How many P-shot Injections be needed for ED

P-shot injections in Islamabad treat erectile dysfunction, enlarge the penis, improve penile function, and boost sexual performance. This non-surgical therapy improves sexual functionality, provides satisfaction, and helps a person enjoy his private times and build his relationship.

Along with physical health, sexual wellness is crucial. The ability of a man to meet his partner’s wants builds their relationship, strengthens their links, allows them to have frequent sexual activity, and gives him self-confidence. A man may feel uncomfortable if he can’t maintain a hard erection or if his privates are too small.

What are P-shots?

Erectile dysfunction can be treated with penile implant surgery in Islamabad. Many avoid the operation due to its surgical nature. Our P-shot injections can help non-surgical patients achieve their goals.

This medical technique injects platelet-rich plasma into the penis by a qualified professional. It is effective, affordable, and suited for people seeking minimally invasive therapies to restore sexual health and resolve erectile dysfunctions and size issues.

The main advantages

  • First, it is less invasive and requires no incisions.
  • Increase blood flow to the penis and increase its function.
  • This prevents erection loss, which is crucial for a pleasurable sexual session.
  • Increases circumference and highlights size.
  • Enhances enjoyment and lets one satisfy a mate.
  • Increases self-esteem and confidence

What improvements will I get?

There are many benefits to this treatment. The penis will receive more blood after this procedure.

  • Your erections will harden and improve.
  • Increase penis circumference and size.
  • To enhance sexual pleasure and satisfaction
  • Promote sexual and intimate enjoyment.
  • enhances sensitivity and pleasure

Can I treat my erectile dysfunction without Viagra?

There are many non-drug ways to treat erectile dysfunction (ED). The P-Shot, also known as the Priapus Shot, is a unique, non-invasive, and natural treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED) without Viagra. This innovative treatment uses platelet-rich plasma (PRP) from the patient’s blood to promote tissue growth and blood flow in the penile region.

How Does it Work?

The P-shot, short for Priapus shot, is similar to PRP injections. The candidate’s blood is centrifuged for 15 minutes after being drawn. After centrifugation, the material is removed and injected into the treated penis.

Inoculating penile tissues with one’s own cells and tissues improves erections. This stimulates tissue growth, strengthening the erection. This treatment helps with several ailments, including:

  • ED is erectile dysfunction.
  • Skin sclerosis acquired
  • Treating a disease where scar tissue bends the penis when erect.
  • Penis augmentation studies improve function, performance, and orgasm.


P-shot findings appear at different times depending on circumstances. Overall health is most important for sexual and general wellness. Results of the Priapus Shot might be seen days to months after treatment. People with mild to severe erectile dysfunction usually see improvement within days. 

However, you must choose a trained practitioner who can accurately perform your therapy and produce results that are beneficial and satisfying. It’s obvious that sexual health affects happiness, contentment, and productivity. If he cannot satisfy his partner in bed, he may suffer from depression and anxiety. P-shot injections in Islamabad increase penile circumference and size. This medication increases penis blood flow. 

It treats erectile dysfunction and helps men sustain erections. Individuals usually have different needs and aspirations. Because of this, the scope of this operation varies by person. Check RCS for your specific treatment conditions.

How many P-shot injection sessions are needed?

This medical procedure injects platelet-rich plasma (PRP) into the penis under supervision to treat various sexual problems. Because everyone’s needs differ, no two people can have the same number of P-shot injections. Because everyone has different goals and needs, the number of sessions needed varies.

A surgeon will decide after examining the patient. Some people benefit from one session, and surgeons usually recommend many shots. Some people need more than two monthly dosages. This concludes the answer to this question. 

A person must consult their doctor to learn more about this procedure and discuss his needs. 

P-shots Cost in Islamabad: 

In Islamabad, P-shots can cost anywhere from PKR 15,000 to PKR 20,000. Due to the wide range of possible parameters, individual differences may exist in the price of the treatment technique. The overall cost of the procedure is affected by the number of sessions, the skill level of the surgeon, and the type of therapy utilized in various locations.. 

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