How to remove the double chin

You, too, hate double chin, but is it continuously making your life vulnerable? The shape, structure and appearance of facial features matter. Facial features form a confident appearance and captivating personality. But what if you look in the mirror and find a flaw or loophole in your personality? Your confident self will feel the jolt. Excess weight or fat under your chin interrupts your fascinating self-image. Double chin treatment in Islamabad revamps the elegance of your personality by improving your self-image.

Double Chin: Overview

Submental fat or double chin refers to the accumulation of fat or the development of an additional layer beneath the skin. A visible layer of fat or excess weight between the chin and neck is characterised as double chin. The condition makes a person look older than his age and produces the element of discontent and self-consciousness. Some people do not even want to take selfies or appear in family photos because of this problem. But don’t worry, we have got your back. Our personalised treatments treat specific concerns of a patient, improve facial symmetry and rejuvenate the appearance.

Benefits Of Treating This Defect:

  • Eliminates excess weight and improves the profile of the chin
  • Recreates the definition of chin and neck and makes the appearance more youthful
  • Augments facial symmetry, alignment and makes it more attractive
  • Offers a youthful and contoured appearance and adds to the confidence
  • Leads to develop positive energy in an individual, making him more optimistic
  • Offers personal satisfaction by adding to the elegance of an individual’s personality

How To Remove The Double Chin?

Simply changing your lifestyle practices can be a game changer to get a sculpted and contoured appearance. Following a proper diet plan and exercise can help a person achieve his/her desired targets. Sometimes, these practices do not bring about the calculated results, in that case, cosmetic treatments can be considered.

Consider the Following To Remove Double Chin

Lifestyle Practices

Our lifestyle and dietary habits play a crucial role in defining the physique of a person. If you are observing excess weight, then modifying your diet and adding exercise to your normal routine can be quite effective. You can overcome the issue of double chin through selective diet, exercise and specific jaw and facial exercises. These practices, though, do not produce immediate results but provide gradual benefits by dealing with excess weight under the skin.


This is a surgical treatment that involves the extraction of targeted fat deposits from a body part by employing a specific technique. To remove excess fat from a particular area, a surgeon creates an incision and inserts a tube called cannula to remove fat deposits. This treatment offers immediate results and also the results of liposuction in Islamabad are long-lasting as it removes fat cells from the body, improving the contour and shape of the targeted area.

Neck Lift and Face Lift:

Neck lift and face lift are two procedures that are different procedures that can be performed to address sagging skin and excess fat from the face and neck region. People who are dealing with a double chin and want to improve facial aesthetics can consider one of these procedures. Excess fat is removed through these procedures, and muscles are tightened to address muscle laxity and improve facial contour.

How To Choose The Most Suitable Treatment To Address Sagging Skin?

Firstly, you are suggested to get a proper consultation session from an expert at Royal Cosmetic Surgery. An expert will evaluate your skin conditions and specific objectives and inform you about the most suitable treatment based on his evaluation. Furthermore, if you are concerned about your suitability, you can consider the following points.

You are a suitable candidate if 

  • Excess weight beneath your chin disturbs you
  • You want to get a contoured appearance
  • Want to improve the aesthetics of your personality
  • You have realistic expectations

Summing Up

Excess fat beneath the chin often disturbs many people, making them unsatisfied with their self-perceptions. Treating this issue improves an individual’s personality, creates a better self-image and makes an individual confident. You can remove it through proper diet and exercise and also consider cosmetic procedures such as liposuction and neck lift. 

Book your appointment at Royal Cosmetic Surgery Islamabad to find the secret of getting a rejuvenated and refined appearance. We offer personalised treatment and offer satisfactory results. Visit our clinic and get a consultation session!


How to remove the double chin

You can effectively deal with double chin or excess fat beneath your chin by getting a cosmetic treatment such as liposuction and neck lift.
The primary reason for this treatment is the ageing factor. As we grow older, the skin starts sagging and fat starts accumulating in the body, leading to these sorts of flaws.