Can HIFU Treatment Help in Removing a Double Chin?

Do you frequently stare at your double chin in your bathroom mirror and wish it would disappear? Consider how miserable and uncomfortable you would be after attempting numerous therapies and seeing no results. However, what if there is a hopeful remedy? A revolutionary therapy for double chins that targets the issue precisely and effectively. 

HIFU treatment might help you overcome self-doubt and become more confident and radiant. Give up your fears and embrace a more defined jawline. Explore how this forward-thinking strategy could solve your problem. 

How is a Double Chin Removed?

Double chin reduction therapy also utilizes the HIFU principle, but while it concentrates on the neck and chin area, instead of the face. Additionally, the treatment does not target the face. The ultrasonic energy used to remove a double chin targets the fat cells that cause it. The fat cells die due to a heat reaction. After weeks and months of treatment, the lymphatic system eliminates these fat cells as trash. This process continues until the final results are found.

From the start of treatment to the outcomes, the therapy works behind the scenes to reduce fat and tighten skin. Many beauty product ads mention collagen and elastin, which give skin its young appearance and renewing capabilities. By promoting skin cell growth in structural layers, the body can heal itself from the inside out.


Dead fat cells are removed, reducing the appearance of a double chin pocket because deceased fat cells are permanently removed.

  • The technology we use for Chin Sculpting has been clinically evaluated.
  • Contours High-intensity functional training (HIFU) lifts, firms, and tightens the jawline, neck, and chin while reducing fat.
  • Our Chin Sculpt is non-invasive and leaves no swelling or bruising. Only a little soreness may remain after treatment. This process has no downtime.
  • Our Chin Sculpt is painless and requires no anaesthesia. Therefore, no numbing cream is needed. This contrasts with other chin fat reduction methods.

What is a HIFU Treatment?

A handheld device delivers concentrated ultrasound energy to the chin during HIFU treatment. Some people may feel tingling or heat during therapy. The method is comfortable. The treatment usually lasts 30–60 minutes, depending on the location being treated.

Aftercare and Results

As collagen production increases, HIFU outcomes may improve over weeks. Sometimes, people see results after one session, but depending on the severity of the double chin, additional treatments may be necessary to achieve the best results.

No subsequent visits are required after the surgery. A few patients could experience a transient flush or suffering from mild rash, which should go down after 2-3 days.

Who should avoid HIFU sculpting?

HIFU is an inappropriate choice for the patients under 30 and over 75. The younger patient who wants to lift and remove their underskin fat needs a doctor to recommend HIFU first.

  • Medical authorities advise against HIFU double chin shaping for pregnant or lactating ladies.
  • Patients with diabetes, cardiovascular disease, liver disease, and endocrine and lymphatic illnesses should avoid HIFU.
  • If you have had Botox, fat, or gel injections without a break, wait two weeks before chin HIFU shaping.
  • If you have neck or chin skin allergies, warts, or herpes, you must wait to undergo double chin HIFU until the area heals.

Factors Affecting HIFU Results:

The following factors can affect double chin HIFU treatment efficacy:

  • Submental fat and skin suppleness affect the patient’s anatomy and improvement.
  • Number of Sessions: Some people may need multiple sessions to achieve their goals.
  • Lifestyle: Healthy habits like eating well and exercising can help maintain treatment results.
  • Age: Younger people have higher skin elasticity, which can boost results more.
  • Care After Treatment: Following post-treatment instructions and skincare practices can increase results.

Is HIFU for double chin reduction effective?

HIFU double chin sculpting is suitable for people with subcutaneous fat under the chin or minor skin looseness in the lower face or upper neck.

Candidates who are under 30 or over 75, pregnant or breastfeeding, have diabetes, liver disease, cardiovascular disease, or endocrine or lymphatic system disorders, or have active skin allergies, warts, or herpes in the chin or neck do not qualify.

Cost of HIFU Treatment In Islamabad:

The cost of HIFU Treatment in Islamabad ranges starts from 25,000 PKR per session. It may change due to factors like the clinic, the area being shaped, and the level of expertise displayed by health care providers. So, it’s prudent to work with skilled health personnel for proper and personalized cost determination according to your condition.

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