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 After receiving dental implants, it is typical for patients to feel some level of discomfort or pain. You might be curious about what to anticipate during the healing process, if dental implant in Islamabad are something you’re considering. You’ll feel pain, right? When should you think about checking back in with your dentist and how much is typical? In this blog, you will get to know about your recovery procedure after dental implants. You will also get the answer to your question Will I Feel Pain After Getting a Dental Implant?

Immediately After Dental Implant:

You should anticipate some pain and swell right away following dental implant surgery. You will be given some OTC medications by Dr. Usama. The anaesthetic used during the procedure will still have your mouth numb. You might also have trouble chewing and speaking clearly. You should also brush your teeth gently and refrain from using a straw when you drink.

48-72 Hours After Your Dental Implant Surgery:

It’s crucial to rest and avoid strenuous activity for the first 48 to 72 hours after surgery. Soft foods like yoghurt, smoothies, and mashed potatoes are best during this time. Alcohol consumption should also be avoided during this time because it increases the risk of bleeding. It’s also crucial to keep your incisions dry and clean. It will help to lower the risk of infection if you adhere to your doctor’s wound care recommendations. Last but not least, it’s crucial to take any painkillers your doctor has prescribed as prescribed.

How Long Will it Take For Implant-related Pain to Go Away?

Several variables, such as the type of implant, the patient’s general health, and how well they adhere to post-operative care instructions, affect how long it takes for the pain from an implant to go away. The pain from an implant should typically go away over the course of several weeks or months if patients follow their doctor’s advice on post-operative wound care and take any prescribed painkillers as directed. It’s crucial to realise that discomfort is a normal part of recovery, but by adhering to postoperative care guidelines and taking prescribed painkillers as prescribed, patients can minimise their suffering and promote healing.

For at Least a Week, You’ll Experience Pain and Discomfort:

Patients should anticipate experiencing some level of pain and discomfort for at least a week after getting an implant. Even though today’s implant placement procedures are minimally invasive, they are still regarded as major oral surgeries. Making an opening in your jaw and gums and inserting a metal implant into it constitutes the placement procedure. 

It is important for patients to realize that, although the pain and discomfort may be significant at first, they will decrease as time goes on. Healing usually begins within the first 24 hours, and with proper care, a patient can expect a full recovery in two to four weeks. This means that a patient needs to be willing to commit to the full recovery period in order for the implant placement procedure to be successful.

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