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Can HIFU Treatment Help in Removing a Double Chin?

Do you frequently stare at your double chin in your bathroom mirror and wish it would disappear? Consider how miserable and uncomfortable you would be after attempting numerous therapies and seeing no results. However, what if there is a hopeful remedy? A revolutionary therapy for double chins that targets the issue precisely and effectively. 

HIFU treatment might help you overcome self-doubt and become more confident and radiant. Give up your fears and embrace a more defined jawline. Explore how this forward-thinking strategy could solve your problem. 

How is a Double Chin Removed?

Double chin reduction therapy also utilizes the HIFU principle, but while it concentrates on the neck and chin area, instead of the face. Additionally, the treatment does not target the face. The ultrasonic energy used to remove a double chin targets the fat cells that cause it. The fat cells die due to a heat reaction. After weeks and months of treatment, the lymphatic system eliminates these fat cells as trash. This process continues until the final results are found.

From the start of treatment to the outcomes, the therapy works behind the scenes to reduce fat and tighten skin. Many beauty product ads mention collagen and elastin, which give skin its young appearance and renewing capabilities. By promoting skin cell growth in structural layers, the body can heal itself from the inside out.


Dead fat cells are removed, reducing the appearance of a double chin pocket because deceased fat cells are permanently removed.

  • The technology we use for Chin Sculpting has been clinically evaluated.
  • Contours High-intensity functional training (HIFU) lifts, firms, and tightens the jawline, neck, and chin while reducing fat.
  • Our Chin Sculpt is non-invasive and leaves no swelling or bruising. Only a little soreness may remain after treatment. This process has no downtime.
  • Our Chin Sculpt is painless and requires no anaesthesia. Therefore, no numbing cream is needed. This contrasts with other chin fat reduction methods.

What is a HIFU Treatment?

A handheld device delivers concentrated ultrasound energy to the chin during HIFU treatment. Some people may feel tingling or heat during therapy. The method is comfortable. The treatment usually lasts 30–60 minutes, depending on the location being treated.

Aftercare and Results

As collagen production increases, HIFU outcomes may improve over weeks. Sometimes, people see results after one session, but depending on the severity of the double chin, additional treatments may be necessary to achieve the best results.

No subsequent visits are required after the surgery. A few patients could experience a transient flush or suffering from mild rash, which should go down after 2-3 days.

Who should avoid HIFU sculpting?

HIFU is an inappropriate choice for the patients under 30 and over 75. The younger patient who wants to lift and remove their underskin fat needs a doctor to recommend HIFU first.

  • Medical authorities advise against HIFU double chin shaping for pregnant or lactating ladies.
  • Patients with diabetes, cardiovascular disease, liver disease, and endocrine and lymphatic illnesses should avoid HIFU.
  • If you have had Botox, fat, or gel injections without a break, wait two weeks before chin HIFU shaping.
  • If you have neck or chin skin allergies, warts, or herpes, you must wait to undergo double chin HIFU until the area heals.

Factors Affecting HIFU Results:

The following factors can affect double chin HIFU treatment efficacy:

  • Submental fat and skin suppleness affect the patient’s anatomy and improvement.
  • Number of Sessions: Some people may need multiple sessions to achieve their goals.
  • Lifestyle: Healthy habits like eating well and exercising can help maintain treatment results.
  • Age: Younger people have higher skin elasticity, which can boost results more.
  • Care After Treatment: Following post-treatment instructions and skincare practices can increase results.

Is HIFU for double chin reduction effective?

HIFU double chin sculpting is suitable for people with subcutaneous fat under the chin or minor skin looseness in the lower face or upper neck.

Candidates who are under 30 or over 75, pregnant or breastfeeding, have diabetes, liver disease, cardiovascular disease, or endocrine or lymphatic system disorders, or have active skin allergies, warts, or herpes in the chin or neck do not qualify.

Cost of HIFU Treatment In Islamabad:

The cost of HIFU Treatment in Islamabad ranges starts from 25,000 PKR per session. It may change due to factors like the clinic, the area being shaped, and the level of expertise displayed by health care providers. So, it’s prudent to work with skilled health personnel for proper and personalized cost determination according to your condition.

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Are you ready to lose your double chin and sculpt your jawline? Contact Royal Cosmetic Surgery today to learn more about HIFU therapy’s benefits. Our educated staff will assess your needs and offer customized solutions to help you achieve your goals. 

What are the benefits of chin liposuction?

Facial profile matters and an attractive one produces a youthful appearance, boosts confidence and self-esteem and improves social relations of a person. On the flip side, the ageing factor and dietary habits can damage it and affect its seductiveness. Chin liposuction in Islamabad eliminates excess fat in a non-surgical way and restores a captivating facial profile of an individual.

Experience The Ultimate Perfection: Overview

Nowadays, it is essential to establish or maintain the charm and grace of personality. Everyone loves having a desired and charming look. The contour of the chin also plays a crucial role in defining the allure of an individual’s personality aesthetics. Chin liposuction is a minimally invasive procedure used to remove excess fat from the chin area, improving its definition and contour and adding to the charm and glamour of an individual.

What Are The Benefits Of Chin Liposuction:

  • Targeted and eliminates excess fat under the skin or simply treats double chin
  • Improves the definition of the jawlines and neck and produces a contoured and refined look
  • A minimally invasive approach that makes you look attractive and charming
  • Offers quick results and allows people to get their desired outcomes
  • Removes excess fat and offers long-lasting benefits
  • Treats excess fat and also its adverse or psychological effects
  • Makes a person more social and increases his/her interactions
  • Restores the youthful, vibrant and charming version of a person
  • Boosts the confidence and self-esteem of an individual

Why To Consider Chin Liposuction?

No one can deny the importance of an attractive and graceful look. Not only does it make you confident and self-assured, but it also earns you respect. Furthermore, it brings about the sensation of satisfaction. Even a single defect may damage the attraction of an individual’s personality. This specific treatment addresses ageing signs and restores a natural-looking and youthful appearance. 

Consider It If You Want To

  • Treat excess fat from the specific area of the face
  • Produce a refined and contoured look
  • Aim to get back the grace and elegance of your personality
  • Feel a sense of vitality and energy
  • Enhance your glamour and charm

Who Is A Suitable Candidate For This Approach?

You may visit a doctor to explore your suitability. An expert will assist you in finding the most suitable treatment procedure. Also, take a look at the following points to get an idea of whether you are a suitable candidate:

  • Individuals dealing with noticeable excess fat under the chin
  • People seeking a procedure to improve their facial profile
  • Individuals with good skin elasticity
  • Women who are not pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Candidates who are in good health and have realistic expectations

How much does this method cost?

The cost of chin liposuction in Islamabad normally ranges from 145,000 PKR to 350,000 PKR. The price of the procedure is not the same for everyone. It varies from person to person because several factors can influence the price bracket. Factors such as the extent or scope of the technique, available services, the clinic’s location and the expertise of a surgeon determine the overall cost for a particular patient.

The Final Thought:

Chin liposuction in Islamabad is a minimally invasive treatment performed to remove excess under-the-skin fat, produce a contoured and well-defined appearance and make an individual look attractive and charming. It is a custom-made approach that allows individuals to see their desired facial features, boosting their confidence and self-esteem. If you aim to get back your youthful look without involving extensive surgeries, then this is a suitable technique to bring about your desired results.

Schedule your appointment at Royal Cosmetic Surgery Islamabad to reduce excess under-the-skin fat or other cosmetic concerns. We offer personalised treatments and make our patients see their desired results. Visit our clinic, get a consultation session and let us make you more attractive and confident!


What are the benefits of chin liposuction?

Yes. Chin liposuction in Islamabad eliminates double chin and rejuvenates the facial profile of an individual. It is a cheap yet effective way of restoring your youthfulness.
Generally, the results of chin liposuction in Islamabad are long-lasting because the excess fat is removed from the treated area. But to increase the longevity of its results, an individual needs to maintain his weight and a healthy lifestyle.
Yes. Chin liposuction in Islamabad removes excess fat from the treated area and improves the definition and contour, making an individual look younger.

Can Thyroid Cause Double Chin?

Personal beauty is always dear to us. Whether there is a man or woman, everyone aspires to look good and feel good. Several issues, such as double chin, disturb the symmetry and alignment of facial features, reducing the appeal and beauty of an individual. Double chin treatment in Islamabad restores the aesthetics of facial features and an individual’s youthful appearance. 

The accumulation of fat beneath the chin refers to the double chin. Several factors can cause this aesthetic problem, such as genetic predisposition, hormonal changes, weight gain, water retention and poor diet. Some people also believe that thyroid issues can also cause neck fat or a double chin. This blog will explore the truth and help you learn whether thyroid cause double chin or not?

Primary Causes:

  • Hormonal Changes
  • Poor Posture
  • Lack of Exercise
  • Genetic Issues
  • Weight Gain
  • Water Retention

Can Thyroid Cause Double Chin?

Thyroid glands create hormones to regulate the functions of the body. If there is any issue with these glands, then you may observe some issues in your body, such as double chin. Conditions such as hyperthyroidism can cause this issue. Hyperthyroidism is a  condition when these glands do not play their role or do not produce enough hormones to regulate their functions.

When thyroid glands are underactive, they can lead to weight gain, fluid retention and slow metabolism. The gained weight is distributed in the body, and it can also become submental fat. Besides that, fluid retention can also lead to swelling or may produce a double chin-like appearance. We can state that thyroid issues such as underactive performance of these glands may lead to double chin. This is not the only reason and is also not considered a primary cause for submental fat. This is just a factor that can damage the symmetry of facial structure by producing excess weight and fluid retention.

Create A Satisfactory Appearance! Double Chin Treatment

The accumulation of fat beneath the chin leads to aesthetic issues as it disturbs facial symmetry. Several cosmetic procedures are there that can deal with this problem and restore your desired or natural appearance.

Solutions To Redefine The Aesthetics Of Your Chin!


Liposuction in Islamabad is a surgical procedure that involves cuts or incisions. This procedure is carried out to remove excess fat from a targeted area of the body, such as the chin. A surgeon performs this treatment to extract fat and improve the contour and alignment of facial appearance. A cannula is used during the procedure to suction out the excess aft. 


This is a non-surgical fat removal method. This procedure freezes targeted fat cells in the body and resultantly eliminates them, improving the damaged appearance. We need to get a few sessions of this procedure for effective results.

Laser Therapy

During this procedure, concentrated beams of light are used to target or break down fat cells and improve the appearance of the chin. This is also a non-surgical way to achieve better results. Along with eliminating fat cells, this treatment also fosters collagen production, improving texture and elasticity.

The Bottom Line:

A contoured and properly aligned facial appearance is of utmost importance for everyone. The appearance of skin blemishes like double chin dismantles the beauty aesthetics of an individual. Thyroid issues such as hyperthyroidism can also lead to this issue by adding weight and fluid retention. This is not the only reason as there are several factors such as the growing age, hormonal changes and poor diet that can produce submental fat. This problem can be treated via various cosmetic procedures such as laser therapy and liposuction. You must consult with a professional before getting any treatment to ensure whether you are a suitable candidate for a specific treatment. 

Book your appointment at Royal Cosmetic Surgery Islamabad if you want to unravel your hidden beauty and glamour of yourself or deal with any cosmetic or aesthetic issue. At RCS, you will get satisfactory services because our motto is to deliver the best and our patients confirm this. Visit our clinic, experience the ambience, have a consultation session and then make an informed decision!


Can Thyroid Issues Cause Double Chin?

The cost may also fluctuate because of a few cost-determining factors, such as the type and extent of the procedure, the number of sessions, the clinic’s location and the expertise of a surgeon.
Several exercises, such as ball exercise, tongue stretch and straight jaw jut, are helpful in dealing with this cosmetic issue. You can also visit Royal Cosmetic Surgery to get an expert opinion or deal with it through a cosmetic procedure.
1- A cosmetic procedure deals with this procedure and redefines the aesthetics of the jawline 2- Rejuvenates the appearance and recreates the symmetry and facial alignment 3- Produces facial harmony and improves the appearance of an individual

How to remove the double chin?

You, too, hate double chin, but is it continuously making your life vulnerable? The shape, structure and appearance of facial features matter. Facial features form a confident appearance and captivating personality. But what if you look in the mirror and find a flaw or loophole in your personality? Your confident self will feel the jolt. Excess weight or fat under your chin interrupts your fascinating self-image. Double chin treatment in Islamabad revamps the elegance of your personality by improving your self-image.

Double Chin: Overview

Submental fat or double chin refers to the accumulation of fat or the development of an additional layer beneath the skin. A visible layer of fat or excess weight between the chin and neck is characterised as double chin. The condition makes a person look older than his age and produces the element of discontent and self-consciousness. Some people do not even want to take selfies or appear in family photos because of this problem. But don’t worry, we have got your back. Our personalised treatments treat specific concerns of a patient, improve facial symmetry and rejuvenate the appearance.

Benefits Of Treating This Defect:

  • Eliminates excess weight and improves the profile of the chin
  • Recreates the definition of chin and neck and makes the appearance more youthful
  • Augments facial symmetry, alignment and makes it more attractive
  • Offers a youthful and contoured appearance and adds to the confidence
  • Leads to develop positive energy in an individual, making him more optimistic
  • Offers personal satisfaction by adding to the elegance of an individual’s personality

How To Remove The Double Chin?

Simply changing your lifestyle practices can be a game changer to get a sculpted and contoured appearance. Following a proper diet plan and exercise can help a person achieve his/her desired targets. Sometimes, these practices do not bring about the calculated results, in that case, cosmetic treatments can be considered.

Consider the Following To Remove Double Chin

Lifestyle Practices

Our lifestyle and dietary habits play a crucial role in defining the physique of a person. If you are observing excess weight, then modifying your diet and adding exercise to your normal routine can be quite effective. You can overcome the issue of double chin through selective diet, exercise and specific jaw and facial exercises. These practices, though, do not produce immediate results but provide gradual benefits by dealing with excess weight under the skin.


This is a surgical treatment that involves the extraction of targeted fat deposits from a body part by employing a specific technique. To remove excess fat from a particular area, a surgeon creates an incision and inserts a tube called cannula to remove fat deposits. This treatment offers immediate results and also the results of liposuction in Islamabad are long-lasting as it removes fat cells from the body, improving the contour and shape of the targeted area.

Neck Lift and Face Lift:

Neck lift and face lift are two procedures that are different procedures that can be performed to address sagging skin and excess fat from the face and neck region. People who are dealing with a double chin and want to improve facial aesthetics can consider one of these procedures. Excess fat is removed through these procedures, and muscles are tightened to address muscle laxity and improve facial contour.

How To Choose The Most Suitable Treatment To Address Sagging Skin?

Firstly, you are suggested to get a proper consultation session from an expert at Royal Cosmetic Surgery. An expert will evaluate your skin conditions and specific objectives and inform you about the most suitable treatment based on his evaluation. Furthermore, if you are concerned about your suitability, you can consider the following points.

You are a suitable candidate if 

  • Excess weight beneath your chin disturbs you
  • You want to get a contoured appearance
  • Want to improve the aesthetics of your personality
  • You have realistic expectations

Summing Up

Excess fat beneath the chin often disturbs many people, making them unsatisfied with their self-perceptions. Treating this issue improves an individual’s personality, creates a better self-image and makes an individual confident. You can remove it through proper diet and exercise and also consider cosmetic procedures such as liposuction and neck lift. 

Book your appointment at Royal Cosmetic Surgery Islamabad to find the secret of getting a rejuvenated and refined appearance. We offer personalised treatment and offer satisfactory results. Visit our clinic and get a consultation session!


How to remove the double chin

You can effectively deal with double chin or excess fat beneath your chin by getting a cosmetic treatment such as liposuction and neck lift.
The primary reason for this treatment is the ageing factor. As we grow older, the skin starts sagging and fat starts accumulating in the body, leading to these sorts of flaws.

What can be done to remove double chin?

The flaws on the face do not excite anyone; instead, they produce the element of self-doubt or self-consciousness. People start feeling depressed or seek a proper solution. Double chin treatment in Islamabad improves facial contours and boosts the confidence and self-esteem of an individual. If the development of the double chin worries you, then you are at the right place. We are going to discuss how you can eliminate the double chin.

Understanding The Concept Of Double Chin:

Also called submental fat, double chin refers to the accumulation of excessive fat or skin underneath the chin or between the chin and neck. The appearance of excess weight or fat beneath the chin disturbs the glamour and beauty of facial features and presents a bizarre or weird look. This condition makes people look older and creates cosmetic or aesthetic concerns. It is crucial to address this issue to restore the glamour and youthful appearance.

Causes Of This Condition:

  • Genetic Factors
  • The Aging Factor
  • Weight Gain
  • Unhealthy Lifestyle
  • Skin Laxity

Double Chin Treatment In Islamabad: Top Benefits

  • Offers a defined and contoured jawline and improves facial aesthetics
  • Restores a youthful and appealing appearance by addressing sagging skin or excess fat
  • Improves self-image, boosts confidence and self-esteem of an individual
  • Eliminates social stigma and leads to comfortability
  • Provides enduring and long-lasting solutions by treating excess skin effectively
  • Extends a personalized treatment to address specific concerns of individuals

What Can Be Done To Remove Double Chin?

If you are wondering how to get rid of the double chin naturally, then here is your answer. Firstly, you can remove excess skin or fat and improve your facial aesthetics. Regular exercise and a balanced diet promote weight loss and also reduce the appearance of the double chin. Furthermore, special exercises have been designed to address this specific skin condition. 

Double Chin Exercises

Cheek Swishing

This exercise involves swishing air from one cheek to the other. We all normally do it while brushing, but you can make it a habit if you are aiming to address double chin.

Lion’s Roar

You have to open your mouth wide and stretch your tongue out as much as possible. You should practice it at least 10 to 20 times a day for effective results. 


This exercise also improves the contour of the chin and neck. You just have to take your head backward gently while keeping your lips and mouth in a relaxed mood. It will create a stretching sensation in the chin or neck area. Keep practicing 10 to 20 times a day for better results.

Surgical Treatments:

Surgical interventions are also made for double chin treatment in Islamabad. If you cannot get your desired results through a proper diet and exercise, then you can also consider one of the following surgical treatments to improve the glamour and grace of your face and reduce the appearance of a double chin.

Liposuction In Islamabad

This double chin liposuction procedure is performed to remove excess fat from the skin surgically. An incision is made and excessive fat is suctioned out by using a cannula- a thin tube. This procedure not only removes excessive fat but also offers a sculpted or contoured chin. Furthermore, it offers immediate results.


This is also a surgical treatment that treats sagging skin, excess fat and loose muscles. People who undergo this treatment get tightened neck muscles because the practitioner removed excess or extra fat from around the chin and neck. 

How Much Does Double Chin Treatment Cost In Islamabad?

The cost of this treatment ranges from PKR 240,000 to PKR 350,000. The overall treatment cost mainly depends on the type and the scope of the treatment. Furthermore, the clinic’s location, specific concerns of an individual, aftercare treatment, and the expertise of a surgeon also influence the overall treatment cost.

The Bottom Line:

Double chin treatment in Islamabad deals with sagging skin or excess fat located beneath the chin or between the chin and neck. This skin condition raises aesthetic concerns, and people feel an urge to treat this issue abruptly. Double chin can be treated at home through a proper diet and exercise. If exercise or diet do not help, then people can also choose non-invasive or surgical solutions to eliminate the double chin.

Book your appointment at Royal Cosmetic Surgery Islamabad to get rid of the double chin and improve your facial aesthetics. Visit our clinic, consult with professionals and get appropriate or customized treatment.

Double Chin Begone: Effective Treatments for Removal

Are you also the one who find it difficult to lose that annoying double chin? So don’t worry any longer, because I’m about to reveal some proven methods for eliminating that pesky double chin! And if you happen to be in Islamabad, Royal Cosmetics Islamabad is the perfect place for you to check out. Keep an eye out for more information about double chin removal throughout this post!

What is Double Chin Removal?

Let’s immediately explore the fun world of double chin removal options. Here are a few cosmetic procedures that will enable you to say goodbye to that unsightly double chin in Islamabad.

Ideal Candidates For Double Chin Removal:

  • People who have extra fat or fullness under the chin make excellent candidates for double chin removal. 
  • They should be generally healthy and free of significant underlying conditions that could be dangerous during the procedure. 
  • Realistic expectations are essential because not all instances of the double chin can be completely eliminated and because individual outcomes can differ. 
  • Candidates must be healthy-weight stable and have tried non-surgical options without success. 
  • Smoking can hinder healing and increase complications, so non-smokers are preferred. 
  • To choose the best course of treatment and candidacy, it is advised that you speak with a qualified healthcare professional.

Treat Options For Double Chin Removal:

Following are some of the best treatment options for double chin removal available at Royal Cosmetics Islamabad:

Chin Liposuction: 

If you want a more immediate solution, chin liposuction might be the best option. The excess fat from under the chin is gently suctioned out through a small incision. If your double chin is primarily the result of excess fat, this procedure may yield noticeable results.

Kybella injections:

Kybella injections are a great option for people who would rather not undergo surgery. In order to dissolve and absorb fat cells, this procedure makes use of a synthetic version of deoxycholic acid. The double chin area is directly injected with the injections, which over time gradually reduce fat.


Want to lift and tighten your chin without having surgery? The solution might be ultherapy. The skin around the chin area is tightened and collagen production is stimulated using ultrasound technology in this non-invasive procedure. If your double chin is more a result of sagging skin than excessive fat, this is a great option.


Try CoolSculpting if you’re looking for a fun adventure! Using this cutting-edge method, the fat cells under the chin are frozen, causing them to gradually degrade and be eliminated by the body. There are no incisions or needles necessary with this method, which is safe and FDA-approved.

Double Chin Removal at Royal Cosmetics Islamabad:

Let’s head back to Royal Cosmetics Islamabad, which is our favorite place in the city. They provide a variety of expert cosmetic procedures, including the ones listed above. So be sure to stop by if you’re considering double chin removal and are in the area. You will be in excellent hands thanks to their knowledge and first-rate services.

Always seek the advice of a trained professional before undergoing any cosmetic procedure. We will evaluate your individual needs. We will direct you toward the best course of action. Don’t forget to ask about any possible risks or adverse effects related to the procedures, of course.

Book Your Consultation:

Everyone, that’s it! Your double chin can be cured now that you have some potent methods at your disposal. Visit Royal Cosmetics Islamabad if you’re in the city for a wonderful experience. Get rid of your double chin and make room for a more confident you!

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