection time or sexual performance of a person. This is not carried out to increase the size of your specific organ but to add to the rigidity of the penis and restore the ability to engage in sexual activity properly.

Some people may experience a visible change in the girth of their organs, but there cannot be any noticeable results about the length with this technique. Mainly, this is treatment for impotence or dysfunction. People who are unsatisfied with their sexual performance or cannot maintain an erection should consider this treatment. 

Who Is A Suitable Candidate For This Procedure?

  • People dealing with ED and have undergone other procedures
  • Individuals want to regain their sexual health, joy and confidence
  • Patients who are in good health and are ready for implant
  • People who seek emotional and psychological stability 
  • Individuals with realistic expectations are also suitable person

Cost Of Penile Implant In Islamabad:

The cost of a penile implant in Islamabad, Pakistan, depends on a few factors, such as the type of implant, the clinic’ location, aftercare treatment, available facilities and the expertise of a practitioner.

Aftercare Treatment:

If you are going to get this penile implant in Islamabad, then you must follow post-operative measures to get better results. It is vital to consider aftercare treatments to limit the risks of side effects and support the healing process.

  • Restrict your physical and refrain from strenuous activities
  • Keep the treated area clean to reduce the risk of infection
  • Take prescribed medicines to manage pain and discomfort
  • Follow the instructions of your practitioner to get optional results
  • Inform your surgeon if you observe any side effect

Summing Up:

Sexual health is vital for marital relations and the overall efficiency and health of an individual. Many males lose their ability to satisfy their partners or maintain a sufficient erection to complete sexual intercourse and succumb to persistent dissatisfaction and stress. This treatment restores their abilities to gain enough erection and enjoy their sexual life by implanting specific devices into their penis. 

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How much length can a penile implant add?

This is an effective procedure to address impotence or erectile dysfunction. People who are unable to maintain an erection or perform satisfying sexual activity can consider this treatment. Implantation has nothing to do with the length of the penis, and it does not have any significant effect on the length of the penis. 
If you are concerned that you will lose the length of your organ, then it is wrong. This procedure has nothing to do with the length of your organ because it only aims to improve your erection and restore your sexual performance.
You cannot eliminate the risk factor because this is a surgical treatment. But you can reduce the chances of risks by choosing an experienced practitioner. You must choose a renowned professional to get your desired results.