How to Wash Your Face with Lash Extensions?

Ensuring your face is clean if you have eyelash extensions is essential. Failure to wear the extensions properly can infect the eyes; the skin around the eyes becomes inflamed, and the extension gets ruined. People fear losing their long, shiny, and expensive false eyelashes for face washing, but this can be done without damaging them. Failure to adhere to these tips impacts not only the skin health but also the durability of the extensions, thereby requiring frequent and expensive replacement. There is no reason to feel that you cannot get the best look you have always wanted due to fear. Let’s see how you can wash your face after EyeLash Extension treatment.

What are Lash Extensions?

Synthetic, silk, and mink are some of the most common types of lashes used in applying eyelash extensions. 

  • Synthetic is a popular type of false eyelashes; it is made from acrylic and is the most long-lasting. 
  • Silk is less dense and more flexible than mink hair and does not appear fake. 
  • Mink lashes are the thinnest and are made from real mink fur, making them appear very natural.

The duration of the lash extensions depends on the type of material and the level of maintenance. Generally, lash extensions last between 6 and 8 weeks, depending on the natural cycle of the individual’s eyelashes. 

How to Wash Your Face With Eyelash Extensions?

  • The first step is face washing—ideally, start with makeup removal. Using oil-free makeup remover, lightly pat the face and around the eyes to remove eyeliners, lip colors, and foundation. Remember not to make vigorous eye movements, especially rubbing the eyes. 
  • Wash your face with a gentle cleanser after removing the makeup as instructed above.
  • Massage the cleanser gently into the palm and spread it onto your fingertips. 
  • Do not rub the eyes to maintain the extensions. After this, wash your face with warm water and dry it with another clean towel.
  • Lastly, use a spoolie brush to rag through your lashes to ensure that all the extensions are correctly arranged. This will make them appear well-groomed and help clean any dirt likely to accumulate on the parts.

Step-by-Step Guide to Washing Your Face with Lash Extensions

Step 1: Remove Makeup Carefully

First, wash your face with an oil-free makeup remover since applying makeup leaves the face oily. Oil can dissolve the glue bonding the extensions to your natural eyelashes and thus cause early removal. Use warm water to wash and remove your makeup gently; make sure that you do not hurt your eyes. If you apply mascara frequently, never touch or pull the lashes, which may harm the area.

Step 2: Choose the Right Cleanser

It helps to avoid rubbing the skin and lashes and choosing an oil-free cleanser is equally crucial for your skin. Choose products that do not contain oil or are specially designed for sensitive skin. Do not use so-called ‘harsh’ products that contain ingredients such as alcohol, sulfate, or any form of fragrance, as these make the eyes irritated and reduce the bonding strength of the glue used in applying the lashes. Mild, nonabrasive, and non-toxic products are the best bet.

Step 3: Wet Your Face Gently

Start washing your face using warm water, but ensure it is slightly warm. Cold or hot weather is not very friendly to our skin and affects the lash extensions. Do not turn the water on your face or head, especially near your face area, because this would remove the extensions.

Step 4: Apply Cleanser

Wet your fingertips and apply a small amount of cleanser; move the cleanser around your face in a circular motion. Avoid rubbing the lashes and the surrounding area by using only clean hands to wash around the eye region. This helps protect the extension while guaranteeing that your face is clean.

Step 5: Rinse Thoroughly

Lastly, wash your face with lukewarm water to wash off all traces of the cleanser. Always be soft, and do not use water to wash your eyes. Finally, gently press your face with a clean and soft dryer or towel. Blow-dry the area with a towel without rubbing it against your skin or lash extensions.

Cost of Eyelash Extension in Islamabad:

Full-set lash Extensions in Islamabad will generally cost between PKR 10,000. This price can be for one session or several sessions and includes any repetitions or follow-up appointments needed.

The cost of eyelash extensions in Islamabad depends on several factors, such as

  • The clinic location, 
  • The type of lashing you use
  • The experience of an aesthetician. 

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