cost of prp hair treatment

 PRP hair treatment in Islamabad overcomes your hair loss problem, unlocks your vibrant personality and boosts confidence. Modern lifestyle contributes to several diseases and issues, and hair fall is one of them. It affects both men and women equally and even leads to baldness. If you are also affected by continuous hair loss, this blog is for you. Read this and get the proper solution to say goodbye to your hair fall.

What is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy?

Basically, this is a medical procedure that involves a concentration of platelets. Besides clotting ability, platelets also instigate healing and cell reproduction. This therapy uses platelets to regrow hair. During the process, blood is extracted from the body and placed in a centrifuge machine that disconnects blood cells and separates the platelets. The separated platelets are then injected into the targeted area to regrow hair or foster cell growth. 

Benefits of PRP treatment in Islamabad

PRP treatment offers several advantages in the context of hair loss. It regrows hair, stimulates hair growth, gives a natural look and, above all, it is a non-invasive procedure and has minimal downtime.

Stimulates Hair Growth

Platelets are used to fuel cell regeneration. The patient’s own blood is used to obtain platelets to avoid complexities and side effects. These platelets are then injected to activate the dormant hair follicles, encouraging hair growth.

Improves Hair Quality

Sometimes, hair quality decreases, and their charm fades. That situation no more excites an individual to comb. Generally, this situation occurs because of poor diet and neglecting hair care. So, in order to revamp the natural shine and improve hair texture and overall quality of hair, PRP therapy is performed. 

Natural Approach

PRP treatment is a natural approach to regrowing lost hair and making them shine again. An individual’s own blood is used in this procedure, reducing the chances of allergic reactions and any side effects. 

Less Invasive procedure

This medical treatment is a non-surgical hair treatment procedure. Only blood from a body part is taken, and then platelets are inserted into the body. This process requires no significant cut on the incision. As this process is less invasive, its recovery time is also minimal.

Who Can Get PRP Treatment in Islamabad?

There are people who do not want to undergo any surgical procedure and have a passion for getting the shining of their back can get this treatment in Islamabad. Furthermore, people looking to improve their skin tone and texture can opt for this treatment. In addition,  those who intend to make their hair thicker and stronger can choose PRP treatment in Islamabad.

What is the Cost of PRP Treatment in Islamabad?

The cost of PRP treatment varies from person to person as several factors influence the cost of hair treatment in Islamabad. Generally, It ranges from PKR to PKR.

Following are a few factors that influence the cost of PRP treatment

Complexity of Session

Hair loss issues are person-specific. Every person has a different problem and, based on that, requires specific treatment. Some people face acute hair loss problems, but several people have comparatively mild hair fall issues. So, the cost will be different for all.

Experience of Practitioner

A novice practitioner cannot charge the same fee as an experienced and certified professional. Experience matters. This perspective also influences and determines the cost of PRP treatment in Islamabad.

Treatment Area

The location of a clinic and local market trends also define the cost bracket. PRP treatment in a smaller or unpopular area will be cheaper than in metropolitan areas. 

Extent of Services

Some clinics also offer some additional services such as complementary therapies, post-treatment care products, etc. So, these clinics will definitely charge more and include the cost of additional services in the original package. 

Post-treatment Procedures

The patient might feel swelling or itching in the treated area. That’s why it is crucial to follow prescribed post-treatment recommendations. If you feel pain or are swelling, you can use painkillers but should not use steroids in any case. You can use a clean hat to protect the treated site, but it must be unpolluted. 

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