Can you curl eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions in Islamabad add length and volume to natural lashes, enhance aesthetics and increase the charm and elegance of facial appearance. Furthermore, it gives a feeling of satisfaction and self-assurance by adding a touch of rejuvenation and youthfulness. Many women often ask whether they can curl them. In this blog, we will address that Can you curl eyelash extensions?

Elevate Your Look And Discover Your Beauty!

Whether you want to look more dramatic and glamorous or make your special occasions memorable, this aesthetic approach can meet your desired ends. During this procedure, synthetic fibre is applied to eyelashes to increase their volume and thickness. People who intend to enhance the elegance of their personalities must consider this approach. 

Beauty Behind Extensions:

Given today’s social requirements, one cannot overlook the importance of attractive and denser lashes and an overall facial look. Furthermore, everyone loves the idea of enchanting eyes, and this is the way to achieve beautiful, gorgeous and glamorous eyes. Not only do they offer uniqueness and captivation, but they also make a person look youthful.

Core Benefits:

  • Instantly boost the beauty and enhance the grace of a woman’s personality
  • Increase volume and density and add to the fullness of natural lashes
  • Enable people to bring about their desired outcomes
  • Offer a natural look and does not produce any sign of unnatural
  • Eliminate the need for mascara and extends an effortless glamour
  • Produce a natural look, and water cannot damage them
  • Boost confidence and increase self-assurance

Can You Curl Eyelash Extensions?

Normally, it is not possible to curl them with a mechanical curler. Swirling synthetic ones may damage them. Though you can curl natural lashes, experts usually do not recommend this approach for synthetic ones. They are designed properly, and users cannot alter their shape or design. So, you have to maintain their predetermined form. A change in their original formation with a mechanical curler may damage them.

At Royal Cosmetic Surgery, Our experts provide you with your desired outcomes. You do not need to alter their formation. It is a customised approach, and you should inform your practitioner about your specific requirements or objectives to get your desired ends. If you still want to do some modifications, then you may consider a heated eyelash curler. But it is better to consult with a professional before using it.

Dos For The Technique:

  • Consult with an expert. A professional advice will help you understand your specific requirements and the best possible treatment
  • Wait for about two days before going for curling; give enough time for to adhesive to settle properly
  • Do not put extensive pressure and complete the procedure gently
  • Use a heated eyelash curler to meet your specific ends


Eyelash extensions in Islamabad treat the issue of sparse lashes and add to their density and volume and enable you to make an event memorable. This approach gives a vibrant, attractive and youthful appearance without causing any discomfort and pain.

Consider this cosmetic method to enhance the rejuvenation and elegance of your facial profile! Do not use a mechanical curler. If you need to do that, then you can utilise a heated curler.

Schedule your appointment at Royal Cosmetic Surgery Islamabad to address your cosmetic concerns. Whatever aesthetic issue you are encountering, we have the right solution. Visit our clinic, get a consultation session and make an informed decision!


Can you curl eyelash extensions?

Do not use a mechanical curler, but use a heated curler to swirl your extensions. But do not do it without consulting an expert. A practitioner will assist you in getting your desired outcomes.
A person should wait for about 48 hours to go for curling after getting eyelash extensions.  The used adhesive will settle properly during this time, and the risk of damage will be minimised.
Yes. You can. But it is not a good decision because incorrect techniques may damage them. That’s why you need to get the services of a skilled professional.