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Can you curl eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions in Islamabad add length and volume to natural lashes, enhance aesthetics and increase the charm and elegance of facial appearance. Furthermore, it gives a feeling of satisfaction and self-assurance by adding a touch of rejuvenation and youthfulness. Many women often ask whether they can curl them. In this blog, we will address that Can you curl eyelash extensions?

Elevate Your Look And Discover Your Beauty!

Whether you want to look more dramatic and glamorous or make your special occasions memorable, this aesthetic approach can meet your desired ends. During this procedure, synthetic fibre is applied to eyelashes to increase their volume and thickness. People who intend to enhance the elegance of their personalities must consider this approach. 

Beauty Behind Extensions:

Given today’s social requirements, one cannot overlook the importance of attractive and denser lashes and an overall facial look. Furthermore, everyone loves the idea of enchanting eyes, and this is the way to achieve beautiful, gorgeous and glamorous eyes. Not only do they offer uniqueness and captivation, but they also make a person look youthful.

Core Benefits:

  • Instantly boost the beauty and enhance the grace of a woman’s personality
  • Increase volume and density and add to the fullness of natural lashes
  • Enable people to bring about their desired outcomes
  • Offer a natural look and does not produce any sign of unnatural
  • Eliminate the need for mascara and extends an effortless glamour
  • Produce a natural look, and water cannot damage them
  • Boost confidence and increase self-assurance

Can You Curl Eyelash Extensions?

Normally, it is not possible to curl them with a mechanical curler. Swirling synthetic ones may damage them. Though you can curl natural lashes, experts usually do not recommend this approach for synthetic ones. They are designed properly, and users cannot alter their shape or design. So, you have to maintain their predetermined form. A change in their original formation with a mechanical curler may damage them.

At Royal Cosmetic Surgery, Our experts provide you with your desired outcomes. You do not need to alter their formation. It is a customised approach, and you should inform your practitioner about your specific requirements or objectives to get your desired ends. If you still want to do some modifications, then you may consider a heated eyelash curler. But it is better to consult with a professional before using it.

Dos For The Technique:

  • Consult with an expert. A professional advice will help you understand your specific requirements and the best possible treatment
  • Wait for about two days before going for curling; give enough time for to adhesive to settle properly
  • Do not put extensive pressure and complete the procedure gently
  • Use a heated eyelash curler to meet your specific ends


Eyelash extensions in Islamabad treat the issue of sparse lashes and add to their density and volume and enable you to make an event memorable. This approach gives a vibrant, attractive and youthful appearance without causing any discomfort and pain.

Consider this cosmetic method to enhance the rejuvenation and elegance of your facial profile! Do not use a mechanical curler. If you need to do that, then you can utilise a heated curler.

Schedule your appointment at Royal Cosmetic Surgery Islamabad to address your cosmetic concerns. Whatever aesthetic issue you are encountering, we have the right solution. Visit our clinic, get a consultation session and make an informed decision!


Can you curl eyelash extensions?

Do not use a mechanical curler, but use a heated curler to swirl your extensions. But do not do it without consulting an expert. A practitioner will assist you in getting your desired outcomes.
A person should wait for about 48 hours to go for curling after getting eyelash extensions.  The used adhesive will settle properly during this time, and the risk of damage will be minimised.
Yes. You can. But it is not a good decision because incorrect techniques may damage them. That’s why you need to get the services of a skilled professional.

The Dos and Don’ts of Eyelash Extension Aftercare

Achieving luscious, fluttery eyelashes through extensions is a beauty trend that captivates many. While the application process is crucial, proper aftercare plays an equally significant role in maintaining the longevity and health of your eyelash extensions in Islamabad. 

In this blog post, we’ll explore the dos &  don’ts of eyelash extension aftercare to help you enjoy beautiful lashes for weeks. So, take a moment and read the following details!

Dos & Don’ts of Eyelash Extension

The Dos:

Gentle Cleansing:

Do cleanse your eyelashes daily using a lash-friendly cleanser. Use a mild, oil-free cleanser, a lint-free applicator, or your fingertips to cleanse the lash line gently. Clean lashes not only look better but also contribute to the overall health of your natural lashes.

Use Oil-Free Products:

Do opt for oil-free beauty products, especially around the eye area. Oil-based products can break down the lash adhesive, leading to premature extension loss. Choose oil-free makeup removers, eyeliners, and mascaras to maintain the bond between natural and extended lashes.

Comb Regularly:

Use a clean mascara wand or a specialized eyelash comb to brush your lashes daily. It helps prevent tangling and ensures a neat, polished look. Gently comb through the lashes from the base to the tips, careful not to pull or tug on the extensions.

Protect While Sleeping:

Sleep on your back or silk pillowcase to minimize friction between your extensions and the pillow. Avoid pressing your face into the pillow directly, which can cause lashes to bend or break. Consider using a sleep mask to protect your lashes while sleeping.

Be Mindful of Water Exposure:

Be cautious with water exposure, especially in the first 24-48 hours after the application. Avoid hot tubs, saunas, and excessive steam, as these can weaken the adhesive. Once the initial period has passed, feel free to enjoy water activities, but pat your lashes dry instead of rubbing them.

Schedule Regular Refills:

Do schedule regular refill appointments to maintain your lash extensions. Natural lashes shed and grow, and frequent refills ensure that your extensions remain full and even. Waiting too long between charges can result in a patchy appearance.

Inform Your Technician About Issues:

Do communicate with your lash technician if you experience any irritation, redness, or discomfort. Allergic reactions or adhesive-related issues should be addressed promptly to prevent further complications.

The Don’ts:

Avoid Oil-Based Products:

Don’t use oil-based makeup removers, cleansers, or skincare products on or around your eyes. Oil breaks down the adhesive, leading to premature lash extension loss. Opt for oil-free alternatives to maintain the integrity of the bond.

Say No to Waterproof Mascara:

Don’t use waterproof mascara on your lash extensions. Removing waterproof mascara requires oil-based removers, which can compromise the adhesive. If you desire additional volume, consult your technician about lash-safe mascaras or consider a lash lift.

Skip the Rubbing:

Don’t rub or pull on your eyelash extensions. Rubbing can cause the lashes to twist or become misshapen, and tugging may lead to premature shedding. Be gentle when cleansing, drying, and combing your lashes.

Avoid Excessive Heat:

Don’t expose your lash extensions to excessive heat sources. Curling irons, hairdryers, and other heat-emitting devices can affect the adhesive. Protect your eyes during activities involving heat and avoid getting too close to open flames.

Resist the Urge to Pick:

Don’t pick at your lash extensions. Picking can damage both the wings and your natural lashes. If you notice out-of-place lashes, consult your technician for professional removal or adjustment.

Limit Tinting and Perming:

Don’t tint or perm your lash extensions. These chemical processes can compromise the integrity of the extensions and may lead to breakage. Stick to professional lash extension procedures for the best results.

Stay Away from DIY Removal:

Don’t attempt to remove your lash extensions at home. DIY removal can damage your natural lashes and the delicate skin around your eyes. Seek professional assistance if you wish to have your extensions removed or adjusted.

All Summed Up!

At Royal Cosmetic Surgery Islamabad, Eyelash extensions can transform your look, providing a stunning, low-maintenance solution for beautifully framed eyes. However, achieving long-lasting and healthy lashes requires diligent aftercare. 

Following the Dos & Don’ts of Eyelash Extension outlined in this comprehensive guide ensures that your eyelash extensions remain flawless, allowing you to bat those beautiful lashes confidently. Remember, proper aftercare enhances the longevity of your extensions and promotes the overall health of your natural lashes.

What is the cost of eyelash extensions in Islamabad?

Eyelash extensions in Islamabad are a cosmetic procedure that is carried out to create a captivating and allure look. Extensions offer a polished and glamorous look to eyes, augment the beauty of facial appearance and add to the charm and elegance of an individual’s personality. Women with sparse lashes can consider this cosmetic procedure to enhance their uniqueness and individuality. This blog will inform you about the benefits and the cost of eyelash extensions.

Eyelash Extensions: Overview

The length and volume of lashes play a defining role in the personality of an individual. People with sparse natural lashes often feel unsatisfied and discontented and seek proper treatment to conceal this flaw and improve the grace of their personalities.

Eyelash extensions are synthetic or natural fibres that are used to add thickness and style to lashes. It is a beauty procedure that enhances the appearance of the eyes by adding volume and thickness to natural lashes and creating a bold and attractive appearance. Individuals having short or sparse lashes should consider this procedure to augment their personality aesthetics by adding a reflection of glamour and boldness.


Initially, an expert analyzes the requirements of an individual. This initial evaluation helps him understand the required shade and length. Furthermore, the professional cleans the specific area and removes dirt. Following that, extensions are meticulously placed through adhesive. 

Frame Your Beauty: Top Benefits:

  • Creates a glamorous and refreshing look
  • Offers a personalized solution for thin or sparse lashes
  • The results of eyelash extensions are natural-looking
  • Enables people to be ready for events such as weddings and parties
  • Eliminates the need for mascara and makes eyes look more beautiful
  • Offers desired look as a variety of lashes are available 
  • Produces a thick, bold and trendsetter look
  • Boosts the confidence and self-esteem of an individual

What Is The Cost Of Eyelash Extensions In Islamabad?

The cost of eyelash extensions in Islamabad is PKR 10,000. The cost is not the same for every person because the overall price of extensions depends on a few cost-determining factors. These factors include but are not limited to the type of extensions,  individual requirements or the number of lashes an individual requires, maintenance cost, the clinic’s location and the expertise of a professional. 

Given that, the cost of eyelash extensions differs from person to person. You can consult with our professional to satisfy your concerns and make your mind. 

How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Last?

The duration of its results varies from person to person. Normally, it is deemed that extensions can easily last for about 6 to 8 weeks. If you properly take care of them, take regular fill-ups, avoid unusual contact and follow the instructions of a professional, then you can observe even more extended results 

Aftercare Instructions:

If you get eyelash extensions, then you must follow aftercare procedures to get long-term results and extended benefits.

  • Do not rub or pull lashes as it could displace them
  • Do not wash the treated area for about a day, as the application of water can damage the adhesive
  • Refrain from using make-up products containing oil-based products
  • To avoid lash entangling, brush them regularly
  • Maintenance sessions are required for extended results; do not ignore them

The Bottom Line:

Eyelash extensions in Islamabad deal with sparse natural lashes, create a bold and attractive eye appearance and refine the aesthetics of the look. People unsatisfied with the appearance of their lashes or seeking a refreshed look for a particular event can consider this custom-made cosmetic technique. The cost varies because it depends on the type of extensions, specific requirements of a person, the clinic’s location, etc. Consider eyelash extensions if you want to augment the aesthetics of your eyes and make yourself more attractive and beautiful.

Schedule your appointment at Royal Cosmetic Surgery Islamabad to meet your cosmetic ends. We are always here to improve your life by adding value and glow to your personality. Visit our clinic, get a consultation session and make an informed decision!


What is the cost of eyelash extensions in Islamabad?

Swelling, redness, skin irritation and infection. These are a few side effects of this cosmetic procedure. These issues can be overcome or negated if you get this treatment from an expert.
Yes. They do. If you get extensions, you will observe a natural-looking appearance. Definitely, you will not like it if you do not get the symmetry and perfect blend. So, they are designed in a way that they offer natural-looking results.
You may observe discomfort during the treatment. Generally, the sensation of pain or discomfort is easily manageable.

Do eyelash extensions make you more attractive?

Eyelash extensions in Islamabad offer a glamorous look instantly and improve the length and volume of lashes. Fluttering and luminescent eyes are deemed the projection of captivating beauty. Eyelash extensions elevate the allure of your eyes. Undoubtedly, like other facial features, eyelash manifests the beauty of an individual. This blog will inform you whether eyelash extensions make you more attractive.

Eyelash Extensions in Islamabad: Introduction 

Augmenting natural beauty is the desire of every individual, and several medical procedures are carried out to enhance natural beauty and improve facial features to produce an attractive and charming personality. This is a non-surgical and non-invasive cosmetic procedure designed to improve the aesthetics of eyelashes. Synthetic or natural fibres are attached to existing lashes during this procedure with the help of a specialized adhesive.

Eyelash Extensions: Benefits

  • This procedure increases the length and volume of lashes
  • Offers natural-looking and attractive lashes
  • Eyelash extensions in Islamabad improve personal appearance
  • This is a long-lasting solution that eliminates the need for mascara
  • An individual can get extensions based on her preferences
  • Reduces your makeup time 

Procedure For Getting Extensions

A trained lash technician holds a detailed consultation with the person seeking this treatment. This helps the technician decide the suitable extension type for the specific person. Before initiating the procedure, the practitioner cleans the area and removes makeup, debris or oil. During this procedure, you can choose your desired type of extension based on a specific function or personal choice because extensions are available in different lengths, curls and thicknesses. The technician uses a pair of tweezers and isolates natural lash, and then attaches extensions articulately. This process is complete. You will be given some instructions to follow for optimal results.

Do Eyelash Extensions Make You More Attractive?

Yes, this procedure makes you look more attractive as it redefines the volume and length of your extension, making you look more beautiful. This procedure enhances the overall appearance of an individual and boosts self-esteem. More extensive and brighter lashes give the appearance of a wide-eyed gaze.

Side Effects of Lash Extensions:

  • Eye irritation or redness
  • Allergic reaction
  • Swelling 
  • Premature shedding
  • Chances of bacteria and dirt

Am I a Suitable Candidate For Eyelash Extensions in Islamabad?

You are a suitable candidate

  • If you want to enhance the length and volume of your natural lashes
  • If you have sparse or thin eyelash
  • If you want to get rid of mascara
  • If you are not allergic to the used adhesive
  • If you want to look more gorgeous and special on a special occasion

How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Typically Last?

The duration of extensions differs from person to person as it depends on factors such as an individual’s lash growth cycle, aftercare, the type of adhesive used and the quality of extensions. Normally, it remains for 4 to 6 weeks; as your natural lashes grow, extensions become thin over time and gradually fall out.

The Cost of Eyelash Extensions in Islamabad:

 The cost may vary because of the type and quality of extension, number of lash extensions, requirements of a specific style and customization, the clinic’s location and the surgeon’s expertise. Generally, The cost of eyelash extensions in Islamabad starts from PKR 10,000. 


  • Keep the treated site clean and dry
  • Use recommended antibiotics 
  • Avoid strenuous activities after the treatment
  • If you feel any unusual symptoms, report them to your practitioner 

All Summed Up!

Eyelash extensions in Islamabad make you look more attractive. This treatment will offer you a younger and more attractive look, especially if you have sparse or thin lashes because of age. This is a non-surgical, customized and feasible procedure enhancing your personal appearance and self-image. As it makes you look more attractive, it eventually boosts your self-esteem and confidence.

We at Royal Cosmetic Surgery Islamabad offer customized eyelash extensions to meet your desired ends because we prioritize your preferences and strive hard to satisfy our clients. If you have naturally sparse lashes, then visit Royal Cosmetic Surgery Islamabad to improve your personality and attractiveness.

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