How do doctors address erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction treatment in Islamabad reproduces the potential and essence to enjoy intimate life to the fullest. Modern lifestyle, which normalises the consumption of junk food, causes stress and anxiety and also the use of medication can lead to importance or make an individual unable to maintain the erection required for satisfactory sexual activity. This specific condition tarnishes the personality of an individual and eliminates the confidence and self-esteem of an individual. 

Revitalise Your Vitality: Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

If a person is capable of performing intimate activities, he will enjoy his relationship with his partner. His self-image and body posture will exhibit confidence. On the flip side, if a person is unable to satisfy his partner in bed, he may not be able to produce a confident personality. Furthermore, an impotent man cannot enjoy his life and even cannot complete his normal routines. 

Erectile dysfunction treatment revitalises an individual’s potential and energy. This procedure helps an individual achieve an erection to maintain sexual activity and satisfy his partner. It deals with difficulties in achieving a sufficient erection. There are several causes that can lead to this condition. Based on its causes, different treatment approaches are adopted to get better results.

Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction:

Several factors, such as growing age, poor diet, health issues and psychological conditions, can diminish an individual’s ability to sustain sufficient erection or his ability to satisfy his partner. So, there are physical and emotional causes that lead to this problem. 

  • Limited blood flow into the penis
  • Disturbance in nerve signals
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Stress at home or work
  • Stroke
  • Hormonal Imbalance
  • Penile abnormalities
  • Obesity

How Do Doctors Address Erectile Dysfunction?

Given that psychological phenomena such as stress, anxiety and depression can also cause this issue, you can also treat it by modifying your lifestyle and adopting a healthy lifestyle and proper diet plan. Besides that, doctors also consider medical or surgical approaches to address this specific concern.

Oral Medications

Doctors also recommend specific medicines to men who are unable to sustain sufficient erection. These medicines include Cialis, Viagra and Stendra. The use of these medicines improves blood flow into the penis and prolongs the ability for sexual intercourse. Medications are not recommended to everyone, so you must seek the suggestion of an expert before using any such medicine.


The direct administration of medicines into the penis via injections has also become a common practice to treat ED. This procedure aims to increase blood flow into the penis by relaxing the smooth muscles. Healthcare providers suggest this way of dealing with impotence. This is an effective approach. However, it involves a few risk factors. You must get a consultation session before considering this method.

Penile Implant in Islamabad

If an individual does not get any benefit from other treatments, then a penile implant is considered. This is the most advanced and effective way of dealing with ED. During this procedure, a surgical device is inserted into the penis to increase the erection duration. The implant offers on-demand spontaneous erection results and also reproduces the element of satisfaction and contentment. 

The Bottom Line:

Factors such as growing age, depression, anxiety and poor diet diminish an individual’s ability to enjoy the pleasure of satisfied sexual activity as he cannot sustain sufficient erection. This condition is called erectile dysfunction. Nowadays, many people are suffering because of this problem. It can also be treated by modifying lifestyle. Besides that, medical approaches such as medicines, injections and penile implants can be performed to address this problem. If you are dealing with this issue, consult your professional for proper and effective treatment. 

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How do doctors address erectile dysfunction?

AccordDoctors analyse the conditions of a patient and then decide which is the best procedure for a specific patient. They can treat this condition via medications, injections or penile implants. The treatment method is selected based on the specific requirements of a patient.ion Sample Description
Restores normal sexual activity of an impotent personAllows an individual to maintain sufficient erectionImproves the relationships between partnersEnhances quality of life and adds joy and pleasureBoosts the confidence and self-esteem of an individual
Yes. If you are dealing with erectile dysfunction or are unsatisfied to maintain an erection, then do not worry because you can treat this problem. Royal Cosmetic Surgery offers numerous treatments to address this specific problem and add joy to your life.