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How the erectile dysfunction diagnosed?

Penile health is crucial for sexual happiness and overall well-being. Penile health is crucial to male fertility. Maintaining excellent sexual and emotional relationships is also vital. It also enhances sexual intimacy. However, if you have erectile dysfunction and cannot achieve sexual fulfilment, it can negatively affect your emotional interactions and make you more vulnerable. You know the risks, but Islamabad erectile dysfunction therapy can help you overcome them and return to your complacency and erection.

How To Know If You Have An Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction, also known as impotence, is the inability to maintain an erection, which is important for satisfying sexual interactions. Men with “erectile dysfunction” (ED) cannot sustain an erection for sexual engagement. It’s now a global issue. This syndrome can affect anyone. However, most persons over 40 are impacted. Its numerous effects can disturb a married couple’s existence and make an individual unhappy.

Root Causes of ED

  • Heart and vascular diseases
  • Nervous system disorders
  • Diabetes
  • Constant emotional upheaval
  • Disinclination to succeed
  • Inactivity lifestyle
  • Interference with blood circulation Unhealthy lifestyle and diet
  • Chronic kidney disease

Different Erectile Dysfunction Therapies in Islamabad:

Several additional treatments can treat this disease. ED severity and scope vary. To get the greatest results, consult a physician before starting treatment. A professional will assess your disease and severity and offer the best treatment. 

Below are erectile dysfunction treatments.

Lifestyle changes

A sedentary lifestyle, poor food, and nutrient deficiency often cause this issue. If these are the causes, ED can be treated by lifestyle changes. A healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet and regular exercise can fix this problem and restore fertility. ED can be treated by lifestyle changes.

Mental health counselling

Anxiety, stress, and depression can cause or worsen this disorder. Thus, mental counselling is needed to address these concerns. Counselling can help a person manage negative emotions, feel more confident, and improve their health, including erection issues. 

Medical treatments

Medical treatments for erection-related diseases include several medicines. Viagra, Cialis, and Stendra increase blood flow to the penis, which improves sexual performance by prolonging erections. Use these drugs only under professional supervision. 

PSI injections

Not taking oral tablets and not getting the desired benefits from drugs might try this treatment since it is more effective and yields the intended results. Islamabad offers alprostadil and platelet-rich plasma injections. This method boosts blood flow and produces a good erection. This is one of the best Islamabad erectile dysfunction treatments.  

A therapeutic surgery

Thus, if you have tried everything else and failed to sustain an erection, this alternative is for you because it effectively treats erectile dysfunction (ED). This procedure may include a penile implant or vascular repair to improve blood flow. This erectile dysfunction treatment is recommended for those who have tried everything else and are still unhappy. 

Who is a Good Candidate?

  • If you can’t enjoy sexuality, Inability to maintain an erection
  • If you can’t escape emotional pain,
  • To revitalize your life

Benefits of Erectile Dysfunction Treatment:

ED treatment improves sexual performance and helps men sustain powerful, long-lasting erections.

  • This could break the emotional connection between the partners, therefore addressing it will strengthen the link and make the partnership work for both parties.
  • Treatment boosts confidence and self-esteem. It will boost trust, communication, and relationships.
  • Negative sensations like performance pressure, despair, worry, and tension will disappear.
  • Sexual health and general well-being will improve.
  • Erectile dysfunction treatment also fixes diabetes and heart problems.
  • An individual may receive the best treatment to maximize sexual performance.


Follow postoperative instructions to speed healing, reduce problems, and maximize results.

  • Use only prescribed painkillers for postoperative discomfort.
  • Avoid sexual activity for a while, especially if you have incisions.
  • Incisions should be monitored for swelling, redness, and infection.
  • Perform physical activity. 
  • Healthy living and eating are essential.
  • Continue your routine doctor visits.
  • Tell your doctor if you detect any unexpected changes.

How much does erectile dysfunction treatment cost in Islamabad?

The cost of erectile dysfunction in Islamabad  starts from PKR 250,000 . The type of therapy, surgeon costs, clinic location, and other factors can affect the price. ED treatment requires consultation, according to its experts. Thus, they discuss with patients in a way that protects their privacy and addresses their concerns. 

Book a consultation!

Several reasons can induce erectile dysfunction (ED). However, this issue is fixable. Many treatment options exist to achieve good results, depending on the cause. Lifestyle changes, drugs, penile implants, and others are examples. 

If you have been having life interruptions and can’t keep an erection, arrange an appointment at Royal Cosmetic Surgery-PK Clinics Islamabad to reclaim life’s attraction and enjoy your marriage.

Does massage help erectile dysfunction in Islamabad?

Have you ever struggled with erectile dysfunction and wondered if there was a non-invasive solution? Imagine the desolation and strain on relationships when such problems threaten intimacy. Impotence, or the inability to achieve orgasm, is such a frequent problem for men worldwide. It not only worsens their sex lives but also tightens the belt around their cups and lowers the daily activities of their lives. 

But do not worry; there are ways to treat this problem. Individuals with erectile dysfunctions can go for VEDs, medications, and lifestyle changes, among other options. However, there is a common concern: does massage help erectile dysfunction? Let us find out!

Does Massage Help in Erectile Dysfunction? 

There is an increasing number of people who consider massage as the key to erectile dysfunction. Massage is proven to relax and improve health. Massage treatments that relax, reduce stress, and improve blood circulation may indirectly boost sexual function. Massage offers a break from a hectic lifestyle. Therefore, this may improve the blood flow to the penis; subsequently, this can be an option for the condition of erectile dysfunction. 

Who Should Get Prostatic Massage? 

Our experts believe the best candidate has several of the following issues.

  • Non-oral ED users experience side effects.
  • Individuals who need the safest as well as most effective non-surgical treatment.

Advantages of prostatic Massage:

  • Enhanced erectile function
  • Increased sexual satisfaction
  • Increased self-confidence and respect Enhanced quality or life and stronger relationships with loved ones
  • Less stress and anxiety
  • Overall sexual health, emotional well-being, and partner connection and affection

What to Expect During Massage for Erectile Dysfunction? 

Prostatic massage gently and aggressively massages the tissues inside and around your groin, like other massages. Symptoms may require more frequent or longer treatments.

Prostatic massages stimulate the prostate vessels and improve blood flow. The tiny walnut-sized prostate gland is located below the bladder at the entrance of the rectum. It surrounds the urethra, which excretes urine.

A trained masseuse or doctor will insert a lubricated finger or massage device into the rectum to reach the prostate during a prostatic massage.

Note: If you have abdominal fissures or hemorrhoids, a prostate massage may not be recommended due to infection or worsening.

Erectile dysfunction: Can massage help?

Stress and worry often worsen erectile dysfunction (ED). Massage may indirectly increase erectile function by eliminating psychological barriers.

Massage therapy may also increase penile and overall blood circulation. Improved blood flow is essential for erections because enhanced blood supply makes penile blood vessels grow easily.

A few studies have demonstrated that massage therapy can improve erectile dysfunction (ED). Several small studies have found that males who practice it have positive outcomes.

An infection or enlarged prostate may be preventing erections. Specific therapies can restore complete function.

Massage therapy can treat erectile dysfunction (ED), but its limits must be considered. It may help some, but the research is weak.

Other Erectile Dysfunction Treatments 

The best erectile dysfunction therapies in Islamabad are:


Taking oral medication, which includes Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra, is a quick and effective erectile dysfunction therapy. The penis is correctly filled and maintained during stimulation because these drugs boost blood flow to it.

Vacuum Erection Devices:

Non-surgical erection pumps work by sucking blood into the penis to form an erection.  These devices provide drugs for individuals with difficulties such as malabsorption and drug resistance who otherwise couldn’t take the tablets.

Penile Injections: 

Direct penile medicine injections may cause an erection. Most people consider this the last option after exhausting all other options.


In severe or chronic erectile dysfunction (ED) that does not respond to alternative treatments or responds badly, penile implants or vascular operations may be considered. Surgery is often considered a last resort due to its risks and severe unwanted effects.

What is the Cost of Massage Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction? 

If you are considering massage therapy for Erectile Dysfunction in Islamabad, you should know the costs. Massage treatment for erectile dysfunction costs vary depending on session length, frequency, and supplementary services. This transformative treatment making it an economically feasible and accessible way to restore confidence and experience intimate relationships.

Schedule an appointment:

Men worldwide suffer from ED. Its causes can be physical, psychological, or both. Restoring confidence, repairing relationships, and improving quality of life requires addressing this issue quickly and efficiently. 

Choose the right clinic to get the desired results. We ensure that you will receive pleasant and confidential treatment from a skilled specialist at Royal Cosmetic Surgery.

Can Erectile Dysfunction Recover Itself?

Having trouble getting or keeping an erection (ED) is a common issue many men are facing. Moreover, it has a big effect on a man’s quality of life, both physically and emotionally. However, getting professional help is important for dealing with this problem. Furthermore, some people may wonder Can Erectile Dysfunction Recover Itself. However, it is possible to heal from ED on your own, but there are times when you may need medical help. Additionally, with or without medicine, it is often possible to reverse it. Furthermore, relaxation methods and movements for the pelvic floor may help, and you can also get medical help. Moreover, for permanent methods to work, you need to fix any problems that are at the root of the problem. Additionally, you might need to change your life style and get to know the root cause of problem so you can get a natural erection again.

Can Erectile Dysfunction Recover Itself?

Erectile dysfunction can sometimes go away on its own, without any special treatment. Therefore, Erectile Dysfunction Can Recover Itself. Moreover, this kind of healing usually happens when the cause of ED is short-term or situational. However, if you have trouble getting or keeping an erection sometimes, there are many causes. Moreover, it could be because of stress, worry, tiredness, or problems in your relationship. As these things get better or go away over time, sexual function may return to normal without the need for medical help.

Main Causes of ED:

For example, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes are all health problems that can happen along with sexual dysfunction. The first thing your husband should do to find out what might be causing his erectile dysfunction is to have these and other similar conditions checked for by his doctor.
Finding and treating the underlying medical issue may help fix erectile dysfunction. Making changes to your lifestyle can sometimes help with erectile dysfunction and lower your chance for other health problems as well.

Things That Help with Spontaneous Recovery:

Several things can affect how likely it is that erectile dysfunction will go away on its own:
Lessening Stress: Stress can have a big effect on sexual function, behavior, and desire. As stress levels go down, sexual behavior may get better, which could help people with ED get better on their own.
Better Habits: Making healthy changes to your habits, like working out regularly, eating well, getting enough sleep, and drinking less alcohol, can improve your erection. Changing some things about your living may help your ED symptoms get better on their own.
Fixing Underlying Health Problems: Some health problems, like high blood pressure, diabetes, or chemical issues, can make it hard to get or keep an erection. Managing or treating these underlying health problems in a way that works may help people with ED get better on their own.

Consult with Expert:

If you are having trouble getting or keeping an erection, you should see a doctor right away, even if the problem is only temporary. Consult with RCS-PK to talk to an expert doctor. Moreover, they will full review to find the root reasons and suggest treatment choices that are best for you. If you get professional help, you can be sure that you will get the individualized care and support. It will help you to deal with erectile dysfunction successfully. Moreover, it will improve your sexual health and general well-being.

See A Doctor Right Away If Any of The Following Apply:

Sometimes, erectile dysfunction can go away on its own, but if the symptoms keep coming back, you should see a doctor right away.

  • Having trouble getting or keeping an erection lasts longer than a few weeks or happens a lot.
  • ED gets in the way of sexual behavior or makes relationships difficult.
  • Underlying health problems can make ED signs worse.
  • Lifestyle changes or self-help methods do not make it easier to get and keep an erection.

Final Verdict:

In some cases, erectile dysfunction can go away on its own. However, if the symptoms do not go away or keep happening, you should see a doctor right away. Healthcare professionals can look for the root reasons of ED. Moreover, they will suggest the best treatments, and offer support for handling the condition well. People can improve their sexual health and general health by handling the factors that lead to problems and getting help when they need it.

Consult with RCS-PK today to understand the underlaying cause and to get the customized solution.

Can A Man Recover from Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile disorder is a common issue many men face. However, there are many misconceptions about this. Moreover, most people are confused and ask, Can A Man Recover from Erectile Dysfunction? Additionally, it is not only because of aging. However, there are many underlying causes of this issue. Therefore, it is also vital to understand the causes of treating it effectively. Moreover, almost all cases of erectile disorder are treatable. Additionally, remedies can result in better outcomes.

Factors Contributing to Erectile Dysfunction:

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by various physical, psychological, and lifestyle factors, including:

  • Medical conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and hormonal imbalances
  • Psychological issues such as stress, anxiety, depression, and relationship problems
  • Lifestyle factors such as smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, obesity, and sedentary lifestyle

Can A Man Recover from Erectile Dysfunction?

Many men suffer in this situation. However, they are always confused about whether a man can recover from Erectile Dysfunction. Therefore, the possibility of recovery from Erectile Dysfunction is based upon the underlying causes and individual situations. In many instances, you can control it effectively with appropriate remedies. Additionally, lifestyle modifications, including enhancing food regimen, exercising, and managing stress, can contribute to healing. Additionally, scientific interventions inclusive of surgery, vacuum gadgets, penile implants, or therapy can help you cope with precise reasons for ED and enhance sexual function.

Treatment Options for Erectile Dysfunction:

There are several treatment options available for erectile disorder, collectively with:

  • Oral medicines, together with sildenafil (Viagra), tadalafil (Cialis), and vardenafil (Levitra), increase blood drift to the penis and facilitate erections.
  • Vacuum erection gadgets create horrific stress around the penis to attract blood into the corpora cavernosa, resulting in an erection.
  • Penile implants or prostheses may be surgically implanted into the penis to allow for guide inflation and deflation, mimicking herbal erections.
  • Psychotherapy or counseling to address mental factors contributing to erectile dysfunction, consisting of pressure, tension, or dating issues.

Aftercare Following Erectile Dysfunction Treatment:

Following healthcare instructions for erectile dysfunction treatment is essential. Moreover, avoiding strenuous activity, sexual activity, and taking prescribed medications is crucial. Regular follow-up appointments, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and communicating with partners about changes can help heal and optimize long-term outcomes.

Consultation with a Healthcare Provider:

If you are experiencing erectile disorder, it’s very critical to discuss it with a certified healthcare practitioner for evaluation and remedy. The provider will observe your medical records and physical exam during the consultation. They will also talk about different treatment options primarily based on your needs and worries. They will develop a personalized treatment plan for you. It will help you in enhancing your overall well-being.

Cost of Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction:

The cost of treating erectile dysfunction  may starts from 250,000 PKR. It varies depending on factors such as underlying reasons. However, the type of treatment your doctor recommends for you considers the price. It’s essential to speak about the cost with your healthcare provider. 

Lifestyle Modifications to Improve Erectile Function:

In addition to medical interventions, way-of-life modifications can be crucial in improving erectile function. Quitting smoking, lowering alcohol consumption, maintaining a healthy weight, and incorporating regular exercise into your routine can improve vascular health and sexual features. Additionally, coping with strain through rest techniques together with meditation or yoga and prioritizing great sleep can assist in alleviating mental factors that could contribute to erectile disorder.

Importance of Open Communication and Support:

Addressing erectile dysfunction often includes open communique and help from companions, healthcare companies, and loved ones. Partners can offer emotional aid and know-how, fostering supportive surroundings for searching for treatment and exploring intimacy. Healthcare providers can provide steerage, reassurance, and personalized treatment alternatives tailored to character wishes. By promoting open communication and seeking aid, men can navigate the challenges of erectile disorder with self-assurance and optimism.

Final Thoughts

Recovery from erectile dysfunction is possible for lots of men with suitable intervention. Consulting with a qualified healthcare issuer and understanding the underlying reasons are essential. Moreover, by exploring treatment alternatives, men can efficiently manipulate erectile ailments. Additionally, they can improve their sexual health and overall life.

You can get the best assistance by consulting with the certified doctors at Royal Cosmetics Surgery Islamabad. 

Talking to Your Partner About Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is the inability of a man to maintain an erection required for sexual intercourse. People dealing with this intimate problem feel self-conscious and cannot even perform their normal activities. If there is a problem, there is a solution. So, if you are dealing with impotence, erectile dysfunction treatments in Islamabad deal with this issue, restore the vitality of a person and enable him to establish healthy relations with his partner.

This phase is quite disturbing. People lose confidence and self-esteem. This issue dismantles the intimate power of a person and also creates tensions between partners. It may even lead to separation. Given that, it is mandatory to talk to your partner and take her into confidence. You must discuss this matter with your partner. If she knows about this, she will support you.

Why Should You Inform Your Partner About This Issue?

This is a common issue, and millions of people are dealing with impotence. Several factors lead to this development. If you are worried because of impotence, you are not the only one out there. But you need to unburden yourself, share this problem with your partner and get her support to deal with this issue effectively. 

Your wife is your life partner. She is always there in the ups and downs and supports you. You just have to make her feel that you rely on her emotionally. So, it is a good decision to talk to your partner.

Strengthens Relationships

Everyone understands that it is not easy to share personal traumas, concerns or feelings. If you share your ED problem with your partner, you will win her trust and support, which will eventually improve your connection or relationship.

Gains Emotional Support

If you make your partner feel that she is special and you can share every issue with her, she will extend emotional support and will assist you in dealing with this specific phase.

Reduces Anxiety

ED leads to self-consciousness, stress, depression and anxiety. It is not easy for an individual to deal with these negative emotions. But if there are two partners, then they can manage the effects of these negative emotions, improving the overall well-being of the afflicted individual.

Prevents Misinterpretation

If you do not discuss the issue with your partner, she will try to make a guess, leading to misinterpretation and confusion. A woman may even believe she is no longer attracted to her partner. To avoid this problem, you must tell her the truth and get her support in these challenging times.

How To Inform Your Partner?

  • It is better to open up but at the right time. Pick a time when you both are relaxed, and you can discuss the issue without any interruption
  • Be honest and tell her that you are observing this issue and it is disturbing your performance in bed
  • Ask for her emotional support and make her feel that you need her the most at these crucial times
  • Let her feel that you trust her and want to strengthen your relationship without any confusion

Best Clinic For Erectile Dysfunction Treatment In Islamabad

Royal Cosmetic Surgery Islamabad is one of the best clinics in Islamabad. Here, you will get personalised treatment and emotional support as well. We understand the pain or emotional distress this problem brings about. So, besides dealing with the specific issues of our patients, we also strive to restore their confidence and emotional strength.

The Bottom Line:

Erectile dysfunction is a sexual disorder that enables an individual to perform sexual activity with her partner as it disturbs the erection period. Many people are dealing with this issue. Before seeking treatment, you must inform your partner and take her into your confidence because she will support you, and also this will prevent any disturbance between you and your partner. 

Schedule your appointment at Royal Cosmetic Surgery Islamabad to deal with your intimate or cosmetic concerns. Our teams of surgeons and professionals prioritise the concerns and requirements of patients and offer them personalised treatments. Visit our clinic, get a consultation session and then make an informed decision!


Talking to Your Partner About Erectile Dysfunction

Intimate issues challenge the sense of manliness. An individual dealing with impotence will experience stress, depression and anxiety. Furthermore, he would prefer to live a compromised lifestyle.
This is not evidence of cheating. Your partner may be dealing with impotence because of stress or other problems. You must discuss your partner and make him feel comfortable.
Stress, depression, lack of sleep, low testosterone level, smoking or some medical conditions may lead to this problem. You must get professional treatment to address this problem and restore your vitality.

What are the popular ways to treat erectile dysfunction?

The number of men dealing with erectile dysfunction has increased significantly. Lifestyle practices, dietary habits of people and psychological factors lead to erectile dysfunction and make people feel unsatisfied and unmotivated. Erectile dysfunction treatments in Islamabad improve quality of life and lead to healthier relationships. 

Most people are unaware of impotence treatments. The cosmetic field has introduced several surgical and non-surgical ways to address this specific problem and rekindle the essence of living a true and energetic life while maintaining a healthier relationship with your partner.

Restore Intimate Power: Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Your sexual health is of vital importance. It allows you to enjoy your life, satisfy your partner in bed, improve your bonding, optimise your working efficiency and, above all, lead to peace and mental satisfaction. On the other side, impotence damages your personality, dismantles the basis of your marital relationships and makes you feel useless. 

Given today’s life and challenges, many people become prey to this sexual issue. If you are among them and feeling lost because of sexual impotence, then here are your solutions. Based on your preferences and specific needs, you can choose any of the following treatments to restore your power to maintain a satisfactory erection and reestablish enjoyable sexual relationships with partners

Enjoy A Healthy Relationship: Top Benefits of ED Treatment

  • Deals with impotency and allows you to have a satisfactory and enjoyable sexual intercourse
  • Improve your relationships with your partner and establish her trust and confidence in you
  • Builds trust, improves communication and increases the feeling of rejoicing and delightful intercourse
  • Maintains satisfactory erection and contributes to emotional closeness
  • Boosts confidence and self-esteem of an individual, reducing stress and anxiety
  • Improving the working efficiency of an individual and making him feel satisfied and relaxed 

Why To Consider Erectile Dysfunction Treatments?

In the first place, every man has a natural instinct towards sexual activities. It is also necessary to build his legacy. If a man is unable to satisfy his partner in bed, he will not be able to live a normal life because impotency creates a feeling of hollowness. If you are dealing with this specific issue, you must consider getting professional treatment to reinstate your manliness and lead a confident and efficient life.

Oral Medications Like Viagra and Cialis

The use of oral medication has been a popular procedure for several years. These drugs speed up blood flow towards the penis and increase the longevity of erection, improving the performance of a person. Viagra, Cialis and Levitra are a few drugs that are used to address ED and facilitate erection. Do not use any medication on your own. Always consult with a professional and get a recommended medicine.

Sex Therapy

Many people are sexually healthy and are in a position to perform sexual activities. But they feel fear of performance. This leads to psychological consequences. Medications related to impotency cannot manage this fear of performance. Given that, sex therapy is performed to restore the confidence of a person in his abilities. 

Penile Injections

People who are unsatisfied with oral medication should go for penile injections as this is one of the best procedures to address sexual impotence. Alprostadil is directly injected into the penis to trigger and lead to a satisfactory erection, making an individual satisfied with his performance. 

Vacuum Pump Treatment

A pump is surgically placed over the penis during this treatment. At the time of sexual intercourse, the air is forced out of the vacuum pump to increase the blood supply towards the penis, leading to lengthy sexual intercourse. You may experience numbness or bruising, but it restores your manpower.

The Bottom Line:

Erectile dysfunction is a sexual issue that eliminates a man’s sexual ability or power to maintain sexual intercourse with his partner. Erectile dysfunction treatment in Islamabad restores the ability to maintain erection and lead to a confident life. People observing impotency can consider a number of treatments: oral medications, sex therapy, penile injections and penile implants. 

Schedule your appointment at Royal Cosmetic Surgery Islamabad to rekindle your manliness and re-energise yourself to maintain a satisfactory erection. No matter what the intensity of your issue is, our team is here to detect and treat it accordingly as per your desires. Visit our clinic and let us restore your sexual power.


What are the popular ways to treat erectile dysfunction?

Several factors, such as lifestyle practices, dietary habits and psychological conditions, may influence the sexual performance of an individual. Stress, anxiety, poor diet and unhealthy practices lead to this issue.
Oral medications, penile injections, penile implants and sex therapy are a few procedures performed to address impotency and reinstate the sexual power of an individual. Based on the severity of the issue and your specific requirements, your surgeon will choose the best way to treat this problem.
Generally, it does not lead to this issue. If you are feeling this is the cause of your erectile dysfunction, then it is better to visit a doctor for proper evaluation and appropriate treatment.

How do doctors address erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction treatment in Islamabad reproduces the potential and essence to enjoy intimate life to the fullest. Modern lifestyle, which normalises the consumption of junk food, causes stress and anxiety and also the use of medication can lead to importance or make an individual unable to maintain the erection required for satisfactory sexual activity. This specific condition tarnishes the personality of an individual and eliminates the confidence and self-esteem of an individual. 

Revitalise Your Vitality: Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

If a person is capable of performing intimate activities, he will enjoy his relationship with his partner. His self-image and body posture will exhibit confidence. On the flip side, if a person is unable to satisfy his partner in bed, he may not be able to produce a confident personality. Furthermore, an impotent man cannot enjoy his life and even cannot complete his normal routines. 

Erectile dysfunction treatment revitalises an individual’s potential and energy. This procedure helps an individual achieve an erection to maintain sexual activity and satisfy his partner. It deals with difficulties in achieving a sufficient erection. There are several causes that can lead to this condition. Based on its causes, different treatment approaches are adopted to get better results.

Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction:

Several factors, such as growing age, poor diet, health issues and psychological conditions, can diminish an individual’s ability to sustain sufficient erection or his ability to satisfy his partner. So, there are physical and emotional causes that lead to this problem. 

  • Limited blood flow into the penis
  • Disturbance in nerve signals
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Stress at home or work
  • Stroke
  • Hormonal Imbalance
  • Penile abnormalities
  • Obesity

How Do Doctors Address Erectile Dysfunction?

Given that psychological phenomena such as stress, anxiety and depression can also cause this issue, you can also treat it by modifying your lifestyle and adopting a healthy lifestyle and proper diet plan. Besides that, doctors also consider medical or surgical approaches to address this specific concern.

Oral Medications

Doctors also recommend specific medicines to men who are unable to sustain sufficient erection. These medicines include Cialis, Viagra and Stendra. The use of these medicines improves blood flow into the penis and prolongs the ability for sexual intercourse. Medications are not recommended to everyone, so you must seek the suggestion of an expert before using any such medicine.


The direct administration of medicines into the penis via injections has also become a common practice to treat ED. This procedure aims to increase blood flow into the penis by relaxing the smooth muscles. Healthcare providers suggest this way of dealing with impotence. This is an effective approach. However, it involves a few risk factors. You must get a consultation session before considering this method.

Penile Implant in Islamabad

If an individual does not get any benefit from other treatments, then a penile implant is considered. This is the most advanced and effective way of dealing with ED. During this procedure, a surgical device is inserted into the penis to increase the erection duration. The implant offers on-demand spontaneous erection results and also reproduces the element of satisfaction and contentment. 

The Bottom Line:

Factors such as growing age, depression, anxiety and poor diet diminish an individual’s ability to enjoy the pleasure of satisfied sexual activity as he cannot sustain sufficient erection. This condition is called erectile dysfunction. Nowadays, many people are suffering because of this problem. It can also be treated by modifying lifestyle. Besides that, medical approaches such as medicines, injections and penile implants can be performed to address this problem. If you are dealing with this issue, consult your professional for proper and effective treatment. 

Schedule your appointment at Royal Cosmetic Surgery Islamabad to deal with erectile dysfunction or impotence and improve your bond with your partner by meeting her demands. We offer custom-made treatments and are ready to enhance your lifestyle. Visit our clinic, get a consultation session and make an informed decision!


How do doctors address erectile dysfunction?

AccordDoctors analyse the conditions of a patient and then decide which is the best procedure for a specific patient. They can treat this condition via medications, injections or penile implants. The treatment method is selected based on the specific requirements of a patient.ion Sample Description
Restores normal sexual activity of an impotent personAllows an individual to maintain sufficient erectionImproves the relationships between partnersEnhances quality of life and adds joy and pleasureBoosts the confidence and self-esteem of an individual
Yes. If you are dealing with erectile dysfunction or are unsatisfied to maintain an erection, then do not worry because you can treat this problem. Royal Cosmetic Surgery offers numerous treatments to address this specific problem and add joy to your life.

Pros & Cons of Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

The whole personality of a man is disturbed when he deals with erectile dysfunction- a condition when a man is unable to have or maintain sufficient erection required for sexual intercourse. This issue leads to numerous problems. It destroys the self-confidence of a person, causes stress and anxiety and also affects relationships. Erectile dysfunction treatment in Islamabad restores the strength required to maintain a satisfactory erection and reinstates the confidence and self-esteem of that person. 

Several procedures are there to address impotence or erectile difficulties, such as oral medications, injections and penile implants. First of all, if you are observing this problem or are unsatisfied with your performance in bed, then you must consult with your doctor to get proper treatment. Further, all of these procedures are effective and have some pros and cons. We will address the pros and cons that you will observe or may have after getting these treatments or what you should expect if you are going to get erectile dysfunction treatment. 

Pros and Cons of Erectile Dysfunction Treatment:

Nowadays, many people report to their doctors that they are unsatisfied with their sexual performance. There has been a surge in this problem because stress and anxiety also cause this problem and these conditions have prevailed in society. Coming to the point, you must treat this issue to improve your relationship with your partner and satisfy yourself. 

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment: Advantages

Several procedures are performed to address this specific treatment; the pros and cons of each treatment vary from each other. We are going to generalise the advantages of treating this problem to give you an idea about the benefits of dealing with this condition.

  • Improves your performance in bed and enables you to maintain an erection required for sexual intercourse
  • Restores your joy and pleasure of having intimate relations with your partner
  • Eliminates the feeling of self-assurance and anxiety and produces positive energy
  • Improves your bonding with your partner and strengthens your relationships
  • Builds your confidence back and also augments your working efficiency


  • If you get oral medications, then this is a convenient approach to handle this problem, as you can take medicines orally
  • If you choose to get injections, then  you will likely get your results in a very short period
  • Penile implant in Islamabad offers you an effective and durable solution to restore your man-power and allow you to enjoy your life to the fullest

Disadvantages Of These Procedures:

  • The use of oral medications may disturb your digestive system
  • Besides that, if you are on medications, you may also observe pain and discomfort
  • Penile implantation may also lead to scarring or other side effects such as numbness, redness, pain or discomfort
  • You may also observe a prolonged and painful erection that will not make you feel well and satisfied

Whatever treatment you are going to undergo, you must consult with a professional. An expert will evaluate your problems, ask you about the history of symptoms and then let you choose the best option after analysing your specific problem-related details. So, if you are dealing with erectile dysfunction, then you can visit Royal Cosmetic Surgery for an expert opinion. 

The Bottom Line:

The secret to a man’s satisfaction is his ability to perform his innate functions like sexual activity. If a man is unable to perform this function, he will become a prey of depression and anxiety. You must seek proper treatment to restore your ability to satisfy your partner’s needs in bed. There are several treatments that can help you reignite the charm of healthy and wishful sexual intercourse. All of them are beneficial and bring about positive results. However, we cannot neglect the element of side effects. Given that, you should consult with an expert to minimise the risks of adverse effects and enhance the possibility of better results. 

Schedule your appointment at Royal Cosmetic Surgery Islamabad to address erectile dysfunction. If you want to regain the power to have enjoyable and satisfactory intercourse, then let us deal with this problem as we have the expertise and offer personalised treatments.


Pros & Cons of Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

If you are dealing with an issue and you have a solution, then you must seek the solution. You are not born to live with problems. Get this problem treated, eliminate your self-made barriers and find a way to enjoy your life to the fullest.
The cost of treating erectile dysfunction largely relies on the type of procedure that a person chooses. Furthermore, it also depends on the experience of a surgeon and the clinic’s location. Normally, the cost of this treatment lies somewhere between PKR 150,000 to PKR 500,000
You can regain your strength by modifying your lifestyle and seeking proper treatment. You must consult with your healthcare professional to find the most suitable treatment to deal with this problem.

What is the latest treatment option for erectile dysfunction in 2023?

Sexual health is integral for overall well-being and a quality lifestyle. It plays a crucial role in an individual’s personality and contributes to physical fitness and emotional satisfaction. Poor lifestyle, stress, depression and the aging factor can damage reproductive health and cause erectile dysfunction. A number of people are experiencing this problem. This issue can damage the individuality of a person and disturb personal and social aspects of his life. Erectile dysfunction treatment in Islamabad restores sexual health and improves quality of life. 

Let’s Understand What Erectile Dysfunction Is!

Erectile dysfunction is the inability of an individual to achieve or maintain an erection required for sexual intercourse. A person facing this issue cannot satisfy the needs of his partner because of his inability to maintain a penile erection. This problem becomes a source of embarrassment and frustration and disturbs an individual’s marital relationship. Furthermore, his personal and social life is also compromised and he finds himself in a state of anxiety.

Erectile dysfunction treatment in Islamabad vitalizes an individual’s life. Treating this issue not only improves the relationship of an individual but also augments his social interaction and improves his performance. In addition to that, a person finds a rejuvenated spirit, becomes able to enjoy his sexual life and express himself without any hesitation.


  • Inability to achieve erection
  • Inability to maintain erection
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Trouble reaching orgasm
  • Less firmer erection
  • Stress and depression

Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction:

Normally, this is deemed a psychological problem, but it also has other causes related to physical issues. It means myriad reasons can cause this issue. It is crucial to understand the origin or basis of ED to treat it properly. Here are a few potential causes.

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Poor lifestyle
  • Lack of physical activities
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Vascular issues
  • The aging factor

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment In Islamabad: Top Benefits

  • Its treatment improves sexual performance and allows satisfying sexual relationships
  • Eliminates the cause of strained relationships and enhances bonding
  • Boosts confidence and restores the vitality of an individual
  • Contributes to the overall emotional and mental well-being of an individual
  • Improves intimacy and communication between partners
  • Deals with stress and depression and restores normal behavior
  • This leads to a better lifestyle and makes an individual confident

What Is The Latest Treatment Option For Erectile Dysfunction In 2023?

Several treatment options are there to address this issue. The purpose of erectile dysfunction treatment in Islamabad is to deal with the erection inability of an individual and restore normal sexual performance. These treatments include the use of medication, non-invasive and surgical options. Given the causes of this issue, all treatments are suitable to a certain extent. The practitioner first tries to understand the cause of this problem and then recommends the most suitable treatment based on his analysis or probe.

The latest treatment option to treat ED is penile implant in Islamabad. This treatment involves the insertion of a medical device into the penis. This is a surgical solution that restores the ability of an individual to perform normal sexual activity by injecting special devices. Regardless of the severity of erectile dysfunction, it is a highly reliable solution that offers spontaneous erection. This enduring treatment deals with impotence, improves sexual performance and eliminates the need for other treatments such as medications, etc. 

Why Penile Implant?

  • To permanently resolve erectile dysfunction issue
  • To restore intimacy and sexual satisfaction
  • To improve sexual performance
  • To ameliorate the quality of life
  • To boost confidence and self-esteem
  • To get rid of medicines

The Bottom Line:

Erectile dysfunction is the inability to achieve or maintain an erection required for normal sexual activity. This issue is not uncommon nowadays because many individuals are experiencing this issue because of several reasons such as poor lifestyle, stress, depression, anxiety, vascular issues, etc. Erectile dysfunction treatment in Islamabad restores the sense of youthfulness and improves the sexual performance of an individual. Penile implant in Islamabad is the latest and most effective treatment. This treatment permanently resolves this issue and eradicates the need for other temporary solutions.

Book your appointment at Royal Cosmetic Surgery Islamabad to treat ED issues effectively. Our clinic is known for its customized and advanced treatment options. If you are experiencing this issue, visit Royal Cosmetic Surgery Islamabad to revitalize your sexual health and improve your sexual performance.

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