Director’s message

ceoShahid Munir, director of Royal Cosmetic Surgery, discusses his vision for diversity in RCS which is an Islamabad-based beauty clinic. We are dedicated to providing high-quality patient care in a friendly and approachable setting. In partnership with our partners, which include local GPs, Consultants, and other specialists, we provide patients with a bespoke, personalized service that is tailored to their specific needs.
RCS’ future depends on encouraging and incorporating contributions from a diverse range of people. We will be better positioned to reach our full potential and better serve our patients if we actively bring people with diverse viewpoints, ideas, and backgrounds together and put them to work to help produce better solutions.
Royal Cosmetic Surgery is highly specialized in Laser-based processes, rhinoplasty, liposuction, breast augmentation, and many more departments related to aesthetics. RCS offers a fast-expanding range of elegant cosmetic procedures. We are focusing on providing the best patient care by working on the concept of providing individualized patient care. Our primary goal is to provide aestheticism without any side effects so we primarily focus on improving the quality of life of patients by the highest level of treatment in a comfortable setting.
In the last decade, the discipline of cosmetology and dermatology has advanced by leaps and bounds, with new procedures, and techniques being introduced on a regular basis. We cordially invite you to realize your aspiration for beauty. Allow the magic of Royal Cosmetic Surgery to grant your wishes and keep you young and beautiful indefinitely.

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